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Fascinating Fact 7165

14th April 2009

PATRICIA ARQUETTE will direct an episode of her U.S. TV drama MEDIUM, featuring RUMER WILLIS, ANJELICA HUSTON and BALTHAZAR GETTY....

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Fascinating Fact 6989

11th March 2009

DEMI MOORE and BRUCE WILLIS' daughter RUMER is set to make a guest appearance alongside ANJELICA HUSTON and BALTHAZAR GETTY in an upcoming episode of PATRICIA ARQUETTE's supernatural TV hit MEDIUM. The episode, titled The...

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Fascinating Fact 6966

7th March 2009

EVA LONGORIA PARKER, BROOKE SHIELDS, LAUREN HUTTON, CARRIE UNDERWOOD and ANJELICA HUSTON are to appear in a new print ad celebrating the 20th anniversary of clothing giants Badgley Mischka. The women, all big fans of...

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Huston 'Sick' Over Chimpanzee Tragedy

25th February 2009

Oscar winner ANJELICA HUSTON is hoping a recent headline-grabbing chimpanzee tragedy in Connecticut will make people think twice before taking on an ape as a pet. The chimp, called Travis, was beaten and stabbed by his...

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Huston Calls For An Ape-free Tarzan

27th January 2009

Ape lover ANJELICA HUSTON has penned a letter to THE MUMMY director STEPHEN SOMMERS in a bid to keep real monkeys out of his new TARZAN movie. The Oscar winner has asked Sommers to use computer-generated...

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Stars Turn Out For Huston Husband's Funeral

10th January 2009

SHARON STONE, HARRISON FORD and JACK NICHOLSON were among the stars who turned out to pay their respects at the funeral of Californian sculptor ROBERT GRAHAM, husband of Oscar-winning actress ANJELICA HUSTON. Graham, whose works...

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Huston's Sculptor Husband Graham Dies

29th December 2008

Californian sculptor ROBERT GRAHAM, the husband of Oscar-winning actress ANJELICA HUSTON, has died aged 70. Graham, whose works were incorporated into civic monuments including the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C., passed away on...

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Huston's Sister-in-law In Suicide Jump

28th October 2008

ANJELICA HUSTON's actor half-brother DANNY has been left "devastated" by the death of his estranged wife - who killed herself earlier this month (Oct08). British model Katie Jane Evans jumped from the roof of her...

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Huston 'Depressed' By Palin

26th September 2008

Actress ANJELICA HUSTON has become the latest star to take aim at U.S. vice-presidential candidate SARAH PALIN, stating the fact the Alaskan Governor is even in the race for the White House is "depressing". The...

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The Things They Say 9659

26th September 2008

"One of the greatest things I've ever saw was DUSTIN HOFFMAN in DEATH OF A SALESMAN on Broadway. I don't expect to see a finer performance in my life of anything. It was so fine...

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Huston's Film Set Haunted

31st August 2008

The set of ANJELICA HUSTON's eerie new movie CHOKE was haunted! Director Clark Gregg, who adapted Chuck Palahniuk's novel for the big screen, opted to film scenes in an abandoned New Jersey psychiatric hospital, where...

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Huston Hits Out At Use Of Apes In Film

28th August 2008

Actress ANJELICA HUSTON has called on showbusiness bosses to quit using young chimpanzees and orangutans in films. Huston, 57, has teamed up with animal rights activists People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to...

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Huston To Be Honoured At Locarno

18th June 2008

Hollywood star ANJELICA HUSTON will be honoured at this year's (08) Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. The 56-year-old will pick up the Excellence Award at the August (08) event, where she will also premiere her...

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Huston Beat Cheating Nicholson Up

6th December 2007

Actress ANJELICA HUSTON was so furious after discovering boyfriend JACK NICHOLSON had cheated on her with another woman, and impregnated her, she beat him up. Nicholson has recalled trying to calm the raging actress as...

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Fascinating Fact 3748

14th August 2007

Oscar winner ANJELICA HUSTON will guest star for six episodes of U.S. drama MEDIUM....

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Huston Blasts Oscars For Honouring Ageing Stars

1st December 2006

ANJELICA HUSTON has slammed the Oscars for handing out awards to old Hollywood stars because it robs them of their dignity. The ROYAL TENENBAUMS actress thinks the trend for honouring aged stars is wrong, and...

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Huston Encourages Large-nosed Ladies

12th October 2006

ANJELICA HUSTON is steadily gaining a reputation in Hollywood for offering advice to unusual looking beauties. THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS star is reknowned for her striking looks and told director SOFIA COPPOLA she should feel comfortable...

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O'connor's Support From Huston

25th September 2006

British supermodel ERIN O'CONNOR credits Hollywood actress ANJELICA HUSTON with giving her the confidence to continue modelling. O'Connor, famous for her unconventional look, received support from the striking THE ADDAMS FAMILY star, who told her...

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Huston Is A Huge Fan Of Razorlight

14th July 2006

Hollywood actress ANJELICA HUSTON is such a huge fan of British rockers RAZORLIGHT, she has invited the band to her Los Angles home. The UP ALL NIGHT hitmakers have been too busy promoting new single...

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Huston Hated Addams Family

2nd July 2006

ANJELICA HUSTON hated making kids movie THE ADDAMS FAMILY so much she ritualistically torched her entire costume after shooting finished. Although it's probably her most famous film role, the actress - who played MORTICIA ADDAMS...

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Huston Tolerated Nicholson's Cheating

1st July 2006

ANJELICA HUSTON tearfully tolerated ex-lover Jack Nicholson's infidelity, because he was "the world's sexiest, most gorgeous man". Nicholson was Hollywood's biggest star and a powerful sex symbol during their 17 year relationship, and Huston...

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Huston Still Attracted To Nicholson

1st July 2006

ANJELICA HUSTON confesses she still has a soft spot for former lover JACK NICHOLSON, seventeen years after they split. Huston called time on their seventeen year relationship in 1989 when Nicholson's infidelity became too much...

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Fascinating Fact 1564

31st May 2006

Actor WARIS AHLUWALIA's career as a jeweller is taking off thanks to patrons such as LINDSAY LOHAN, CATE BLANCHETT and ANJELICA HUSTON. The actresses can't get enough of THE LIFE AQUATIC star's House of Waris...

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Huston's Grief For First Love

10th March 2006

Screen veteran ANJELICA HUSTON is in shock after hearing of the death of her first love, fashion photographer BOB RICHARDSON. The LIFE AQUATIC actress and former model shared a tempestuous relationship with Richardson, who suffered...

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Huston: 'Nicholson Is A Man So Was Always Likely To Stray'

23rd January 2006

Veteran actress ANJELICA HUSTON blames the male genetic make-up as the reason her ex-lover JACK NICHOLSON strayed with a younger woman. The ROYAL TENENBAUMS star ended her 17-year relationship with Nicholson in 1989 after...

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Fascinating Fact 488

11th November 2005

ANJELICA HUSTON has signed to star alongside PIERCE BROSNAN and LIAM NEESON in new movie SERAPHIM FALLS....

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Czech Film Takes Top Honour At San-sebastian

25th September 2005

Czech movie SOMETHING LIKE HAPPINESS (STESTI) has beaten out competition from 19 others to be named Best Film at the San-Sebastian International Film Festival yesterday (24SEP05). Director BOHDAN SLAMA's downbeat movie about life in...

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The Things They Say 9

10th August 2005

"Love and peace and happiness are good for the complexion." Actress ANJELICA HUSTON....

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Polanski Abuse Victim Describes How Huston Nearly Stopped Her Ordeal

31st July 2005

LATEST: The woman ROMAN POLANSKI abused as a 13-year-old girl has described how actress ANJELICA HUSTON almost interrupted the moment the director had unlawful sex with her. Polanski has admitted having sex with SAMANTHA...

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