Captain America is back! And this time around, he’s got a job that many would die for: President of the United States of America. In Issue 15 of Marvel Comics’ ‘The Ultimates’ series, Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) has been voted into the presidency, as the “last hope” for the country. Sam Humphries, who wrote the new issue – due out Wednesday (September 19, 2012) – said that the election is the next step in the character’s “long role as ‘America’s Defender,’ according to Washington Post. With the Captain America movie fresh in everyone’s minds, we reckon this week’s issue will fly off the shelves.

“Cap is answering the call of the people,” explains Humphries. “This is not the first time he’s stood up for an America in crisis. This is a further evolution in his role as America’s defender, from soldier to superhero to president. He didn’t ask for this position, but if it helps him reunite America, then he’ll take on the job.” With the US Presidential elections looming, in real life, Marvel have been careful not to show any allegiances in the new comic and Humphries said that Captain America is not affiliated to any particular political party.

Cap has been elected to do a job, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to reunite America. He doesn’t see his place as having press conferences in rose gardens, he sees his place as out in the field. This will result in a unique and thrilling presidency we’ve never seen before, in history or in fiction.” Rogers takes his oath of allegiance in Issue 16, which is due out in October 2012.