The stage stars, including Rory Taylor, who plays Michael Jackson in hit show Thriller Live, were helping housemate Simon Gordon practice lines from Beautiful - The Carole King Musical ahead of an upcoming audition for the role of music mogul Gerry Goffin.

Neighbours reported a disturbance and police were called to the scene on Thursday night (17Sep15). The house in south east London was surrounded by around 15 armed officers, who found the actors rehearsing.

Gordon tells the London Evening Standard, "(There were) 15 men with automatic assault rifles surrounding our house, plus a few casual snipers in the garden... It was surreal. We got a really aggressive knock at the door. Joel (West End regular Joel Harper-Jackson) opened it and there were five policemen with shields and massive guns. They had full riot gear on and helmets...

"We felt really guilty for some reason - even though we knew we hadn't done anything... The scene (we were rehearsing) doesn't actually involve a gun. They had a report of someone pleading for their life but the scene is just about a bipolar man breaking down... Our window must have been open. I can see how that can be misconstrued... I think they (the police officers) could tell from our reaction we were just actors."

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police says, "We called at 11.25pm following reports of a firearms incident. Armed officers attended. It transpired that there was no offence and no arrests were made. No firearm was found."