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John Mayer Plans Reality Tv Show

6th July 2014

John Mayer wants to create a new reality TV series.The 36-year-old singer wants to expand to carve out another career behind the scenes and is reportedly pitching an idea for a new show called 'My...

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Nigella Lawson To Take Blood Test For Us Entry?

4th April 2014

Nigella Lawson may be forced to take a blood test before being allowed to travel to the US.The glamorous chef - who admitted during the fraud trial of her former employees last year that she...

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Channel 4'S "The Taste" Is All About The Foodies, Not So Much The Food

By Victoria Pavlova | 8th January 2014

The UK version of The Taste, which Americans got to see way back in 2012, is the talk of the internet today. And after last night’s premiere, there’s one part of the programme that everyone...

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For Nigella, 2014 Kicks Off With The Taste - Beginning Tonight

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th January 2014

It’s fair to say the 2013 – the tail end of it at least – was tough for Nigella Lawson; a very public split from her husband was followed by an equally public court case,...

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Nigella Lawson Drug Allegations Won't Stop Abc From Airing 'The Taste' Season 2

By Joe Wilde | 28th November 2013

Nigella Lawson has a lot on her plate at the moment, if you'll excuse the pun, and as if having to endure a messy divorce and a court case against two former employees, the allegations...

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Why Has Jamie Oliver Only Read One Book?

29th June 2013

Jamie Oliver has just finished reading his first book. The 38-year-old celebrity chef suffers from dyslexia and has ''never got through a book'' until he became hooked on Suzanne Collins' 391-page novel 'Catching Fire', which...

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Cnn Ratings Heat Up For Anthony Bourdain Series

16th April 2013

TV chef Anthony Bourdain's new series on CNN, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, debuted on Sunday with 747,000 viewers of whom 282,000 were in the 25-54 age group, the demo advertisers prize when it comes to...

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Anthony Bourdain Shows Nigella Lawson Some Love In 'The Taste' Article

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th March 2013

Anthony Bourdain has written a piece for Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Watch, in which he opens up on the experience of filming The Taste – ABC’s cooking completion. But perhaps one of the most startling things...

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Anthony Bourdain's Twitter Rage Spirals As Flight Is Delayed

By Contributor | 16th January 2013

Keep it cool, Anthony Bourdain … stay calm … hold it …. Oh nuts. Anthony Bourdain’s fury at a delayed American Airlines flight couldn’t be contained as the notorious loudmouth started letting everyone on Twitter...

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Fascinating Fact: 3301036

25th September 2012

Andrew W.K., Tommy Ramone and celebrity chef and writer Anthony Bourdain have teamed up to star in late punk icon Joey Ramone's latest video New York City. The quirky stop-go animated promo features several celebrity...

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Paula Deen Loses 30 Pounds After Diabetes Diagnosis

28th June 2012

Paula Deen, the American celebrity cook, has lost an astonishing 30-pound in weight, following her recent diagnosis for Type 2 diabetes. The 65-year-old revealed that she had to make big changes to her diet, and...

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Chef Anthony Bourdain's New Show To Air On Cnn?

30th May 2012

American TV chef Anthony Bourdain will host a brand new weekend show in 2013 on news network Cnn featuring a variety of cultural dining traditions throughout the world. The network is not known to broadcast...

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Anthony Bourdain Cancels Reservation With Travel Channel To Join Cnn

29th May 2012

Anthony Bourdain, star of 'No Reservations,' globetrotting chef and author, will be leaving the Travel Channel to step up to the plate at Cnn. "I'm really looking forward to coming over to Cnn," Bourdain said,...

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Fascinating Fact 13456

23rd May 2012

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain's novel Bone in the Throat is to be adapted for the big screen. The mafia story, set in a Manhattan's Little Italy, was first published in 1995.

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American Chef Paula Deen Has Type 2 Diabetes

17th January 2012

Paula Deen has revealed that she's been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the much-loved chef telling the Today show of her news, admitting that it's something she'd known for a while. The American chef, 64,...

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Paula Deen And Anthony Bourdain Fight Each Other In The Kitchen

20th August 2011

Paula Deen and Anthony Bourdain, two of America's highest profile celebrity chefs, do not seem to like each other. According to the Los Angeles Times, Anthony Bourdain, known for his fine dining recipes and outspoken...

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Anthony Bourdain Visits Sean Penn In Haiti

28th February 2011

ANTHONY BOURDAIN visits SEAN PENN in earthquake-ravaged Haiti during tonight's 'No Reservations' season premiere (28th February 2011).Bourdain, the American celebrity chef and author, returns to screens tonight for season seven of his travel/food show 'No...

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Anthony Bourdain To Return As Top Chef Judge Tonight

1st December 2010

ANTHONY BOURDAIN is set to return to Bravo's hit show 'Top Chef' in the season eight premiere tonight (1st December 2010). The 54-year-old world renown chef will take up the role of regular guest judge...

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Bourdain Slams Ray For Doughnut Endorsement

18th October 2007

American celebrity chef ANTHONY BOURDAIN has hit out at TV rival RACHAEL RAY for endorsing a doughnut firm. No Reservations presenter Bourdain is outraged Ray has become the new face of Dunkin' Donuts, likening the...

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Fascinating Fact 3930

14th September 2007

Rockers QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE have recorded a quirky version of Christmas tune SILVER BELLS, called TURKEY BALLS, for a holiday-themed episode of U.S. travel show NO RESERVATIONS, in which they'll also appear as...

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Fascinating Fact 3205

7th May 2007

Revered US TV chef ANTHONY BOURDAIN has wed his partner Ottavia Busia 11 days after the couple welcomed baby daughter Ariane into the world....

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Us Tv Star Stuck In Beirut

18th July 2006

US travel writer, chef and TV personality ANTHONY BOURDAIN has been caught up in the latest hostilities in Lebanon. The tough-talking New Yorker and a film crew arrived in Beirut last week (ends14JUL06) to shoot...

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The Things They Say 1720

25th March 2006

"I went to ANTHONY BOURDAIN's place in New York. I ordered the Rossini - the most decadent burger in NYC. I ordered this delicious opulence seasoned with cruelty." FRANZ FERDINAND star ALEX KAPRANOS, who visited...

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