Apple inspired some of the futuristic ensembles in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'

Costume designer Michael Kaplan, who previously worked on 'Blade Runner' and 'Fight Club,' has revealed the technology company heavily influenced the contemporary stormtrooper armour in the upcoming film.

Asked how he approached the project, he said: ''With the stormtroopers it was more of a simplification, almost like, 'What would Apple do?' JJ [Abrams, director] wanted them to look like stormtroopers at a glance but also be different enough to kind of wow people and get them excited about the new design.''

Kaplan claims none of the original costumes were suitable for the new movie, which is set to be released on December 18.

He explained: ''Audiences of today have become so sophisticated that a lot of things you could get away with in the past, you can't anymore.

''These new ones are much more heavy-duty, but they are redesigned, too, they're not the same stormtroopers.

''I mean, it would be a little odd to have the same stormtroopers this much later when Leia and Han are so much older.''

Meanwhile, Kaplan looked at Nazi uniforms when it came to revamping some of the other costumes.

He said: ''The Rebels are kind of wools and natural fibers, cottons, and the Empire is very hard-lined, almost like Thierry Mugler. Very kind of edgy. The haircuts are these three-quarter parts, which were big in the 1930s, so that's kind of recalling something from the past. Slicked back and very hard-lined, yeah. Well the Nazi thing was always there with the Empire.''