Anya Hindmarch says people should ''moisturise'' their bags.

The accessories designer thinks bags can last for several years, but only if they are taken care of in the right way.

She explained: ''You should be able to keep it and revisit it, even over the generations.

''It's a good idea to retire them, give them a bit of a rest and then bring them back. When you store them, stuff them rather than leave them empty. If they get wet, let them dry naturally and it's important to polish them - leather is like skin you need to keep it supple by putting on some moisturiser.''

Anya also admitted she dislikes ''It-bags'' for the way they quickly go out of season, and her priority when designing is creating something that will last.

She told the new edition of InStyle magazine: ''I think there's a feeling of frustration about the waste. To me, an It-bag means a bag that's in one minute and out the next, which I feel a bit sick about.

''I've always been about making things that you hand down to your grandchildren, which will still feel relevant and beautiful to them.''