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Bruce Willis Set For G.i. Joe 2 Role

10th August 2011

Bruce Willis is in talks for a role in 'G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation'.The 56-year-old action legend is reportedly in negotiations with studio Paramount to play General Joe Colton, according to the Heat Vision blog.In the...

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Basinger To Join 24 Cast?

19th April 2006

KIM BASINGER is set to join the cast of hit drama 24 after confessing to star KIEFER SUTHERLAND that she's a huge fan. Basinger has just played opposite Sutherland in thriller THE SENTINEL and is...

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Mummy Star Picks 9/11 Terrorist For Inspiration

20th May 2005

THE MUMMY star ARNOLD VOSLOO based his terrorist character in hit series 24 on the killer behind the 9/11 attacks on New York. The South African actor, who plays terrifying HABIB MARWAN on 24,...

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The Mummy Stars Unveil New Terror Ride

29th June 2004

THE MUMMY co-stars ARNOLD VOSLOO and BRENDAN FRASER reteamed to unveil UNIVERSAL STUDIOS new theme ride REVENGE OF THE MUMMY in California last week (27JUN04). Fraser told journalists he is seriously thinking about a...

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