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Andrew Garfield Teaches Kids To Surf In Sydney As 'Amazing Spider-man' Release Looms

By Lauren James | 21st March 2014

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have been living it up under an Australian sun recently as the Amazing Spider-Man co-stars and real-life couple headed down under for a taste of life in Sydney. The duo...

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Andrew Garfield Helps Autistic Children Surf

21st March 2014

British actor Andrew Garfield showed autistic children how to surf while in Australia on Friday (21Mar14).The Amazing Spider-Man star took time out from his promotional duties for the superhero franchise to help out at the...

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The Amazing Spider-man 2 Trailer, A Critical Discussion

By Sophie Miskiw | 21st March 2014

The latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been released and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The opening shot of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man free-falling through New York is the visual equivalent of a roller coaster,...

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Emma Stone Weeps Over Mel B

20th March 2014

Emma Stone cried after receiving a video message from Mel B.The 25-year-old actress was devastated to learn she missed out on the chance to meet the former Spice Girls star during a radio interview in...

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'The Amazing Spider-man 4' Won't Be Directed By Marc Webb

By Lauren James | 17th March 2014

Marc Webb has announced that he won't direct the fourth instalment in his Amazing Spider-Man reboot. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may have not even been released yet but the American filmmaker wanted his fans to...

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Marc Webb Won't Direct Amazing Spider-man 4

17th March 2014

Marc Webb won't direct 'The Amazing Spider-Man 4'.The 39-year-old director has announced plans to step down from helming the superhero franchise after the release of 2016's 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3', but hopes to stay on...

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Check Out These Three New 'Amazing Spider-man 2' Videos [Clips + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th March 2014

Andrew Garfield reprises his role as the web-slinging city-sprawling Spider-Man in The Amazing-Spider Man 2, which hits cinemas on April 18. In these new clips, we get a glimpse of both Electro’s explosive power, but...

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Batkid Is Off To The Amazing Spider-man 2 Premiere Following Oscars Disappointment

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th March 2014

Miles Scott, also known as Batkid, is going to rub shoulders with the stars after all. The 5-year-old cancer survivor, who was made famous by The Make a Wish Foundation’s audacious ‘Batkid’ stunt, will be...

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Andrew Garfield Visits "Batkid" At Disneyland After Oscars Segment Cancelled

By Tomica Bonner | 8th March 2014

Sometimes wishes do really come true. The five-year-old Miles "Batkid" Scott went to Disneyland on Monday with the "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" star Andrew Garfield. Andrew Garfield visits "Batkid" at Disneyland. Miles has Leukemia and...

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Andrew Garfield Skips Oscars To Take Batkid To Disneyland, After Superhero Segment Cut

By Lauren James | 7th March 2014

Andrew Garfield has proved that he's a pretty nice guy by taking 5 year-old cancer survivor Miles Scott, AKA BatKid, to Disneyland instead of attending last Sunday's Oscars. The Amazing Spider-Man star decided his day...

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It Didn't Work Out At The Oscars, But Batkid Finally Got To Meet Spider-man

By Victoria Pavlova | 7th March 2014

Andrew Garfield has earned some serious brownie points with his latest stunt – an organized outing with Batkid. On Monday, March 3, the Spider-Man star took the young leukemia survivor, who made international news after...

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Scorned By The Oscars, Batkid Visits Disneyland With Spiderman

By Elinor Cosgrave | 6th March 2014

Batkid may not have been around to save Leonardo di Caprio from another evening of Oscar disappointment but he's been enjoying himself with Spiderman at Disneyland. Batkid A.K.A. Miles Scott and Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield...

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Andrew Garfield Takes Batkid To Disney

6th March 2014

Andrew Garfield treated Batkid to a day at Disneyland on Monday (03.03.14).The 'Spider-Man' star took the budding superhero - real name Miles Scott, who is currently recovering from cancer and made headlines when officials across...

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Andrew Garfield Spent Day At Disneyland With Batkid After Oscars Axe

6th March 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield joined a young leukaemia survivor at Disneyland in California on Monday (03Mar14) after a planned superhero segment featuring the pair was axed from the Oscars ceremony.The actor had initially...

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Batkid Misses Out On Oscars Heroes Celebration, At The Last Minute

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th March 2014

Normally, a hero is supposed to arrive at the last minute, not get unceremoniously cut, but that’s what happened to poor little Batkid, whose performance alongside Andrew Garfield during the televised Oscars show on Sunday...

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Emma Stone Missed Oscars For 'Personal Reasons'

5th March 2014

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield didn't attend the Oscar Awards on Sunday (02.03.14) due to ''personal reasons''.The couple were meant to be hosting the event, held in Los Angeles, at the weekend but the pair...

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Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone To Turn Off Singapore's Lights For Earth Hour

27th February 2014

The Amazing Spiderman co-stars and real life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone will mark Earth Hour by switching off the lights in Singapore.The annual Earth Hour event encourages citizens around the world to conserve...

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Marc Webb Confirmed For Amazing Spider-man 3

26th February 2014

Marc Webb has been confirmed to direct 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3'.The filmmaker will return to helm Andrew Garfield in the third instalment of the superhero franchise, ''securing his spot in helming all three films in...

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Christmas, Birthdays And 'Spider Man' - Sony Want Yearly Spidey Films

By Jack de Aguilar | 26th February 2014

Not content with the upcoming Amazing Spider Man 2, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and expected to do big business at the box office, Sony are looking to release a version of the superhero film...

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Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Back Environmental Campaign

25th February 2014

Hollywood couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are helping to save the planet by throwing their support behind a new environmental campaign.The Amazing Spider-Man co-stars are backing Earth Hour Blue, a new initiative by the...

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What The Latest Trailer Tells Us About 'Amazing Spider-man 2'

By Stephanie Chase | 4th February 2014

At nearly four minutes long, the latest trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 packed in as much action as the Superbowl when the full length version finally debuted on Sunday. The clip has given us some...

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New 'Amazing Spider-man 2' Teaser Clip Shows Off A New Wave Of Supervillains [Trailer + Pictures]

By Lauren James | 3rd February 2014

A brand new, extended trailer for upcoming superhero action movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been released after Sunday's Super Bowl caught the first official trailer. Entitled Enemies Unite, the clip show Peter Parker, who...

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Liam Neeson Cast In Martin Scorsese's Silence

3rd February 2014

Liam Neeson will star in 'Silence'.The 61-year-old actor will reunite with his 2002's 'Gangs Of New York' director Martin Scorsese for the forthcoming film, which is based on Shusaku Endo's 1966 novel of the same...

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Electrifying New 'Amazing Spider-man 2' Clip Teases Super Bowl Trailer [Trailer + Pictures]

By Lauren James | 31st January 2014

A new teaser trailer has been released for upcoming super hero sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ahead of its official screening at Sunday's Super Bowl. The visually stunning new clip shows Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man battling...

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Call It A Comeback: Marvel Will Revive Peter Parker After A 13-Month Hiatus

By Victoria Pavlova | 12th January 2014

Attention fanboys and fangirls: Peter Parker is gone, but not forgotten. More importantly, Spider-Man’s nerdy alter ego will make a return after a 13-month absence, following his death in the comics. So says writer Dan...

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Stan Lee Introduces Amazing Spider-man 2 Fight, In New York's Times Square

By Michael West | 2nd January 2014

Comic book hero Stan Lee has heightened anticipation for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - which everyone knows is going to be superior to the first one - by introducing a new teaser trailer.Spider-Man vs Electro...

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Spiderman Has Big Plans For New Years Eve As Sony Look To Promote 'The Amazing Spider-man 2' In Times Square [Video]

By Joe Wilde | 31st December 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will web-sling it's way on to cinema screens on 2 May (18 April in the UK) in 2014 and as the release date of the much-anticipated sequel to the reboot of...

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Felicity Jones To Play Black Cat In Amazing Spider-man 2?

30th December 2013

Felicity Jones has hinted she will play the Black Cat in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'.The British actress sparked rumours she is due to star as jewel thief the Black Cat in Marc Webb's superhero sequel...

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Emma Stone Is In Spider-man Boys Club

22nd December 2013

Emma Stone says starring in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' franchise has been an introduction to the ''boys' club''.The 25-year-old actress loves the challenge of playing Peter Parker's high school sweetheart Gwen Stacy because only hardcore fans...

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Sony Announce 'Spider-man' Spin Offs To Rival 'The Avengers' & 'Superman Vs. Batman'

By Joe Wilde | 15th December 2013

Sony Pictures announced in Thursday, 12 December that they have big plans for the Amazing Spider-Man series, plans that involve various spin-offs and possibly even an ensemble release or two in the not-so-distant future. The...

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