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Patrick Schwarzenegger Fronts Tom Ford Campaign

16th July 2014

Patrick Schwarzenegger is the face of Tom Ford's latest campaign.The 20-year-old son of legendary 'Terminator' actor Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the new ads for the designer's autumn/winter campaign, which will debut in fashion publications including...

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Fascinating Fact: 4286965

16th July 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger's actor son Patrick has landed a spot in designer Tom Ford's new campaign for his Fall 2014 collection. The 20 year old strikes a pose in a chic black turtleneck and jacket in...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Back At Prison Lawsuit

14th July 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger has blasted allegations he was responsible for keeping U.S. prisoners in a disease-ridden jail when he was Governor of California.A group of 22 current and former inmates are suing state officials over an...

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James Bond And Back To The Future Items Up For Sale In U.k's Largest Prop Auction

10th July 2014

Michael J. Fox's Back To The Future hoverboard and Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic biker outfit from The Terminator series are among the items going under the hammer in the U.K.'s biggest ever film props auction.Bosses at...

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Pierce Brosnan Wants Expendables 4 Role

1st July 2014

Pierce Brosnan wants to appear in 'The Expendables 4'.The actor has confirmed he approached producer Avi Lerner about a potential role in the next instalment of Lionsgate's star-studded action franchise alongside Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger...

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Fox Plans Predator Remake With Shane Black

25th June 2014

Shane Black is to direct a reboot of 'Predator'.The 'Iron Man 3' director has been called in to pen the treatment for the movie and will oversee the screen writing after handing it over to...

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Steven Seagal Doesn't Like Expendables Stars

17th June 2014

Steven Seagal won't star in any of 'The Expendables' films because he doesn't like some of the people involved.The 62-year-old star has famously rubbished the idea of ever joining the star-studded cast of the ensemble...

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Could George Clooney Be President Of The United States In 2020?

By Sophie Miskiw | 16th June 2014

In an unexpected turn of events Hollywood actor George Clooney has decided to venture into the world of politics. 53-year-old Clooney is allegedly planning to run for the Governor of California position and is already...

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George Clooney To Enter Politics - Running For Governor Of California In 2018?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 16th June 2014

George Clooney may be going into politics full time, according to numerous sources. The 53-year-old actor could be running for Governor of California and following in the footsteps of actors such as Arnold Schwarzengger and...

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George Clooney To Run For Governor

16th June 2014

George Clooney wants to run for Governor of California. The 53-year-old actor is aiming to follow in the footsteps of former Republican Governor and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger by joining the 2018 race with the...

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Beastie Boys Rejected Offer To Use Sabotage For Schwarzenegger Film

2nd June 2014

The Beastie Boys rejected a big money deal to allow the producers of Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent movie Sabotage to use their song of the same name - because they aren't fans of the action star.Michael...

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James Cameron Is Involved In 'Terminator: Genesis': This Is Good News

By Michael West | 2nd June 2014

Good news for fans of both James Cameron and Terminator. It's emerged that the Avatar director is loosely involved with Terminator: Genesis. Early rumors suggested cross-integration between a new narrative and classic scenes from the...

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Salma Hayek & Arnold Schwarzenegger Shine Spotlight On #Bringbackourgirls Campaign At Cannes

18th May 2014

Actress Salma Hayek and Hollywood hardmen Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone turned the spotlight on the plight of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolchildren at the Cannes International Film Festival this weekend (17-18May14), by holding up signs...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Sues Over Alleged Exploitation Of Name And Image

15th May 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a $10 million (£6.25 million) lawsuit against bosses at a Nevada-based nutritional supplements company, amid allegations they have been exploiting his name and image to illegally promote their products.The Hollywood action...

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Sabotage's Arnold Schwarzenneger Says Swat Teams Move Like Ballet Dancers

By Michael West | 11th May 2014

At age 66, following two terms as California's governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back on the big screen and making up for lost time. And his new film Sabotage gives him an unusually dark character, albeit...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Excited' About Conan Movie

11th May 2014

Arnold Schwarznegger is excited about 'The Legend of Conan'The 'Sabotage' actor is delighted to finally have a new installment of the series - which he previously starred in in 1982 and 1984 - underway because...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Glad He's Not 'Over The Hill'

9th May 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger is glad he's not an actor who is ''over the hill''.The 66-year-old star - who hits the big screen in 'Sabotage' - is delighted his age hasn't prevented him starring in Hollywood blockbusters....

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The Things They Say: 4182696

6th May 2014

"The speaking guru in Washington calls and says, 'We can get you $100,000 (£62,500) per speech', and (he) has 18 speeches lined up already." Action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger was offered a $1.8 million (£1.13 million)...

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As Matt Smith Signs Up, Could 'Terminator: Genesis' Actually Be...Good?

By Michael West | 6th May 2014

The former Doctor Who star Matt Smith has signed on for an unspecified original role in the new Terminator movie Genesis. Paramount said Smith would play a "new character with a strong connection to John...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Action Injuries

4th May 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been injured on every action movie he has starred in.The 66-year-old actor has been hurt throughout his film career, with many mishaps resulting in him ending up in the emergency room, but...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Eddie Murphy Is Perfect Choice

3rd May 2014

Arnold Schwarznegger thinks Eddie Murphy is ''perfect'' for the 'Twins' sequel.The 'Sabotage' actor is set to reprise his role alongside Danny Devito as two unlikely twins who were separated at birth in the follow-up to...

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Terminator: Genesis Gets A Time Lord, As Matt Smith Signs On For 'Major' New Role

By Stephanie Chase | 3rd May 2014

He may still be the Doctor to some, but Matt Smith has bagged himself a major new role in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis movie. Paramount have now confirmed that Smith will play a major new...

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Matt Smith Joins 'Terminator: Genesis' Cast

3rd May 2014

Matt Smith has joined the cast of 'Terminator: Genesis'.The former 'Doctor Who' star is set to play a new character, with a strong connection to central character John Connor, in the upcoming reboot, alongside Arnold...

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Opens Pizza Restaurant

2nd May 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick has turned businessman and opened his own pizza restaurant in Los Angeles.The 20-year-old college student, whose mother is newswoman Maria Shriver, undertook the project without any help from his famous parents...

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Matt Smith Joins New Terminator Trilogy: Doctor Who?

By Lauren James | 2nd May 2014

Matt Smith is joining the cast of the new Terminator trilogy, reports Deadline. The British actor, who made his name playing the 11th Doctor in BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who, has been confirmed to be...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Real Guy' Role

1st May 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a ''real guy'' in 'Sabotage'.The 66-year-old hunk, who is known for his action roles, hits the big screen as the commander of an elite squad of DEA operatives John 'Breacher' Wharton in...

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The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Of All Time

By Sophie Miskiw | 29th April 2014

It’s been great to see Elin Nordegren has finally been moving on since her 2010 split with golf pro Tiger Woods. Nordegren has recently been dating coal magnate Chris Cline, although we know that it’s...

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Cast In Scouts Vs. Zombies

24th April 2014

Patrick Schwarzenegger will star in 'Scouts Vs. Zombies'.The 20-year-old star - who is the son of 'The Terminator' hunk Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver - will play a popular high school quarterback who is a...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Grey Hair For Sabotage

15th April 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger had to dye his hair grey for 'Sabotage'.The 66-year-old hunk hits the big screen in the action thriller where he plays the commander of an elite squad of DEA operatives, John 'Breacher' Wharton,...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: I Like To Take Naps

15th April 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to take naps in the afternoons. The 66-year-old actor spends two hours in the gym every day and insisted on doing his own fight scenes in new action film 'Sabotage', but...

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