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Stallone Credits Kids For Spy Kids Success

22nd August 2003

Hollywood action hero SYLVESTER STALLONE wants his young children to make his career decisions from now on - after they advised him to star in hit flick SPY KIDS 3-D: GAME OVER. The 57-year-old...

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Banderas And Griffith's House Under Threat

6th August 2003

Hollywood couple ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH are facing having to find a new home in Marbella, Spain - because their current one is threatened with demolition. Spaniard Banderas and his American WORKING GIRL...

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Penelope Cruz Considers A Move To The Stage

5th August 2003

Movie star PENELOPE CRUZ credits ANTONIO BANDERAS for inspiring her to consider a move into theatre. But, the VANILLA SKY babe admits she will have to overcome her fear of the stage before she...

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Melanie Griffith Wows Chicago Bosses With Sexy Audition Gear

4th August 2003

MELANIE GRIFFITH won over producers of hit Broadway, New York, musical CHICAGO by wearing fishnet stockings and lingerie to her audition. The actress decided to try out for a summer job in the stageshow...

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Banderas Misses Mother And Spain

27th July 2003

Screen heart-throb ANTONIO BANDERAS declares his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH as the only reason he's yet to flee Hollywood for his native Spain. The DESPERADO star lives in Tinseltown with Griffith and their six-year-old daughter...

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Celia Cruz's Funeral Draws Thousands

23rd July 2003

ANTONIO BANDERAS and his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH were among thousands of mourners who turned out for salsa legend CELIA CRUZ's funeral in New York yesterday (22JUL03). Hordes of fans cheered as a horse-drawn carriage...

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Antonio's Junk Food Love

17th July 2003

ANTONIO BANDERAS never has to watch his weight because his speedy metabolism allows him to gorge on sugary delights and never gain a pound. The movie star reveals he never sets foot in the...

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Baldwin And Krakowski Seal It With A Kiss

14th July 2003

ALEC BALDWIN is being linked romantically to former ALLY McBEAL star JANE KRAKOWSKI after the two were caught kissing passionately by their co-stars in a new play. The couple were reading lines from New...

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Melanie Griffith: Glad To Be On Broadway

11th July 2003

Hollywood siren MELANIE GRIFFITH has spoken of her joy at finally landing a lead role in hit Broadway musical CHICAGO. The WORKING GIRL, married to Spanish hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS, had previously tried out for...

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Clooney's Cameo Conflict

9th July 2003

GEORGE CLOONEY almost landed in a legal battle with movie studios DIMENSION FILMS over a cameo appearance he makes in the new SPY KIDS sequel. The OCEAN'S ELEVEN actor was reportedly angry film makers...

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Stallone Dons Wig And Fake Beard For Film

9th July 2003

Movie tough guy SYLVESTER STALLONE will surprise legions of action fans in his latest role - by donning a bizarre wig and fake beard in a children's film. The RAMBO star - famous for...

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Krakowski's Theatre Education

9th June 2003

NINE star JANE KRAKOWSKI is unsurprised that she ended up on the Broadway stage because her parents bought her up on theatre. The blonde actress is currently enjoying her stint working opposite Latin hunk...

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Banderas' Boat Destroyed By Tornado

25th May 2003

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS is mourning the loss of his prized racing sailboat, after it was destroyed by a rare tornado in his native Spain. The DESPERADO star acquired the 35-foot vessel from Spain's KING...

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Griffith Fights Back

19th May 2003

MELANIE GRIFFITH lashed out at a radio DJ after he insulted her husband ANTONIO BANDERAS. Radio personality AARON BRAUNSTEIN fell foul of the WORKING GIRL actress after labelling her beau too pretty. He...

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Banderas And Griffith Celebrate Seventh Anniversary

15th May 2003

Hollywood couple ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary yesterday (14MAY03). And Banderas is convinced the union has lasted so long because they have shunned a Hollywood lifestyle. While the...

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Olivier And Kylie Scrap La Move

8th May 2003

KYLIE MINOGUE's sexy French lover OLIVIER MARTINEZ has pulled out of plans to buy a Los Angeles love nest to share with her - after branding locals "fakes". Kylie is reportedly keen to...

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Antonio Bans Melanie From Stripping

4th May 2003

Jealous Hollywood hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS has banned wife MELANIE GRIFFITH from stripping on stage. The MASK OF ZORRO star is refusing to let 45-year-old Melanie appear in a new theatre production of THE GRADUATE....

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High Flying Krakowski

28th April 2003

Former ALLY McBEAL star JANE KRAKOWSKI was unprepared for the demands for her latest role - especially since it involved being dropped from a great height. The pretty actress is currently starring alongside ANTONIO...

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Banderas: Madonna's A Part Of History

25th April 2003

Spanish actor ANTONIO BANDERAS is so impressed with MADONNA's enduring career, he now sees her as an historical figure. The Hollywood hunk, married to actress MELANIE GRIFFITH, starred alongside the MATERIAL GIRL in the...

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Banderas' Stage Fright

24th April 2003

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS was petrified about making his Broadway debut in his new musical NINE - because he feared sounding terrible on stage. The screen star admits that even though he used to perform...

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Antonio's Greasy Breakfast

24th April 2003

ANTONIO BANDERAS lubricates his vocal cords for his nightly singing duties on Broadway, New York, with a hearty breakfast of greasy bacon and eggs. The Spanish movie hunk has been wowing theatre-goers in Manhattan...

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Banderas. Play Tops Critics. Nominations

22nd April 2003

Spanish acting hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS' play NINE is sharing top place with critics' award nominations - with 12 nods apiece. The OUTER CRITICS CIRCLE BROADWAY/OFF-BROADWAY is the first group to state its preferences in...

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Salma.s Super Hair

18th April 2003

OSCAR nominee SALMA HAYEK is using her new pigtails to fly in the third SPY KIDS movie. The actress will join pal ANTONIO BANDERAS, SYLVESTER STALLONE and BILL PULLMAN in SPY KIDS 3-D: GAME...

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Griffith.s Devotion To Banderas. Penis

16th April 2003

American actress MELANIE GRIFFITH has so much adoration for her husband ANTONIO BANDERAS' penis she owns a bronze replica of it. According to a proposal for TRUE GRIFFITH: THE ROLLER-COASTER LIFE OF MELANIE GRIFFITH,...

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Banderas And Griffith Create A Treasure

15th April 2003

Hollywood couple ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH have a new joint project - designing jewellery. Currently starring on New York's Broadway district in NINE, Spanish hunk Banderas worked with wife Griffith and Spain's HOUSE...

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Griffith Joins Banderas On Broadway

11th April 2003

Celebrity couple ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH will both be appearing on Broadway in the summer after Melanie won a lead role in the stage version of CHICAGO. Antonio is already in New York...

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Banderas.s Nerve.racking Broadway Debut

11th April 2003

Spanish hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS was far from calm before taking to the stage in his Broadway, New York, debut last night (10APR03) - in fact he was fraught with nerves. The actor husband of...

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Melanie Ruined By Surgery.

10th April 2003

Actress MELANIE GRIFFITH has been accused of ruining her skin by undergoing too much plastic surgery - and husband ANTONIO BANDERAS won't allow her to go under the knife again. But, according to...

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Melanie Moves To .Chicago..

26th March 2003

Hollywood star MELANIE GRIFFITH is rumoured to be touting for the role of ROXIE HART in the Broadway production of CHICAGO. Gossip in Los Angeles has filtered through to New York website PAGESIX.COM...

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