Singer Amy Grant's father has been diagnosed with dementia.
Dr. Burton Grant, 80, began showing signs of a faltering memory in late 2008 and the Grammy winner and her sisters finally forced him to seek help from doctors, who determined he was dealing with a loss of overall brain function.
She tells America's People magazine, "Watching his brilliant mind go away was tough."
The news prompted the I Will Remember You hitmaker to retire her dad's medical licence and hire round-the-clock caregivers, and the 51 year old admits the disease has presented a new set of challenges for her family.
Grant says, "He might not know my name, but I sense familiarity... It's a new reality. He doesn't make sense, but it's the comfort of hearing him talk and talking back to him. I wouldn't have guessed this is the way my dad's life played out. But I wouldn't change it. The unexpected and hard aspects of life draw us together."