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Banderas' Dad Dies

6th February 2008

Spanish star ANTONIO BANDERAS is in mourning following the death of his father. Jose Dominguez Prieto died in Spain on Saturday (02Feb08) after a long battle with an illness. The former police officer was 87....

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Banderas Must Demolish Spanish Home

25th January 2008

Hollywood star ANTONIO BANDERAS has been ordered to demolish part of his luxury $10 million (GBP5 million) mansion in Spain because it had been built illegally by the previous owner. The Mask of Zorro star...

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Fascinating Fact 4509

15th December 2007

ANTONIO BANDERAS and his wife paid $50,000 (GBP25,000) for sketches by JOAN MIRO and SALVADOR DALI at a charity UNICEF auction in Chile earlier this week (beg10Dec07).

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Banderas Sets Hearts Racing On Tv Ad

29th November 2007

ANTONIO BANDERAS was so charming on the set of a glamorous Christmas advertising campaign for British retail giant Marks + Spencer, he rendered his model co-stars speechless. The big budget TV commercial - which takes...

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The Things They Say 6283

26th November 2007

"I remember watching that (MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET) as a kid. I bought a house in New York, and apparently it's where the movie was shot." Spanish actor ANTONIO BANDERAS feels close to the classic...

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Banderas Shares His Gender Bending Dream

19th November 2007

ANTONIO BANDERAS wants to be a woman for a day - in an effort to understand the opposite sex. The movie hunk, who is married to actress Melanie Griffith, revealed he would love to wake...

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Fascinating Fact 4296

14th November 2007

Catwalk star LILY COLE is following in the footsteps of actor ANTONIO BANDERAS and U.K. pop group TAKE THAT - by modelling for British retail giant Marks + Spencer. The 19-year-old will front the high...

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Payment Battle Delays Lopez Movie

2nd November 2007

JENNIFER LOPEZ and ANTONIO BANDERAS' new film BORDERTOWN is in jeopardy after its screenwriter filed a lawsuit against producers. Gregory Nava filed the suit at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday (31Oct07) claiming British-based...

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Fascinating Fact 4194

29th October 2007

MIKE MYERS, EDDIE MURPHY, CAMERON DIAZ and ANTONIO BANDERAS have lent their voices to their SHREK characters for a TV Christmas spin-off, SHREK THE HALLS, set to air in the U.S. on 28 November (07).

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Fascinating Fact 3881

6th September 2007

Hollywood hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS is to front a new clothing campaign by British department store Marks + Spencers, appearing alongside English supermodel ERIN O' CONNOR....

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Garner, Kline + Banderas Set For Cyrano Revival

1st August 2007

JENNIFER GARNER, KEVIN KLINE and ANTONIO BANDERAS are reportedly hoping to put French farce CYRANO DE BERGERAC on the Broadway stage. Garner and Kline will star in the revival, which Banderas is investing in, according...

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Banderas Refuses To Act With Wife

29th June 2007

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS will never star alongside his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH, because he hates "husband and wife" movies. The Shrek star refuses to watch films which feature real-life married couples and claims he will never...

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Banderas: 'I Won't Let My Kids End Up Like Paris'

29th June 2007

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS is determined to stop his children with MELANIE GRIFFITH from following in the footsteps of Hollywood party girls like PARIS HILTON. In a bid to make them appreciate everything they have, the...

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Banderas Can't Wait To Leave L.a.

25th June 2007

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS is planning to quit life in Hollywood to move back to his native Spain. The Zorro star admits he stays in the U.S. purely for work and detests the fake nature of...

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Griffith Is Upbeat On Hollywood Sidelines

25th June 2007

ANTONIO BANDERAS has praised his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH for remaining upbeat, despite being shunned by Hollywood in favour of younger actresses. Acting work has dried up for the 49-year-old star, but Banderas insists Griffith is...

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Banderas To Star In Puss In Boots Spin-off

19th June 2007

Spanish heart-throb ANTONIO BANDERAS is return to his SHREK character PUSS IN BOOTS in the feline's own spin-off movie. The actor has provided the voice to the swash-buckling feline in Shrek 2 and the latest...

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Banderas Hails Beckham's Movie Future

12th June 2007

ANTONIO BANDERAS is confident English soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM will become a film star when he moves to Los Angeles. The Mask Of Zorro star believes the sportsman, who is moving to California next month...

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Diaz And Timberlake Turn Out For Shrek

12th June 2007

Cameron Diaz and her former boyfriend Justin Timberlake both attended the UK premiere of Shrek the Third last night in London.The pair both star in the film, with Diaz resuming her speaking role as Princess...

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Fascinating Fact 3378

11th June 2007

SHREK stars CAMERON DIAZ, MIKE MYERS, RUPERT EVERETT and ANTONIO BANDERAS delighted young fans when they took time out from promotions for the latest installment of the green ogre-featuring movie series to visit sick children...

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Banderas 'Honoured' By Shrek Role

18th May 2007

Hollywood star ANTONIO BANDERAS was honoured to be asked to lend his voice to a character in the SHREK movies - because English isn't his first language. The 46-year-old star, who plays Puss in Boots...

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Banderas Blasts 'Ageist' Hollywood

17th May 2007

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS has hit out at Hollywood for shunning older female actresses in favour of their younger counterparts. The hunky star laments how his actress wife MELANIE GRIFFITH, 49, has been snubbed by filmmakers...

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Banderas Snubbed For Sin City 2 Role

15th May 2007

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS is disappointed after being overlooked for a role in the upcoming SIN CITY sequel, by his mentor ROBERT RODRIGUEZ. The Spanish hunk was reported to have been asked to star in a...

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The Things The Say:

7th May 2007

"I could say that I did my own stunts in this movie. Let me just say it was very dramatic being in his body for 15 minutes. I survived it, though." ANTONIO BANDERAS jokes about...

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The Things They Say 4610

7th May 2007

"I would like to come back as ANTONIO BANDERAS in my next life." MIKE MYERS is a big fan of his Spanish SHREK 2 co-star....

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Banderas Loses Female Attention

4th May 2007

Spanish hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS is coming to terms with the fact he's not as popular with the ladies as he once was - the only attention he gets now is from playing an animated cat...

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Timberlake To Star In New Shrek

2nd May 2007

Justin Timberlake will star in the third instalment of the Shrek franchise as Princess Fiona's teenage cousin Artie.Shrek the Third is one of the summer's most highly-anticipated films and Timberlake will be a central character...

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Fascinating Fact 3128

18th April 2007

EDDIE MURPHY and ANTONIO BANDERAS have recorded a cover of Sly + The Family Stone's Thank You (FalettinmeBeMiceElfAgain) for the soundtrack to upcoming sequel. The odd couple duet as their animated characters Donkey and Puss...

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Tomkat Get New Flat In Nyc

7th March 2007

TOM CRUISE and wife KATIE HOLMES have been given the green light to move into the legendary Dakota building in New York City, after passing the strict entry interviews.The exclusive apartment building, which was the...

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Jennifer Lopez Honoured By Amnesty

16th February 2007

Human rights group Amnesty International has honoured Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez for her latest film.Bordertown, which she both produced and starred in, examines the murders of hundreds of women in the Mexico city of Ciudad...

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Director: "I Received Death Threats"

15th February 2007

Director Gregory Nava (Selena, American Family) said today (Thursday) that he received death threats during the production of Bordertown, his film about the unsolved murders of dozens of women in Juarez, Mexico that is competing...

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