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Hong Kong Star Lau Apologises For Marriage Lie

2nd September 2009

Hong Kong actor ANDY LAU has apologised for keeping his marriage a secret, admitting he behaved "inappropriately".Lau went on national TV in February (09) and denied he was married, but last month (Aug09) leaked records...

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Hong Kong Star Lau Loses Appeal In Film Stunt Suit

2nd July 2009

Hong Kong singer/actor ANDY LAU is facing an increased compensation payout to a Taiwanese airline after he wrecked a helicopter in a failed film stunt.Bosses at flight company Daily Air loaned Lau a chopper in...

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Lau Fined Over Helicopter Incident

16th April 2008

Hong Kong actor ANDY LAU has been ordered to pay 5.1 million Taiwan dollars ($170,000/GBP85,000) to a Taiwanese airline after damaging its helicopter during filming. The star is reported to have accidentally brushed the aircraft,...

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Epic Drama Beats Legend In Hong Kong

18th December 2007

Peter Chan's 19th century historic epic The Warlords, starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, had a solid opening in China over the weekend, earning $12.2 million on about 1,000 screens, according to Daily...

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Andy Lau Tops Poll Of Sexy Chinese Men

4th December 2007

Hong Kong actor ANDY LAU has topped a poll of the most desirable Chinese men in the world. The survey of over 100 Western women was carried out in Shanghai by the city's Academy of...

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Lau's Temper Scuppers Directing Career

18th October 2006

Hong Kong action star ANDY LAU refuses to move into directing because his wild temper would prompt both cast and crew to walk out on him. The heart-throb, famed for his villainous turns in INFERNAL...

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Andy Lau To Be Crowned Asian Film-maker Of The Year

17th August 2006

Hong Kong icon ANDY LAU will be crowned Asian Film-Maker Of The Year at Korea's Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) in October (06). The PIFF is the most prestigious gathering of the Asian film industry...

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Eason Chan Crowned At Chinese Gold Songs Awards

25th January 2006

EASON CHAN emerged triumphant at Hong Kong's Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards on Monday (23JAN06) night, where he won three prizes including Best Male Pop Singer. Chan also picked up the Four Electronic...

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To Slams Chan And Lau

7th October 2005

Hong Kong film-maker JOHNNIE TO has lashed out at Asian megastars JACKIE CHAN and ANDY LAU, after they criticised the Chinese territory's film industry. Hong Kong native Chan claimed the region's industry was in...

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Lau Big Winner At Solid Gold Awards

11th January 2005

Hong Kong pop idol ANDY LAU was the big winner at Saturday's (08JAN05) SOLID GOLD AWARDS, picking up five trophies at the annual Hong Kong ceremony. Only a day after (07JAN05) headlining a huge...

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East Asian Stars Sing For Tsunami Victims

10th January 2005

Over 150 singers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan joined forces on Friday (07JAN05) to raise money for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami in a charity concert. The huge line-up at the Crossing...

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Chan Joins Chinese We Are The World Effort

5th January 2005

JACKIE CHAN is at the forefront of a new celebrity charity aid push in Hong Kong, which will see Chinese stars revamp hit anthem WE ARE THE WORLD to raise cash for the victims of...

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Lau Caught By Kiss-and-tell

27th December 2004

Hong Kong heart-throb ANDY LAU is fuming after discovering his ex-girlfriend YU HO-YUN is publishing a kiss-and-tell book about their former relationship. Lau is a huge star across Asia through his hugely successful movie...

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Andy Lau Greeted By Riot

26th October 2004

Hong Kong pop star ANDY LAU was horrified to witness a riot break out during his Wuhan, China concert date on Monday (25OCT04). The singer and actor, 43, ended his show early after 50,000...

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Hong Kong Pop Star Sues Magazine

29th July 2004

Hong Kong pop star ANDY LAU is suing a gossip magazine that claimed he is in serious financial difficulties. The singer and actor, 43, is taking THREE WEEKLY magazine and its editor to...

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Andy Lau Slams Hollywood

15th April 2004

Hong Kong superstar ANDY LAU is refusing to move to Hollywood because he believes the big movie studios aren't interested in the Chinese film industry. Lau, who stars in hit Cantonese crime thriller INFERNAL...

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Jackie Chan Displays Handprints In Avenue Of Stars

6th April 2004

JACKIE CHAN and JOHN WOO's handprints will go on display at Hong Kong's new Avenue of Stars - as a tribute to the island's top two entertainers. The handprints of RUMBLE IN THE...

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Pitt And Dicaprio To Team Up?

17th March 2004

Hollywood heart-throbs BRAD PITT and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO could be set to team up on the big screen - in a remake of acclaimed Chinese thriller INFERNAL AFFAIRS. The impossibly goodlooking twosome are being lined...

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