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Cbs And Abc News Hard Hit By Downturn

1st March 2010

Without a cable news site to help share the costs, the news divisions of CBS and ABC are continuing to lose money, with little relief in sight, except for the prospect of further downsizing, the...

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Cooper Saves Boy From Looters In Haiti

20th January 2010

U.S. newsman ANDERSON COOPER abandoned his presenting duties to save a child who was attacked by looters during a violent scene in Haiti.The journalist has been in the Caribbean to cover the citizens' attempts to...

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Fox News Has Best Year Ever

17th December 2009

Despite dire predictions at the beginning of the year that the conservative-leaning Fox News Network would face tough sledding in 2009 given the widespread approval enjoyed by the Obama administration at the time, the cable...

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Philbin To Get A New Hip -- Out Until Next Year

24th November 2009

Regis Philbin said Monday that he will be leaving Live with Regis and Kelly in order to undergo hip-replacement surgery in New York on December 1. "It really is painful," he remarked on Monday's show,...

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O'reilly Slams Cnn For Firing Dobbs

17th November 2009

Bill O'Reilly scolded CNN Monday for dumping Lou Dobbs and turning his time period into another outlet for traditional news. With Dobbs sitting across from him, O'Reilly remarked, "We don't have anything against CNN. ......

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Under White House Attack, Fox News Soars

27th October 2009

The White House's recent criticism of Fox News has apparently only served to boost the cable news network's ratings. A new survey indicates that in the period from September 28 to October 11, a period...

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Vudu To Bring Internet Fare To Tv

16th December 2008

Vudu, the company that was one of the first to begin streaming high-definition content to television sets via a broadband-connected settop box, said today that it will be bringing more than 120 "channels" of web-based...

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Cnn Beats The Broadcasters In Dnc Coverage

2nd September 2008

For the first time in its history, CNN last Thursday drew more viewers for its coverage of a news event than its broadcast network rivals. The event was Sen. Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the...

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Lohan's Dad Lashes Out At 'Idiot' Cooper

7th August 2008

LATEST: LINDSAY LOHAN's father MICHAEL has branded U.S. TV journalist ANDERSON COOPER a "hypocritical idiot" after becoming involved in a war of words between his ex-wife DINA and the news anchor. Celebrated CNN reporter Cooper...

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Lohan's Dad Lashes Out At 'Idiot' Cooper

7th August 2008

LATEST: LINDSAY LOHAN's father MICHAEL has branded U.S. TV journalist ANDERSON COOPER a "hypocritical idiot" after becoming involved in a war of words between his ex-wife DINA and the news anchor. Celebrated CNN reporter Cooper...

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Lohan's War Of Words With Anderson Cooper

6th August 2008

LINDSAY LOHAN's mother DINA is embroiled in a war of words with U.S. TV journalist ANDERSON COOPER, after he mocked her 14-year-old daughter ALI on a live show. Cooper took a swipe at the star...

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Aaron Brown Returning To Tv

28th April 2008

Aaron Brown, who stepped down as a CNN anchor in 2005 but who continued to receive a paycheck from the cable news network until last July on condition that he observe his contractual obligation not...

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Couric Weighing Exit Strategy From Cbs

14th April 2008

Katie Couric is considering an exit strategy in which she is weighing two options, a primetime cable show like Larry King's on CNN or a syndicated talk show, "probably along the lines of the more...

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Cnn Anchor Cooper Has Skin Cancer

19th March 2008

News presenter ANDERSON COOPER is recovering after having a cancerous "spot" removed from under his left eye. The CNN anchor, 40, told viewers about the operation on Monday (17Mar08) because he has visible stitches. He...

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Spears' Parents Livid At Release

7th February 2008

Britney Spears' release from a Los Angeles medical facility has sparked strong objection from her parents Lynne and James, who believe her life is at risk.The singer left the UCLA medical centre on Wednesday accompanied...

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Cnn Denies It's Cutting Cooper's Show

14th September 2007

CNN has denied a trade-paper report that it had decided to cut Anderson Cooper's two-hour program to one hour and air a repeat during the second hour. On Thursday, Daily Variety had reported that CNN...

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Reuters Nabs Murdoch For "Exclusive" Interview

13th September 2007

Reuters reporter Robert MacMillan on Wednesday attempted to interview Rupert Murdoch when Murdoch paid his first visit to the headquarters of the Wall Street Journal in New York since he acquired the newspaper's parent, Dow...

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Cnn Expected To Play Musical Chairs After Hiring Brown

24th July 2007

CNN confirmed Monday that Campbell Brown, the former NBC Weekend Today co-anchor, is joining the cable news network and will host a news program in primetime, but it did not disclose which existing program Brown's...

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King Is Ratings King Again -- Thanks To Paris

29th June 2007

People may grumble at all the media attention lavished on Paris Hilton, but they nevertheless scampered to their TV sets to watch her on CNN's Larry King Live Wednesday night, giving the show its best...

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You, Too, Can Go On Youtube To Question Presidential Candidates

15th June 2007

CNN is teaming up with to allow viewers at home to question candidates at the upcoming Democratic presidential candidate debate on July 23 and the Republican debate on September 17. In a conference call...

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Cooper: $50 Million Richer?

12th April 2007

CNN has given Anderson Cooper a huge pay boost -- $50 million over the next five years, the New York Post's "Page Six" column reported today (Thursday). The newspaper quoted a source as saying that...

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Cooper's 60 Minutes Interview Repurposed For Cnn

27th March 2007

With repurposing all the rage on the websites of broadcast and cable news networks these days, a different type of reuse was displayed on CNN Monday when Anderson Cooper's interview with American Idol judge Simon...

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Philbin Fine After Heart Operation

16th March 2007

Regis Philbin came through triple coronary-bypass surgery "with flying colors," Kelly Ripa, his co-host on Live With Regis and Kelly, announced on the air Thursday. ABC said that Philbin was expected to be away from...

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Chetry Jumps Fnc Ship; Plucked Up By Cnn

19th February 2007

Weekend anchor Kiran Chetry, certainly a small fish in Fox News Channel's giant pond, found herself caught in a whirlpool of corporate maneuvering late last week, finally landing on the shores of CNN Friday where...

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Cooper Is $4-Million Man At Cnn

22nd January 2007

Anderson Cooper has signed a new contract with CNN guaranteeing him at least $4 million per year, the Hollywood Reporter reported today, citing no sources. Cooper receives an additional fee as a contributor to CBS's...

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Larry King Questions Whether Public Can Accept Female Anchor

15th January 2007

Larry King has suggested that no amount of tinkering with the format of the CBS Evening News is likely to overcome an inherent problem the news program faces -- the gender of its anchor, Katie...

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Cnn Bringing Back Long-form Tv Documentaries

8th January 2007

Hoping to revive the moribund long-form investigative documentary on television, CNN said it will launch CNN: Special Investigations Unit on Saturday, Jan. 20. It said that the program will feature reports by Christiane Amanpour, Anderson...

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Cbs Won't Replace Bradley

1st January 2007

CBS cut off speculation about who will replace the late Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes by announcing over the weekend that no one will -- at least not during the current season. Executive producer Jeff...

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Cnn Raising Dobbs's Profile

11th October 2006

CNN, which appeared to be disregarding its opinionated star Lou Dobbs while it focused on Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Paula Zahn, has added weekend editions of Lou Dobbs Tonight to its schedule and announced...

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Sawyer Is America's News Sweetheart

9th August 2006

America's favorite news personality does not anchor any of the network evening newscasts. According to a Gallup Poll, she is ABC's Diane Sawyer with "the highest overall net favorable" results. ("Net favorable," the poll explains...

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