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Happy Birthday Shakespeare, Here's Five Unlikely Adaptations Of His Famous Works

By Stephanie Chase | 25th April 2014

Shakespeare might be celebrating his 450th birthday but the classic playwright is far from being irrelevant. Whilst his works have been adapted many times on screen, there are also many more unlikely films whose script...

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Can Amanda Bynes Recover Her Career And Make A Comeback?

By Stephanie Chase | 12th April 2014

Last year Amanda Bynes’s career and personal life was in turmoil, the former Nickelodeon star was in the midst of a very public fall from grace which cumulated in her her being put under a...

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Amanda Bynes Is Recovering From "No Mental Illness Whatsoever", Says Mother Lynn Bynes

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th April 2014

Months after Amanda Bynes made news with her odd behavior and alleged mental illness, her mother, Lynn Bynes, is stepping up to defend her daughter and set the record straight. She has denied the mental...

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Amanda Bynes' Mother & Lawyer Claim Actress Doesn't Have A Mental Illness

By Nick Hill | 10th April 2014

Amanda Bynes' personal wellbeing is vastly improving.The former Nickelodeon star is on the road to recovery after coming out of a near-6 month stay at a rehabilitation clinic late last year.But Bynes' mother insists her...

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Amanda Bynes Looks Healthy In Several Photos Of Herself Thanking Fans For Birthday Wishes

By Nick Hill | 7th April 2014

Amanda Bynes's road to recovery has definitely been successful so far.The 28 year-old has taken a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for Spring Break as well as her birthday and she seems to be...

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Amanda Bynes On The Road To Recovery, As A Fashion Student

By Stephanie Chase | 24th March 2014

Last year Amanda Bynes was hardly out of the headlines, this year, so far, the former actress has been keeping a relatively low profile as she continues on her road to recovery. On Friday new...

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Amanda Bynes Looks Happy & Healthy At College Event

By Elinor Cosgrave | 23rd March 2014

Amanda Bynes looked well as she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Debut Runway Show in Los Angeles on Friday March 21st. Bynes attended the event with her parents and was happy to...

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Amanda Bynes Reaches Plea Deal In Dui Case-three Years Probation

By Nick Hill | 25th February 2014

Amanda Bynes is well on her road to recovery and has now reached a deal in a DUI case stemming from 2012.Richard Hutton, who is the 27 year-olds attorney, appeared in a Southern California court...

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Amanda Bynes And The Curse Of The Child Star

By Sophie Miskiw | 14th February 2014

The Amanda Bynes saga was funny at first. When she started dressing like Nicki Minaj, pierced her cheeks and began tweeting strange messages to rapper, Drake, it all just seemed like harmless Miley Cyrus attention...

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Justin Bieber's House Stuffed With Drugs: 5 Young Stars Who Battled Addiction

By Lauren James | 21st January 2014

If there was ever a time that Justin Bieber could be said to have hit rock bottom, it is surely now. Though the 19 year-old pop star may be swanning it on the slopes with...

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Amanda Bynes Keeping A Low Profile, While She Recovers And Reconnects With Her Family

By Victoria Pavlova | 8th December 2013

Amanda Bynes is obviously doing better since her release from rehab and has even been spotted out and about with her family in the past few days. The retired actress is keeping a low profile...

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Amanda Bynes Enlists In Fashion College Following Rehab Exit

By Nick Hill | 8th December 2013

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is attempting a fresh start as she enlists in Fashion College.The 27 year-old has decided to go back into education following her stint in rehab. TMZ reports, Bynes has enrolled into...

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A Week In News: Paul Walker Dead, Amazing Spider-man 2 Trailer, X-men Apocalypse

By Michael West | 6th December 2013

Paul Walker Dead: Tributes have been pouring in this week for the late actor Paul Walker, who died in a car crash in Los Angeles on Saturday (November 30). His friend's Porsche Carrera GT crashed...

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Recovering Amanda Bynes Leaves Rehab, Looks At New Career Options

By Victoria Pavlova | 6th December 2013

It’s finally good news for Amanda Bynes, who has reportedly left the treatment facility where she spent the last two months. People magazine report that the actress is done with inpatient treatment at the rehab...

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Amanda Bynes Heading Home For The Holidays Following Rehab Stint

By Joe Wilde | 6th December 2013

The Amanda Bynes train wreck screeched to a halt in July this year, when the former Nickelodeon star was sent to a psychiatric ward at UCLA for evaluation. A few months down the line and...

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Amanda Bynes Out Of Rehab, Going Back To School

By Lauren James | 5th December 2013

Amanda Bynes is out of the rehab clinic and on the up, according says a statement from lawyer Tamar Arminak, via People. The 27 year-old actress was hospitalised in July after her increasingly immoral behaviour...

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The Miley Cyrus-sinead O'connor War Of Words Gets Knocked Up A Notch

By Joe Wilde | 4th October 2013

So the latest celebrity feud happens to be between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'Connor, who have begun getting at each other's throats recently and airing all their dirty laundry over the internet. It started with...

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Miley Cyrus Responds To SinéAd O'connor In Offensive Tweet

By Elinor Cosgrave | 4th October 2013

Sinéad O'Connor responded to Miley Cyrus' comments in a recent interview by penning an open letter to the 'Wrecking Ball' singer. Cyrus, in an interview with Rolling Stone, stated her recent video for 'Wrecking Ball'...

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Unpicking The Truth Behind Amanda Bynes' Apparent Breakdown

By Michael West | 3rd October 2013

The celebrity bloggers loved Lindsay Lohan. It guaranteed 500 words a day. She's run over a photographer, she got hammered in this club, she might have borrowed some cash from Charlie Sheen. The interest died...

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Amanda Bynes's Mother Warns For People To Be Cautious Over What They Read About Her Daughter: "99% Is False Or Misleading"

By Joe Wilde | 3rd October 2013

In the past week or so, we have 'learnt' that Amanda Bynes has moved from a psychiatric ward to a rehab centre and has been officially diagnosed with having schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, however her...

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Amanda Bynes Needed To Leave Psych Ward For Her Own Good, Say Parents

By Joe Wilde | 2nd October 2013

Amanda Bynes has been moved from her secure psychiatric ward at UCLA in favour of an upscale rehabilitation center usually frequented by celebrities recovering from drug problems. It was an interesting and worrying choice of...

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Amanda Bynes Upgrades To Swish Rehab Clinic After Feeling "Scared" At Ucla

By Holly Williams | 1st October 2013

Amanda Bynes has now left UCLA Medical Center where she was receiving treatment for a mental illness in favour of a more upmarket, relaxed rehab facility in sunny Malibu.The star is no doubt troubled, but...

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Amanda Bynes Transfers To Exclusive Rehab Centre From Hospital

By Elinor Cosgrave | 1st October 2013

Amanda Bynes has moved from the Reagan UCLA Medical Centre and moved to a private facility outside Los Angeles. Her mother's attorney, Tamar Arminak, made the announcement yesterday (Monday 30th September). According to TMZ, Bynes...

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Amanda Bynes' Rehab Stay Might Not Be The Best Thing For The Starlet

By Victoria Pavlova | 30th September 2013

Amanda Bynes’ rehab entry has changed the terms of her treatment, TMZ reports. The troubled star, who was taken on 5150 hold and then had her stay at the UCLA psychiatric ward extended at the...

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Amanda Bynes Deemed Too Unstable To Stand Trial; Dui Case Moved To Mental Health Court

By Joe Wilde | 25th September 2013

Amanda Bynes is apparently too unstable to stand trial for an alleged DUI incident that took place last year. Bynes was due to stand trial for the allegation on Monday, 24 September, however a report...

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Troubled Actress Amanda Bynes Not Fit To Stand Trial Says Her Attorney

By Nick Hill | 25th September 2013

Amanda Bynes' troubles have not yet ceased as she is declared not medically fit to stand trial by her attorney for the 2012 DUI arrest when she hit a police car with her BMW.Life does...

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And Now For Some Amanda Bynes Clarity, Her Family Speak Out

By Jack de Aguilar | 3rd September 2013

Forget Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko; this decade won’t be defined by their enigmatic presence. Everyone wants to know what Amanda Bynes is doing, why, where she’s doing it, and...

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Court Authorizes Year Long Psychiatric Hold For Amanda Bynes, Who May Or May Not Be Negotiating A Record Deal

By Victoria Pavlova | 31st August 2013

Amanda Bynes’s psychiatric hold has been extended to one whole year, according to TMZ. After the former childstar spent the better part of the last six months providing fodder for gossip columns with her questionable...

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Amanda Bynes' Mother Granted Conservatorship Over The Troubled Star

By Joe Wilde | 10th August 2013

Amanda Bynes has been winding down a long spiral of self-destruction over the past few months - one that has won the troubled former child star plenty of tabloid inches - with her behaviour getting...

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Nick Cannon Offers Amanda Bynes Support In Open Letter

By Elinor Cosgrave | 2nd August 2013

Nick Cannon has penned a letter to Amanda Bynes offering his support and explaining to the public the pressures of working in the entertainment industry. Cannon is the husband of Mariah Carey and is an...

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