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Funnyman Piscopo Runs For Office

23rd August 2004

American comedian JOE PISCOPO is following ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's example - and running for office as a governor. The former SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE regular, who made a name for himself by playing FRANK SINATRA on...

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Arnie Settles Car Advert Dispute

22nd August 2004

Actor-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has settled his dispute with Ohio car firm FRED MARTIN MOTOR COMPANY after they used a photo of the star without his permission. The car company used images of the Hollywood...

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Schwarzenegger Demands Pre-op Identification

18th August 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is demanding people carry two forms of identification - before and after plastic surgery. The Austrian-born former actor shocked fans with the unusual proposal during a speech at the 75th...

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Goldie's Fight For Private Beach

15th August 2004

Hollywood superstar GOLDIE HAWN is fighting with local authorities in LOS ANGELES because she wants to ban the public from using the beach near her Malibu mansion, and she has appealed for help from her...

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'President' Arnie Pushes For Us Law Change

15th August 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is desperate to become US President - and has called for a change in the law that bans him from running. The Austrian-born former actor was granted US Citizenship in...

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Arnie Calls On Cobbler

13th August 2004

Italian shoemaker SILVANO LATTANZI has cancelled his summer vacation after an urgent request from his most famous and powerful customer - California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. The cobbler changed his plans at the last minute...

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Schwarzenegger Popular With Two-thirds Of Californians

11th August 2004

TERMINATOR star ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is enjoying strong popularity in California - with close to two thirds of voters approving of his performance, according to a new poll. A Field Poll of 602 registered voters...

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Arnie Returns To Leno's Show

8th August 2004

Semi-retired movie star ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER marked the first anniversary of his announcement he'd be running for office in California by returning to the chat show where he shocked America. Schwarzenegger announced his bid to...

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Schwarzenegger: I Was Abused As A Child

4th August 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has spoken out about the physical beatings he suffered at the hands of his father while growing up in Austria. The TERMINATOR muscleman says he refused to conform during his...

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Schwarzenegger Reaches Doll Settlement

3rd August 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has reached a legal settlement with a company that produced a 'bobblehead' doll of him pointing a gun. The TERMINATOR star objected to his image being used for the toy...

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Schwarzenegger Sells Off Upscale Complex

2nd August 2004

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his wife MARIA SHRIVER have sold three properties in their Pacific Palisades compound, which is worth approximately $18 million (GBP10 million). THE TERMINATOR star and his spouse sold one...

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Molina Stakes Claim On 'Girlie Men' Phrase

30th July 2004

SPIDER-MAN 2 star ALFRED MOLINA has slammed ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER for publicly using the term "girlie men" - because he insists he and pal GARY OLDMAN were responsible for coining the phrase. Molina and Oldman...

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Schwarzenegger's 'Girlie Men' Comment Sparks Fashion Craze

27th July 2004

Actor-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's controversial "girlie men" comment has sparked an unlikely fashion craze in California. The Republican TERMINATOR star - who now serves as the Governor of California - angered legislators, homosexuals and...

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Arnie's Wife Lands Roy Horn Interview

26th July 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's wife MARIA SHRIVER has landed the first interview with illusionist ROY HORN since the tiger attack that left him fighting for his life last October (03). The former news anchorwoman, who...

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Schwarzenegger's Poll Ratings On Decrease

23rd July 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's poll ratings as Californian Governor are still high, despite a recent dip in his popularity. A survey of 2,505 Californians by the PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA found that 57 per cent...

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Arnie Gaff Sparks Controversy

19th July 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has sparked controversy in California by slamming local lawmakers as "girlie men". The TERMINATOR star - who won the Governorship of the state last October (03) - was speaking at a rally...

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Schwarzenegger On Austrian Stamps

16th July 2004

Hollywood actor-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's birthday will be honoured in his native Austria with special edition postage stamps featuring the former bodybuilder. The Californian Governor chose a portrait of himself - with the American flag...

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Schwarzenegger's Bodybuilding Guru Dies

13th July 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is in mourning again just days after attending the state funeral of late Austrian leader THOMAS KLESTIL - his bodybuilding mentor and friend has died. Bodybuilder and GOLD'S GYM founder JOE GOLD...

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Schwarzenegger Mourns Austrian President

12th July 2004

Actor-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER flew home to his native Austria on Saturday (10JUN04) to mourn late President THOMAS KLESTIL. The Governor of California joined Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN, Spain's CROWN PRINCE FELIPE, German President HORST...

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Schwarzenegger To Attend Austrian Leader's Funeral

9th July 2004

Action star-turned-California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will lead an American delegation at tomorrow's (10JUL04) state funeral for Austrian President THOMAS KLESTIL. The politician, who was a longtime friend of Austrian-born Schwarzenegger, died earlier this week...

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Guns N' Roses Album Finally Released

9th July 2004

Rocker AXL ROSE will finally release GUNS N' ROSES' long-delayed follow-up to 1993's THE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT?, according to a new documentary. A BEHIND THE MUSIC special on music channel VH1 claims Rose's eagerly-awaited CHINESE...

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Arnie Libel Case Dismissed

5th July 2004

Hollywood actor-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is relieved after a California judge dismissed a libel lawsuit against him on Friday (02JUL04). Stuntwoman RHONDA MILLER, 53, charged the Governor of California's election campaigners with falsely accusing her...

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Schwarzenegger Movie In The Pipeline

2nd July 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's life is set to become the subject of a new TV movie. The Austrian-born former bodybuilder, who became an actor before going on to win the coveted seat as Governor of California...

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Schwarzenegger Animal Termination Plans Meet Opposition

27th June 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's plans to terminate thousands of stray animals has been met with opposition from pet lovers in America. The Governor of California, 56, has encountered a storm of protest from animal lovers -...

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Patrick Stewart: I Had To Escape Monstrous Us

25th June 2004

STAR TREK star PATRICK STEWART fled California to return to his native Britain, because he is sick of living in a Republican-run country. The Yorkshire-born actor admits he was also "missing Britain" after 17...

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Arnie Promises To Support Bush

25th June 2004

Californian Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will tread a very thin political line between supporting Republican President GEORGE W BUSH re-election campaign while keeping his predominately-Democrat constitutes happy. The TERMINATOR star has promised to give the...

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Sporting Schwarzenegger Loses Wager

24th June 2004

California governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has learnt the dangers of gambling - after he was forced to embarrass himself by wearing the jersey of a visiting and victorious basketball team. The 56-year-old politician made a...

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Schwarzenegger In Curly Wig Shocker

17th June 2004

Movie tough guy ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is set to stun fans with his latest movie - because he wears a comic dark curly wig in it. The 56-year-old actor and Governor of California cameos as...

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Hanks Stays Away From Politics

16th June 2004

THE LADYKILLERS star TOM HANKS has ruled out the possibility of embarking on a political career - because he'd much rather spread his message through acting. The OSCAR-winning actor admits he's unlikely to ever...

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Schwarzenegger Has Eye On White House

11th June 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is carefully following former American President RONALD REAGAN's example - in the hope of becoming the next movie-star president. The TERMINATOR star has ambitiously copied the late leader by becoming Governor of...

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