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True Blood Recap: Bon Temps Residents Finally Get Closure - Through Murder

By Victoria Pavlova | 11th August 2014

Another episode of True Blood, another ten or so shockers – as the show circles the drain, the writers are throwing shocker after shocker at us. So who killed whom in this episode? Read on...

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Anna Paquin Forced To Teach Larry King How Bisexuality Works

By Nick Hill | 3rd August 2014

Anna Paquin, the star of HBO's hit vampire series 'True Blood,' is married to fellow actor Stephen Moyer and the mother to their twins, Charlie and Poppy, but she is still frequently asked about her...

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True Blood Recap: The Good Guys Face A Gang Of Vamps

By Victoria Pavlova | 14th July 2014

Oh, True Blood, if only you could continue to delight and gross us out for a couple more years. The show has long since run its course at this point, but showrunner Mark Hudis and...

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True Blood's Joe Manganiello Shines Light On Dramatic Season 7 Premiere Shooting

By Lauren James | 7th July 2014

True Blood season seven, episode three premiered with a bang last night, killing off one of the series characters in a twist no one saw coming. Well, not exactly no one: Joe Manganiello's character Alcide...

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The Gloves Are Off And The Fangs Are Out For "True Blood's" Season Premiere

By Victoria Pavlova | 23rd June 2014

Welcome back to Bon Temps for a darker, bloodier True Blood season opening than we’ve ever seen. For the final season, the writing team has a fair few loose ends to tie, but with the...

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'True Blood' Star Anna Paquin Talks Sex Scenes With Different Cast Members

By Nick Hill | 23rd June 2014

Even though Anna Paquin stars alongside her real-life husband, Stephen Moyer, in 'True Blood,' performing sex scenes isn't as awkward as one may think.In fact, stripping off for in front of the TV show's crew...

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Vamps Of "True Blood" Might Be Coming To Broadway In Musical Adaptation

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th June 2014

Singing, dancing vampires. It might sound like the entertainment industry is collapsing in on itself, but the concept is on its way to become a reality with a musical based on HBO’s True Blood. HBO...

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'True Blood' Will Live On As Musical Production

By Nick Hill | 19th June 2014

The hit HBO vampire series 'True Blood' is getting adapted into a musical.Although the television version may be finishing, fans of the show will be relieved to know that the story will live on, but...

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Bon Temps Is At War In Final Season 'True Blood' Trailer

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th May 2014

Straight in the middle of TV’s upfront season True Blood has just released its season 7 trailer. Currently, the popular opinion seems to be that the guilty pleasure series is well past its prime by...

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Bryan Singer: Anna Paquin "Had To Go" From X-men: Days Of Future Past

By Michael West | 23rd December 2013

Director Bryan Singer says Oscar-winner Anna Paquin was just one of the "extraneous" things in X-Men: Days of Future Past that had to be cut from the final version. The 31-year-old had reprised her role...

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Why The 'X-men: Days Of Future Past' Director Cut Anna Paquin From Upcoming Sequel

By Nick Hill | 22nd December 2013

Anna Paquin has been axed from the final cut of 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'.The actress has been involved in the mutant film franchise since the first 'X-Men' release back in 2000, but she will...

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'X Men: Days Of Future Past' Undergoes Shake-up As Anna Paquin Is Edited From Final Cut

By Joe Wilde | 22nd December 2013

X Men: Days of Future Past has gotten fanboys and comic book movie enthusiast already clipping their heels in anticipation as it looks to reassert the X Men franchise to the top of the comic...

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First Official Trailer For 'X Men: Days Of Future Past' Hints At Herculean Heroism In What Could Be The Next Great Comic Book Movie [Trailer]

By Joe Wilde | 29th October 2013

X-Men: Days of Future Past won't be out until May next year, but after you see the first trailer for it you'll wish that you could jump forward and dive right into it now. In...

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Vampire Series 'True Blood' Comes To An End In 2014

By Nick Hill | 4th September 2013

HBO have announced that the seventh series of True Blood will be its last as the show will come to an end. The announcement came on Tuesday (3rd September 2013) as HBO president of programming,...

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Hbo Will Finally Stake True Blood In 2014

By Elinor Cosgrave | 4th September 2013

True Blood will finish in 2014. The show has just finished its sixth season and there will be one more before the HBO series will come to a final halt. The announcement was made on...

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'True Blood' Finale: Alexander Skarsgard Naked, But Did He Die?

By Lauren James | 19th August 2013

If you haven't seen the final episode of True Blood's sixth season that aired last night (18th Aug) maybe stop reading this page. If you saw it, we bet - like us - that you're...

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Terry Is Laid To Rest & Bill Survies As The War Continues On 'True Blood': Episode Re-cap

By Joe Wilde | 12th August 2013

True Blood has so far had a relatively shaky season six, and in the penultimate episode of the current season, we saw exactly why the show has been so hit and miss recently as if...

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True Blood Episode 6 Recap: There'll Be More 'Dead Meat' Next Week

By Elinor Cosgrave | 5th August 2013

True Blood season 6, episode 6 entitled 'Dead Meat' aired last night (Sunday 4th August). There was more trouble for the imprisoned vampires and, as usual, Sookie was being hankered after by a handsome and...

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Is Taylor Lautner Dating 'Tracers' Co-star Marie Avgeropoulos?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 31st July 2013

Taylor Lautner has been spotted on the streets of New York with Marie Avgeropoulos. It's not official but could this be the blossoming of a beautiful friendship which will make Twilight fans worldwide green with...

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X-men Steals The Show At San Diego Comic Con 2013

By Elinor Cosgrave | 22nd July 2013

The X-Men cast and crew appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. The huge cast for the upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past appeared in Hall-H and was greeted with an overwhelmingly positive...

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True Blood Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: Ben's Secret Is Revealed

By Joe Wilde | 8th July 2013

After a shaky start to the season, True Blood is back on track as one of HBO's top rated drama series as it continues to deliver the good each Sunday night. Last night's (July 7)...

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True Blood Season 6 Premieres, But There Were Clearly Better Options On The Night

By Joe Wilde | 17th June 2013

HBO's popular vampire series True Blood came back for its sixth season this weekend, and whilst the ever-faithful fandom were around to check out the first airing of the season there was a noticeable chunk...

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Hbo's True Blood Is Back This Summer With A Darker, More Intense Vibe

By Victoria Pavlova | 14th June 2013

Just when you thought it was going to be a bleak, TV-less summer, HBO’s True Blood steps in to save the day. The show will be back with a bloody vengeance (best pun we could...

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