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The Things They Say: 3415021

11th December 2012

"People like Snow Patrol, the White Stripes, Ed Sheeran. I'd love to do a duet with him - imagine someone from my generation singing with his generation. I don't know about the commerciality of it...

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Stardust Locks His $1.8 Million Guitar Away

11th October 2005

British rocker ALVIN STARDUST has been forced to place his favourite guitar in a bank vault because it's worth an estimated $1.8 million (GBP1 million). The 1970s hitmaker - famous for his gloved, all-black...

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The Beatles' Future Threatened By Stardust

24th February 2005

THE BEATLES would have remained a struggling Liverpool, England, band if producer GEORGE MARTIN had taken pop veteran ALVIN STARDUST's advice that the Fab Four were not worth signing. Martin played Stardust a demo...

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Stardust Reunited With First Guitar

26th November 2004

Seventies singer ALVIN STARDUST is thrilled he's finally retrieved his first guitar, which he lost nearly half a century ago. The JEALOUS MIND rocker's prized instrument was signed by a host of stars, including...

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Mud Star Gray Dies

26th February 2004

MUD singer LEE GRAY has died from a heart attack following a long battle with throat cancer. The 57-year-old Brit passed away on Saturday (21FEB04), a week before he planned to fly to Glasgow,...

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