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Shrek To Transition From Movies To Tv

7th November 2006

In what is likely the first instance of characters created by computer animation for a theatrical motion picture showing up in a television special, ABC plans to air Shrek the Halls from DreamWorks Animation in...

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Meg Ryan Returns In A Fat Suit

4th November 2006

MEG RYAN will be the latest star to get chubby on screen after signing on to don a fat suit for a new role. The WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star will team up with ANTONIO...

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Krakowski Loves Life After Ally Mcbeal

13th October 2006

JANE KRAWKOWSKI insists she doesn't miss being on hit TV series ALLY MCBEAL one bit because her career has taken off since the show ended. The star played ditzy secretary ELAINE VASSAL on the show...

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Fascinating Fact 2204

3rd October 2006

ANTONIO BANDERAS will receive a Gabi Lifetime Achievement award at the 10th annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival on Saturday (07OCT06). The award is named after Mexican cinematographer GABRIEL FIGUEROA.

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Director Garcia Scoops Hispanic Awards

20th August 2006

Actor-turned-director ANDY GARCIA has been awarded two Imagen Awards at a Los Angeles ceremony to honour the best in Hispanic cinema and television. The star won Best Director and Best film for THE LOST CITY,...

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Fascinating Fact 1939

11th August 2006

Hollywood newcomer JENNA DEWAN was a former back-up dancer for JANET JACKSON and SEAN COMBS. The 25-year-old tangoed with ANTONIO BANDERAS in TAKE THE LEAD and will star in new dance film STEP UP.

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Feliciano Honoured By Hispanic Heritage Foundation

3rd August 2006

JOSE FELICIANO will receive a lifetime achievement honour from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation on 7 September (06). The FELIZ NAVIDAD singer will receive the award at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts...

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Police Quiz Banderas After Loud Cries For Spanish Team

6th July 2006

ANTONIO BANDERAS was so loud while cheering on his native Spain in the World Cup, police were reportedly called to his California home. Neighbours were so concerned by "unearthly screams" emanating from the Malibu pad...

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Lachey Puts His Dancing Shoes Back On For Mid-summer Marathon

9th June 2006

Pop hunk-turned-reality TV star DREW LACHEY is set to show off his ballroom skills again - as the host of an upcoming dance marathon. New dad Lachey, who won the second season of US TV...

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Griffith Seeks Help From Rocker Des Barres

1st June 2006

MELANIE GRIFFITH has called on longtime rocker pal MICHAEL DES BARRES to help her kick her alleged alcoholism once and for all, according to new US reports. The POWER STATION star, a former addict turned...

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Banderas: 'I Like Fleshy Women'

16th April 2006

Hollywood star ANTONIO BANDERAS has credited the fuller figure of wife MELANIE GRIFFITH for the longevity of their relationship. The MASK OF ZORRO star - who celebrates his 10-year wedding anniversary to the WORKING GIRL...

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Banderas And Griffith Happy To Prove Sceptics Wrong

11th April 2006

Hollywood heart-throb ANTONIO BANDERAS and his wife-of-10 years MELANIE GRIFFITH are thrilled their enduring marriage has proved sceptics wrong. The couple, who celebrate a decade together next month (MAY06), reveal they were plagued by doubters...

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Banderas To Return To The Stage As Don Juan

10th April 2006

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS will make his return to the Broadway stage to star in the musical version of the 1995 MARLON BRANDO and JOHNNY DEPP film DON JUAN DeMARCO. The Spanish movie hunk, who wowed...

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Banderas Denies Griffith Alcoholism

10th April 2006

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS has dismissed ongoing speculation his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH is dependent on alcohol. The WORKING GIRL actress prompted furious debate after a photo of her attending an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting appeared on...

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Ice Age Sequel Still Top Us Film

10th April 2006

The ICE AGE sequel is still melting hearts in America after taking in a hefty $34.5 million (GBP19.7 million) in its second week on release. ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN crashed into the number one spot...

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Banderas Creates A Stink

8th April 2006

Spanish movie hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS is letting his love of fragrance get under his skin - literally. The actor has developed four fragrances with Spanish cologne company Puig over the past 12 years, so he...

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Banderas Learns To Dance At Home

7th April 2006

ANTONIO BANDERAS created a ballroom in his Hollywood home so he could learn how to dance for new movie TAKE THE LEAD. The actor plays real-life dance teacher PIERRE DULAINE in the new film and...

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Banderas To Conquer Epic Conquistador Role

6th April 2006

ANTONIO BANDERAS is set to star in the epic CONQUISTADOR, which traces the exploits of famed Spanish conqueror HERNAN CORTES. Conquistador tells the story of the fateful expedition led by Cortes that sailed west...

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Banderas Plans Dancing Lessons

4th April 2006

ANTONIO BANDERAS is planning to spice up his marriage by learning to dance with his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH. The actor plays a ballroom dance teacher in TAKE THE LEAD and admits the lessons he learned...

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Banderas Blames 'Orgasmic' Hollywood For High Divorce Rates

2nd April 2006

ANTONIO BANDERAS is convinced the reason most actors are unable to hold down a long-term relationship is because Hollywood is such an "orgasmic place". The MASK OF ZORRO star - who celebrates his 10-year wedding...

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Banderas Wielded Sword Against Intruder

1st April 2006

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS was forced to use his MASK OF ZORRO character's sword to defend himself against an intruder at his home recently. The star, who plays masked hero ZORRO in the hit movie, was...

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Banderas Film Pioneers Remix Advertising

27th March 2006

Movie bosses have found a revolutionary way of promoting the new ANTONIO BANDERAS film - screening a video jockey remix in nightclubs. TAKE THE LEAD has been remixed by London-based VJ team Addictive TV, after...

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The Things They Say 1695

22nd March 2006

"When I kiss a girl, I want to kiss her for real." ANTONIO BANDERAS insists he's never acting when he kisses a co-star.

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Zorro Rewrites History

29th November 2005

Movie sequel THE LEGEND OF ZORRO has been blasted by film historians in California for rewriting history. Top film buff RICK MITCHELL is ridiculing the ANTONIO BANDERAS movie for including references to historical events...

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Griffith Plans Bike Surprise For Banderas

26th November 2005

WORKING GIRL star MELANIE GRIFFITH is planning a treat for her Spanish husband ANTONIO BANDERAS when they meet next - she wants to be a competent motorbike rider. Bike-made Banderas gave the actress a...

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Banderas Puts Zorro Sword To Good Use

25th November 2005

ANTONIO BANDERAS was once forced to use the sword he took home from his first ZORRO film to scare off an intruder at his Hollywood home. The Spanish hunk reached for his blade when...

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Griffith Spends Thanksgiving With Her Ex

25th November 2005

Actress MELANIE GRIFFITH had to convince husband ANTONIO BANDERAS to let her enjoy Thanksgiving Day with her ex, DON JOHNSON. The WORKING GIRL star decided to bring her family together on Thursday (24NOV05) and...

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Banderas And Griffith's Zorro Games

25th November 2005

MELANIE GRIFFITH enjoys seeing her husband ANTONIO BANDERAS in THE MASK OF ZORRO so much, she often makes him wear his costume whenever they share intimate moments at home. Spanish screen hunk Banderas admits...

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Banderas And Griffith's 'Screaming' Rows

10th November 2005

ANTONIO BANDERAS and his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH regularly row and "scream at each other" - but they always fall in love again after fights. The actor refuses to pretend his relationship with actress Griffith...

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Banderas Feels Old

9th November 2005

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS had no trouble remembering the tricks of sword fighting for movie sequel THE LEGEND OF ZORRO, but his ageing body struggled with the stunts. The Spanish star still enjoys fencing, but...

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