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Jennifer Aniston Has 'Scruffy' Secret Half-brother

3rd April 2012

Jennifer Aniston's secret half-brother is reportedly a ''scruffy punk''.The glamorous 'Friends' star shares the same father as 22-year-old Alex John Aniston - who unlike his big sister favours a nomadic existence as a ''boho surfer''.Going...

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Seth Rogen Joins Cop Comedy

20th March 2012

Seth Rogen has signed up to star alongside Kevin Hart in a new comedy cop film.The 'Superbad' actor will be returning to the role of a policeman for the third time in the as-yet-untitled movie,...

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Philip Seymour Hoffman: 'Acting Isn't Mystical'

27th October 2011

Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't think acting is "mystical"The 44-year-old actor and director - who has over 50 film titles to his name, including 'Twister', 'Along Came Polly' and 'Mission Impossible III' - described how he...

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Pitt Heals Friends Rift

28th November 2007

A rift between COURTENEY COX and JENNIFER ANISTON has been healed by an unlikely mediator - the ALONG CAME POLLY star's ex-husband BRAD PITT. The Friends co-stars reportedly fell out over Cox's failure to visit...

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Harry Potter Movie Blunders

2nd January 2005

Movie HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN contains four times more mistakes than any other films released in 2004, according to website MOVIEMISTAKES.COM. Fans spotted 232 continuity errors, actor mistakes and even cameras...

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Azaria Exposed On Billboards

4th November 2004

Funnyman HANK AZARIA is giving fans an eyeful on the billboards for his new movie HUFF - because he's completely naked. The posters have been plastered all over Hollywood into promote the film, and...

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Aniston's Filmography Embarrassments

12th May 2004

Actress JENNIFER ANISTON is ashamed of some of the movies she has made in her career and labels ROCK STAR and PICTURE PERFECT as "unfortunate" choices. The FRIENDS actress struggled for years to transfer...

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Aniston Movie Alienates The French

26th February 2004

JENNIFER ANISTON's new movie ALONG CAME POLLY is expected to be coldly received by French cinema-goers - thanks to HANK AZARIA's over-the-top character. The movie - which stars BEN STILLER and the FRIENDS beauty...

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Aniston And Pitt Get Naked With Oliver

24th February 2004

Hollywood golden couple BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON flew British TV cook JAMIE OLIVER and his wife JOOLS over to their Los Angeles home cook a meal for them. Pitt and Aniston love watching...

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Aniston To Join Joey Spin-off

23rd February 2004

FRIENDS co-stars JENNIFER ANISTON and MATT LeBLANC could be reteaming sooner than expected - after Aniston offered to make cameo appearances on upcoming spin-off JOEY. The ALONG CAME POLLY beauty, 35, wants to put...

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Aniston Rules Out Pitt Screen Union

23rd February 2004

FRIENDS actress JENNIFER ANISTON has ruled out starring in a movie with her husband BRAD PITT - claiming an onscreen union would be "asking for trouble." The stunning American, 35, told reporters the couple...

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Aniston Doubles Her Asking Price

18th February 2004

FRIENDS beauty JENNIFER ANISTON has doubled her movie fee since leaving the hit sitcom - and plans to become one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses. Aniston - who is married to superstar BRAD PITT...

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Kutcher On Top In America

26th January 2004

ASHTON KUTCHER's thriller THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT has clinched the top spot at the American box office with $17.1 million (GBP10 million) - despite a harsh critical reception. Kutcher's film was followed closely by BEN...

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Aniston Apologises For Ferret Remarks

23rd January 2004

JENNIFER ANISTON is apologising to the ferret-loving community, after her ALONG CAME POLLY co-star BEN STILLER made cutting remarks about the creatures. On the set of the hit comedy, Stiller was bitten on the...

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Aniston Comedy Crashes In At The Top Of The Box Office

19th January 2004

JENNIFER ANISTON's new comedy movie ALONG CAME POLLY has taken the number one spot in America's box office charts. The movie, which also stars BEN STILLER, toppled TIM BURTON's BIG FISH yesterday (18JAN04) with...

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Stiller Seeks To Uphold Ferret Ban

14th January 2004

Hollywood actor BEN STILLER wants to meet with California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER - to ensure ferrets remain banned as pets in the Sunshine State. Stiller was bitten on the chin by one of the...

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Jennifer Aniston: I'd Stay With Jacko At Neverland

18th December 2003

FRIENDS actress JENNIFER ANISTON has taken a swipe at pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON, insisting she'd happily spend the night at his NEVERLAND ranch - because she wouldn't be at risk. Jennifer made her comments...

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Stiller Bitten By A Ferret

16th December 2003

Movie funnyman BEN STILLER needed a rabies shot after being bitten by a ferret on the set of ALONG CAME POLLY with JENNIFER ANISTON. The ZOOLANDER star was holding the ferret in a final...

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