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Alyson Hannigan's Breastfeeding Amazement

30th September 2009

Alyson Hannigan wants to breastfeed until her daughter is 18.The 'How I Met Your Mother' actress - who has six-month-old Satyana with husband Alexis Denisof - is amazed at how much of her pregnancy weight...

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Nicole Richie's Late-night Cravings

24th July 2009

Nicole Richie is craving chicken pasta.The 27-year-old reality TV star - who is expecting her second child with partner Joel Madden - is nearing the end of her pregnancy and would be happy if she...

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Hannigan's Birthday Baby

31st March 2009

AMERICAN PIE star ALYSON HANNIGAN was given a special gift on her 35th birthday - her first-born child. The actress and husband Alexis Denisof welcomed baby Satyana into the world on 24 March (09) - meaning...

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Hannigan's Pregnancy Problems

2nd February 2009

AMERICAN PIE star ALYSON HANNIGAN is worried her pregnancy is starting to affect her brain - her hormones have left her feeling like a "stoned Koala bear". The 34-year-old actress is expecting her first child with...

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Tv Boss Promises Pregnancies After Smulders + Hannigan Baby Plans

27th November 2008

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER creator CRAIG THOMAS has urged wannabe parents to visit the set of his U.S. sitcom - after both COBIE SMULDERS and ALYSON HANNIGAN fell pregnant while filming the show. Smulders,...

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Hannigan Craving Pickles

18th November 2008

Pregnant actress ALYSON HANNIGAN is in a pickle - she can't cope without the juicy snack. The star's actor husband Alexis Denisof admits he has to be careful about the pickles he picks up -...

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Hannigan's Pregnancy Prompts Show Rewrite

2nd November 2008

Pregnant actress ALYSON HANNIGAN may be giving birth on the small screen as producers of her hit U.S. TV show toy with ideas of rewriting the script to give her character a baby bump. The...

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Actress Hannigan Pregnant

22nd October 2008

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER star ALYSON HANNIGAN is pregnant with her first child. The actress, 34, has announced she is expecting her first tot with actor husband Alexis Denisof next spring (09), according to...

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Hannigan Hates Tv Husband's Smoking Habit

20th September 2008

Former BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star ALYSON HANNIGAN hates kissing TV husband JASON SEGEL - because he's a smoker. Segel went cold turkey after the actress told him how awful their intimate moments on U.S....

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The Things They Say 9575

20th September 2008

"It's crazy. It's the biggest holiday of the year... This year it's on a Friday, so we'll get at least 2,000 kids... They bus them in... We spend, like, a good month decorating." Former BUFFY...

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The Things They Say 8494

4th June 2008

"Just adore each other. Communication is key. And lots of hugs and kisses." Actress ALYSON HANNIGAN reveals the key to her five-year marriage to actor ALEXIS DENISOF....

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Spears A Hit With Sitcom Co-star Hannigan

14th May 2008

BRITNEY SPEARS is being tipped for a regular spot on sitcom HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, by one of its stars ALYSON HANNIGAN Rumours have circulated the show's bosses are considering Spears' for a permanent...

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Love At First Sight For Hannigan And Denisof

27th November 2007

ALYSON HANNIGAN wished she had married BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER co-star ALEXIS DENISOF sooner - because she knew he was 'the one' on their first date. Denisof had to slow down the relationship and refused...

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Hannigan Turned Down For Bar Work

27th November 2007

ALYSON HANNIGAN was turned down for a job as a bartender when she couldn't get work as an actress - because she looked too young. During a lean period in her acting career, the 33-year-old...

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The Things They Say 4025

12th February 2007

"I love pilates and I've just bought a pogo stick that is so much fun. It's like the best cardio ever." AMERICAN PIE star ALYSON HANNIGAN finds a trendy new workout....

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Date Movie Fights Off Oscar-winner Syriana

10th March 2006

Critically-panned comedy DATE MOVIE has managed to fight off competition from Oscar-winner GEORGE CLOONEY's oil thriller SYRIANA to top the UK box office charts. British audiences were drawn to the ALYSON HANNIGAN romantic comedy last...

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The Things They Say 1448

28th February 2006

"I'm a cutetarian. I eat meat, but not from animals that are really cute, like a cat or a duck." AMERICAN PIE actress ALYSON HANNIGAN jokes about her peculiar eating habits....

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Smelly Segel Threatened By Hannigan

9th November 2005

Actor JASON SEGEL was forced to give up smoking when his HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER co-star ALYSON HANNIGAN refused to kiss him. Non-smoker Alyson, who plays fiancee LILY to Segel's character MARSHALL, was...

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Hannigan Receives A Horse From Fan

28th September 2005

AMERICAN PIE star ALYSON HANNIGAN learned how dedicated her fans are, when one generous stranger gave her a horse as a present. Hannigan received the oversized gift during her run on the hit TV...

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Hannigan Walks Out On Sports Comedy

17th February 2005

Actress ALYSON HANNIGAN has quit JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT's new TV series before its debut because she hates her character. The former BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star was slated to play a starring role -...

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Good Charlotte Good At Dodgeball

9th December 2004

Punk rockers GOOD CHARLOTTE have defeated the cast of AMERICAN PIE - in a game of the American sport made famous by the movie DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY. Good Charlotte competed with cast...

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Perry Enjoyed Liberal British Tv

16th August 2004

Former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star LUKE PERRY was thrilled with the British way of life during his time in London - because he admired the country's lack of censorship. The actor spent a considerable...

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Buffy Resurrected In Animation

17th June 2004

Defunct TV show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER is set to be resurrected as a cartoon. Although SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR will not reprise her leading role in the new series, creator JOSS WHEDON has reportedly...

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Perry Declared A Hero After Theatre Catastrophe

17th May 2004

Hunky actor LUKE PERRY has been labelled "a hero" after helping rescue people trapped by a fallen ceiling in the theatre he was performing in. The BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star was on-stage with co-star...

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Hannigan Intruder Accesses Dressing Room

14th April 2004

American actress ALYSON HANNIGAN is questioning the level of security at the London theatre where she is starring in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - after an intruder gained access to her dressing room....

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Wiest Set For The West End

26th March 2004

Award-winning actress DIANNE WIEST is gearing up to make debut on the London stage in June (04) . Although no deals have been signed, Wiest, 55, hopes to star in a new play by...

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Perry's Controversial School Days

27th February 2004

American actor LUKE PERRY sensationally scared his childhood pals when he brought toy guns to school. The BEVERLY HILLS 90210 heart-throb, who is currently starring opposite ALYSON HANNIGAN in the London theatre production of...

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Luke Perry's Alcohol Solution

20th February 2004

Actor LUKE PERRY has an unusual way of tackling stage fright - rubbing alcohol onto his skin. The former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star confesses he gets nervous before going on stage - and will...

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Hannigan Puts Kids On Hold

20th February 2004

Newlywed actress ALYSON HANNIGAN is putting off plans to start a family - so she can simply enjoy being a wife. The BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star, 29, married ANGEL actor ALEXIS DENISOF, 37,...

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Directing Future For Schwimmer

6th February 2004

DAVID SCHWIMMER has signed up to direct a handful of episodes of FRIENDS pal MATT LeBLANC's new sitcom, JOEY. The actor, who directed 10 episodes of Friends, will return to the set of the...

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