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Angelica Huston Eyes Downton Abbey Role

12th November 2013

Actress Angelica Huston has appealed to Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes to offer her a part on the hit British period drama after confessing she is a big fan.The Witches star admits she would jump...

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Why Was Brooke Shields Walking With A Cane At Met Ball?

10th May 2012

Hollywood A-listers are known for turning heads with their flashy accessories but Brooke Shields had a rather unusual accessory with her at Monday night's Met Ball (May 7, 2012). Sporting a black cane, Shields stopped...

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'Smash' Makes Debut, But 'The Voice' Sings Loudest For Nbc

7th February 2012

NBC may have enjoyed a record-breaking weekend with their coverage of the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 5, 2012), but their new musical theatre show Smash may be showing signs of weakness, after just one...

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The Things They Say 23473

14th November 2011

"They started asking me why I hadn't had a facelift when I was about 30. America's a little sick in that respect. People were saying to me at the age of 28: 'Oh, you're too...

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Kate Middleton Chooses Oldfield For Wedding Dress

10th December 2010

Kate Middleton has reportedly chosen British designer Bruce Oldfield to create her wedding dress.There had been speculation the 28-year-old future queen - who is set to marry Prince William on April 29 - would choose...

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Huston Can't Wait To See Welles' Lost Masterpiece

12th October 2008

ANGELICA HUSTON can't wait to see the finished cut of ORSON WELLES' THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND - because it features one of her late father's career highlights. The long-awaited release of the 1975...

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Choke Opens Raindance Film Festival

1st October 2008

ANGELICA HUSTON and SAM ROCKWELL's new movie CHOKE is set to open the Raindance Film Festival this evening and Angelica Huston will be making a special appearance at galla held in London. This is the...

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Huston's Psychic Powers

19th February 2008

Award-winning actress ANGELICA HUSTON possesses psychic powers - and insists women are commonly blessed with paranormal abilities. The Addams Family star claims she has a special sixth sense which allows her to foretell the future....

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Huston's Botox Nightmare

11th April 2006

THE LIFE AQUATIC star ANGELICA HUSTON has sworn off Botox injections after her face froze during her last cosmetic procedure. The actress had received collagen injections in the past, but was persuaded by her doctor...

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Bullock Dates To Cheers

16th February 2004

Hollywood actress SANDRA BULLOCK has won the title of HARVARD UNIVERSITY's HASTY PUDDING WOMAN OF THE YEAR - and used the ceremony to prove her dating skills to a cheering crowd of students. The...

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Anjelica Huston + Her Cleaning Ritual

13th July 2003

Veteran movie actress ANGELICA HUSTON has a secret passion for cleaning. The ROYAL TENENBAUMS star - who was JACK NICHOLSON's longterm girlfriend - admits to being obsessive in her quest for cleanliness. Angelica...

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Angelica Huston: I Did Want To Marry Jack Nicholson

13th July 2003

Actress ANGELICA HUSTON was desperate to marry ex-lover JACK NICHOLSON at the beginning of their 17 year relationship. But THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS star says the couple never wanted to get married at the same...

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Jack Seeks A Woman Of Substance

20th May 2003

Triple OSCAR winner JACK NICHOLSON has never settled down - because he is yet to find a woman who is his equal. The star of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST is famed for...

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Jack Persuades Sandler To Hurry Up The Aisle

17th April 2003

Pretty JACKIE TITONE has JACK NICHOLSON to thank if ADAM SANDLER overcomes his marriage nerves and walks her up the aisle - because the Hollywood veteran convinced the funnyman to say 'I do'. Ironically,...

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