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6th March 2014

Boxer Antonio Tarver has been released on bail following his arrest in Florida on Saturday (01Mar14). The sportsman was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant relating to a 2012 gambling debt.

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Boxer Antonio Tarver Arrested

3rd March 2014

Boxer Antonio Tarver was taken into custody on Saturday (01Mar14) after police officers in Florida discovered an outstanding warrant for his arrest during a traffic stop.The former world champion fighter was pulled over by Florida...

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Tarver Sues Rocky Balboa Bosses

1st May 2009

Professional boxer ANTONIO TARVER is suing the makers of ROCKY BALBOA for failing to pay him a performance bonus for his role in the movie. Tarver starred as heavyweight champion Mason 'The Line' Dixon in the...

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Stallone And Tarver Fail To Impress As Injured Sluggers

19th December 2006

SYLVESTER STALLONE's fight scenes with real-life boxer ANTONIO TARVER in ROCKY BALBOA failed to live up to expectations for cast and crew because both sluggers were nursing injuries. Stallone, 60, admits he and Tarver, who...

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8th March 2006

ROCKY BALBOA star ANTONIO TARVER is hoping to fight as a champion on and off the big screen this year (06). The boxer, who plays MASON DIXON in the sixth Rocky film, is to meet...

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Stallone Finds Rocky A Girlfriend

28th December 2005

SYLVESTER STALLONE's ROCK BALBOA character has a new lady love in the shape of Irish thespian GERALDINE HUGHES. The actress, whose one-woman show, BELFAST BLUES, has been a big hit in New York, will...

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Stallone Casts Ventimiglia Over Son

23rd November 2005

SYLVESTER STALLONE has snubbed his eldest offspring SAGE by casting MILO VENTIMIGLIA as his onscreen son in new movie ROCKY BALBOA - the belated sixth installment of the boxing movie franchise. Sage played ROCKY...

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Tarver Plans To Fight Stallone For Real

17th November 2005

Boxer ANTONIO TARVER isn't planning to pull any punches when he takes on fictional fighter ROCKY BALBOA in ROCKY VI - because director SYLVESTER STALLONE wants the bouts to be the film world's most authentic....

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Tarver Gets The Hit On Stallone's Rocky

27th October 2005

LATEST: SYLVESTER STALLONE has found his ROCKY VI: ROCKY BALBOA villain in the shape of heavyweight boxer ANTONIO TARVER. Stallone wrote the part of MASON DIXON with boxing champ ROY JONES JR in mind...

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Fat Joe Apologises To Roy Jones Jr Over Rap Lyric

6th April 2005

Rapper FAT JOE was forced to apologise to former boxing champ ROY JONES JR after the fighter took offence to the heavyweight chart star poking fun at his defeats in JA RULE's anthem NEW YORK....

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