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Beloved Movie Amelie Set For The New York Stage

23rd August 2013

Beloved French film Amelie is to be reinvented as a Broadway musical.Folk-rocker Dan Messe of Hem has teamed up with playwright Craig Lucas and lyricist Nathan Tysen to bring the 2001 film, starring Audrey Tautou,...

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Amelie Star Plans To Follow Gerard Depardieu Out Of France

9th January 2013

Amelie star Mathieu Kassovitz is set to follow fellow actor Gerard Depardieu and flee his native France.Depardieu is leaving to escape high taxes and now Kassovitz has revealed he's considering a big move too -...

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Amelie Tops Best Shot Movies List

29th June 2010

French film hit AMELIE has topped a new poll to find the best shot film made between 1998 and 2008.The American Cinematographer magazine list is the follow-up to one the publication did over a decade...

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The Things They Say 7741

26th March 2008

"I don't see why an American director would think about the little woman from France who comes to Los Angeles once every five years to play in a movie." DA VINCI CODE and AMELIE star...

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Apocalypto Breaks Foreign Language Records

9th January 2007

New MEL GIBSON movie APOCALYPTO has smashed British box office records by taking the highest ever opening weekend ticket sales for a foreign language film. The bloodthirsty feature, spoken in Mayan dialect, took GBP1,360,110 ($2,652,215)...

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Bernal Clears Up Identity Confusion

3rd November 2006

Mexican actor GAEL GARCIA BERNAL was desperate to appear at this year's (06) London Film Festival because the last time he graced the British capital to promote a film he was mistaken for its director....

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Tautou: 'I'm In The Wrong Job'

24th May 2006

French actress AUDREY TAUTOU is worried she has chosen the wrong career because her introvert personality clashes with celebrity life. THE DA VINCI CODE star shot to international fame with the bittersweet 2001 hit AMELIE...

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Tautou And Mazmanian's Mystery Link

11th May 2006

French star AUDREY TAUTOU has fuelled further speculation she is romancing US photographer LANCE MAZMANIAN by way of a mysterious link on his website. The AMELIE beauty refuses to talk about her private life,...

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Tautou Terrified Of Da Vinci Publicity

10th May 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE star AUDREY TAUTOU is dreading the movie's release later this month (19MAY06), because she fears losing her anonymity. Despite roles in AMELIE and THE LIBERTINE, the French actress currently enjoys a...

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Tatou Rejected Da Vinci Role

9th May 2006

French actress AUDREY TAUTOU almost missed the opportunity of starring in THE DA VINCI CODE - because she was on holiday in Mexico at the time. Tatou, famous for her starring role in 2001's AMELIE,...

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Tautou: 'Media Attention Was Like A Tumour'

5th May 2006

French actress AUDREY TAUTOU felt so intimidated by media attention following the release of smash movie AMELIE in 2001, she began to worry she'd chosen the wrong career. The private 27-year-old, who stars alongside TOM...

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Tautou Shuns Beauty Treatments

5th May 2006

French actress AUDREY TAUTOU hates pampering herself with body creams, insisting she would rather have dry skin than have to worry about beauty treatments. The AMELIE beauty prefers a simple, unglamorous life in which she...

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Tautou 'Starstruck' By Hanks

12th March 2006

French actress AUDREY TAUTOU was so starstruck when working with TOM HANKS in THE DA VINCI CODE, she couldn't stop laughing. The AMELIE beauty was overwhelmed on the set of her biggest movie yet, and...

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Filmmaker Jeunet Honoured In France

4th January 2006

French movie maker JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET kicked off 2006 in style by receiving France's top honour. The AMELIE director was made a member of the Legion d'Honneur as part of French President JACQUES CHIRAC's New...

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Chirac Slammed For Da Vinci Casting

29th December 2005

French President JACQUES CHIRAC is facing a political backlash after reports he tried to altar the casting of THE DA VINCI CODE, promoting family friends for the lead roles. THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH...

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Hanks Hassled In Church

30th September 2005

Hollywood star TOM HANKS has been hassled by a die-hard fan on the set of new film THE DA VINCI CODE - even though the chapel he was filming in was closed to the public....

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Emily Watson Turned Down Amelie

26th September 2005

Hit French movie AMELIE was originally written for British actress EMILY WATSON - but she couldn't speak the language. Movie maker JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET felt sure Watson could master the language when he created his...

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Tautou Stands By Her Beliefs

11th January 2005

French actress AUDREY TAUTOU detests her cute image and is determined to prove she's strong and aggressive. The stunning brunette is commonly identified with her kind-hearted character in worldwide smash hit AMELIE, but she...

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Jeunet Blasts Court For Ruling His Film Isn't French Enough

2nd December 2004

LATEST: Director JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET has reacted in fury to a Paris court's ruling his new film UN LONG DIMANCHE DE FIANCAILLES (A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT) does not qualify for French funding. The AMELIE movie-maker's...

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Court Rules Jeunet's Film 'Not French Enough'

29th November 2004

LATEST: A Paris court has ruled JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET's new film UN LONG DIMANCHE DE FIANCAILLES (A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT) is not French enough to qualify for funding from the country's film agency. The AMELIE...

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Amelie Star's New Movie Causes Controversy

27th October 2004

AMELIE actress AUDREY TAUTOU's latest movie is causing uproar amongst French film-makers, who are angry about the funding it has received from American company WARNER BROTHERS. The makers of the movie, UN LONG DIMANCHE...

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Immigrant Films Win Big At British Independent Film Awards

5th November 2003

Films with illegal immigration as their themes have swept the board at the BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS (BIFA) ceremony at PO NA NA club, Hammersmith, London. STEPHEN FREARS' critically-acclaimed movie thriller DIRTY PRETTY THINGS...

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Frears' Message

18th July 2003

DIRTY PRETTY THINGS director STEPHEN FREARS hopes the movie's release in America will help promote tolerance of illegal immigrants in the US. The film, which picked up two BAFTA nominations this year (03) after...

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Foster In Talks With Jeunet

24th June 2003

Hollywood superstar JODIE FOSTER is in talks to star in an upcoming project by AMELIE director JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET. If the deal goes ahead, Foster will have an uncredited part in UN LONG DIMANCHE DE...

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Amelie Team Reunite

18th April 2003

AMELIE duo AUDREY TATOU and JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET are to team up again for the adaptation of bestselling novel A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT. Jeunet thrilled film fans in 2001 when he directed then newcomer Tatou...

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