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Brendan Fraser To Star In Split Decisions

1st August 2012

Brendan Fraser is set to star in 'Split Decisions'.The 'Bedazzled' actor will play the lead in Damian Lee's action-thriller as a father who defends his two children from murderers.The storyline sees the two children (Holly...

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Norton Buys Rice Field For Film

20th December 2006

Actor EDWARD NORTON went to extreme measures to make his new movie THE PAINTED VEIL look perfect by purchasing an entire village's rice crop so the plants would be the right height. The AMERICAN HISTORY...

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Kaye To Film In New Orleans

7th September 2005

AMERICAN HISTORY X director TONY KAYE has switched the location of his upcoming movie to New Orleans in a bid to help the devastated city find its feet again. The British film-maker had originally...

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Bates' Naked Scene Tops Men's Magazine Awful Poll

4th May 2005

KATHY BATES' naked Jacuzzi scene with JACK NICHOLSON in ABOUT SCHMIDT has topped a quirky new poll to find the Most Ball Clenching Movie Moment of All Time. The scene in the 2002 movie...

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Furlong And The Lobsters

1st February 2005

EDWARD FURLONG is still teased about his efforts to liberate a group of lobsters from a supermarket last year (04) - but insists he was driven to help the creatures. The AMERICAN HISTORY X...

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Tony Kaye: Blacklisted By Hollywood?

25th September 2003

AMERICAN HISTORY X filmmaker TONY KAYE is having a difficult time finding work in film capital Hollywood - because of his controversial behaviour after the release of the movie. British born Kaye was infuriated...

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Scanners Tops Film Murder Poll

2nd September 2003

A scene from legendary sci-fi shocker SCANNERS has topped a poll listing the best screen murders in history. The horrific moment - when a man's head explodes in graphic detail - was voted for...

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Lee Praises Norton's Input

5th May 2003

Director SPIKE LEE confirmed EDWARD NORTON's reputation for meddling with the film-making process - but insists his input in 25TH HOUR was valuable. Norton gained notoriety when AMERICAN HISTORY X director TONY KAYE removed...

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Norton Doesn't Care For Oscars

25th April 2003

Hollywood A-lister EDWARD NORTON insists he's never been seduced by the lure of the celebrity lifestyle - and labels the OSCARS as nothing more than a "pageant". The 25TH HOUR star - who's been...

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