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Lopez And Affleck Film Flops

4th August 2003

The critically panned movie that brought JENNIFER LOPEZ and BEN AFFLECK together has become one of the biggest opening weekend flops at the American box office. The eagerly-awaited romantic comedy GIGLI failed to make...

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American Pie's Scott Took Zoo Job

3rd August 2003

Movie star SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT was paid just $1,500 (GBP938) to star in the first AMERICAN PIE movie - and he had to take a job at Los Angeles' zoo to survive while he waited...

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Alyson Hannigan: My House Is Haunted

1st August 2003

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER beauty ALYSON HANNIGAN lives in a haunted house - but she doesn't mind because her ghost is a true gentleman. Alyson and her friends have only seen the man a...

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Alyson Hannigan Furious At Beef Promotion

31st July 2003

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER actress ALYSON HANNIGAN is unable to escape her face - even when she travels to the middle of the mountains. The popular star was travelling with her fiance ALEXIS DENISOF...

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Jason Biggs: I'm Not Bad In Bed

29th July 2003

American actor JASON BIGGS is suffering ill effects from his role as hapless JIM LEVINSTEIN in the AMERICAN PIE trilogy - girls believe he really is inadequate in bed. In the three films which...

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Ben Affleck Gives Jason Biggs Insecurity Complex

28th July 2003

AMERICAN PIE actor JASON BIGGS suffered on the set of new film JERSEY GIRL - because superstar BEN AFFLECK made him feel insignificant. The 25-year-old, who plays ARTHUR BRICKMAN in the movie, confesses that...

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Seann William Scott's Stifler Fear

25th July 2003

Teen-movie staple SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT will play STIFLER for the third time when AMERICAN WEDDING comes out in America this August (03) - but he was nervous when he first told his mother about the...

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Tara Reid: I'm Not Just A Party Girl

24th July 2003

Hollywood starlet TARA REID has blasted those who accuse her of partying too much - and believes there's a double standard at work. The AMERICAN PIE actress believes that her fun-loving ways are just...

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Carmen Electra's Transvestite Horror

22nd July 2003

Former BAYWATCH beauty CARMEN ELECTRA was left terrified during a trip to American gambling capital Las Vegas - when her driver knocked over a transvestite. But Electra, who was travelling with her rocker fiance...

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Reid Blasts Party Girl Image

11th July 2003

AMERICAN PIE beauty TARA REID has slammed reports of her hard-parting ways - just days after she was seen drunk in The Hamptons. The leggy stunner insists she's unfairly treated by the media, who...

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2003 Box Office Takings Fall Behind 2002

8th July 2003

This year's (03) Hollywood blockbusters are failing to turn around a box-office slump following the record year of 2002, despite a handful of mega-budget sequels. The likes of THE MATRIX RELOADED, TERMINATOR 3: RISE...

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Tara Reid's Party Night

7th July 2003

Hollywood babe TARA REID has cemented her party girl reputation after a wild night in the Hamptons. The AMERICAN PIE babe has claimed she wants to play down her wild image and be taken...

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Jason Biggs Scores With Younger Girls

6th July 2003

JASON BIGGS is grateful his "underdog" role in the AMERICAN PIE movies has secured him romantic success with women - because he knows he'll never be seen as a "hunk". Biggs, 25, plays high...

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Coolidge's Frumpy Roles Get In The Way Of Flirtation

4th July 2003

LEGALLY BLONDE actress JENNIFER COOLIDGE has a found great disadvantage from all the frumpy roles she plays - she can never flirt onset with the cameramen. The statuesque blonde, who also plays STIFLER'S MOM...

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Tara Reid Deemed A Nightlife Terror

24th June 2003

Actress TARA REID has not only been deemed one of Hollywood's biggest partygirls, she's also been tagged as one of the most obnoxious. The July (03) issue of America's W magazine reports many of...

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Jc Chasez: I've Been Single For Over A Year

5th June 2003

'N SYNC star JC CHASEZ is need of love - he hasn't had a girlfriend in more than a year. The 26-year-old GONE hunk, who was romantically linked to AMERICAN PIE beauty TARA REID,...

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Shannon Lands Bond Girl Role

1st June 2003

AMERICAN PIE pin-up SHANNON ELIZABETH has been picked as the next BOND girl - for an upcoming video game. The sexy actress will play SERENA ST GERMAINE in the simulation JAMES BOND 007: EVERYTHING...

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Eugene Levy's Porn Beginnings

27th May 2003

BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE star EUGENE LEVY got his first taste of the film world in a college sex movie. The AMERICAN PIE actor got involved in the project as a student - and...

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Alyson Hannigan's Same-sex Fantasies

19th May 2003

Actress ALYSON HANNIGAN would leap at the chance to get intimate with one of her former BUFFY co-stars - screen beauty ELIZA DUSHKU. The AMERICAN PIE redhead, engaged to actor ALEXIS DENISOF, admits a...

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Alyson Hannigan: Pain Comes With Good Sex

18th May 2003

AMERICAN PIE actress ALYSON HANNIGAN believes sex is only good when she's left in enduring pain. The redhead actress, engaged to her former BUFFY co-star ALEXIS DENISOF, admits aches and pains after sex are...

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Jamie King's Finger-breaking Shame

14th May 2003

Sexy actress JAMIE KING was so embarrassed when she broke her finger on the set of new movie BULLETPROOF MONK, she ignored the pain carried on filming a fight scene. The PEARL HARBOR beauty,...

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Gigli.s A Giggle Says Smith

4th April 2003

Film-maker KEVIN SMITH has defended the new film starring his JERSEY GIRL co-stars BEN AFFLECK and J.LO - saying it is a laugh a minute. The New Jersey native, who is close friends with...

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