Amy Adams doesn't understand Twitter.

The actress insists she has no plans to follow in the footsteps of other stars by keeping an online journal or sharing her thoughts on social networking websites.

She said: ""I didn't know what Twitter was. I called it T**tter. I didn't know. I really don't think I would start a blog. I don't have that much dedication. It's hard enough to keep a journal."

Amy insists she is too critical of herself to pen a blog or diary, and believes no one cares about what she has to say anyway.

She added: "I was always one of those girls who wanted a big long diary and I would always start and then be like, 'Oh, this is no good.' I would judge my writing in my diary. The stream of consciousness thing doesn't work for me. I'm too much of a perfectionist within myself. It would take me days to edit down to the way I wanted it to sound. Besides - no one would want to read that."