With multiple offensive slogans from "Keep Calm And Rape A Lot" to "Keep Calm And Punch Her", "Keep Calm And Grope On," "Keep Calm and Choke Her," "Keep Calm and Knife Her" and "Keep Calm And Kill Her" something is going very, very wrong and it seems too strange to be just a technical error, although that's what the makers are claiming.

According to the Daily Mail the 'Solid Gold Bomb' firm that have been making and selling the tshirts have blamed a 'computer error' claiming that the printed messages are computer generated. Founder Michael Fowler made a statement saying: "No words can express how I feel about what has occurred and in no way do I condone or promote this serious issue." Initially the company used their Facebook account to apologise for and explain the disgusting tshirts, but the entire page has since been deleted, perhaps due to a flood of outraged Facebook users. 

Both Twitter and Amazon have been awash with users expressing their strong feelings of revolt toward the garments. Many have blamed Amazon, but with so many items being listed constantly on Amazon to check up on, the blame lies far more with Solid Gold Bomb themselves. Perhaps more so for dubiously blaming it on a computer error. Claiming that a computer randomly chooses words from a dictionary, it seems odd that 'choke', 'kill' and 'knife' were all coupled with a feminine pronoun. 

The one positive that has been drawn out of this is the appropriate response to such shocking 'fashion statements'. It is encouraging to see how many people are truly offended.