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Gandolfini Likes Fat Tony

1st March 2006

JAMES GANDOLFINI feels sure fans of mob drama THE SOPRANOS will love his chubby new look - because he looks like a regular guy. The actor bulked up to play an obese character in new...

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Photographer Fracas At Penn Funeral

5th February 2006

SEAN PENN and his ALL THE KING'S MEN co-star MARK RUFFALO were reportedly involved in a fracas with a photographer at the funeral of the Oscar-winner's brother CHRIS PENN on Saturday (04FEB06). Sean, 45,...

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Law + Penn's King's Men Pushed Back

21st October 2005

JUDE LAW and SEAN PENN's much-anticipated new movie ALL THE KING'S MEN has been removed from the 2006 Oscar race because producers don't want to rush the completion of the project. The film, based...

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Fascinating Fact 163

10th September 2005

Former US champion figure skater NICOLE BOBEK makes her movie debut as SEAN PENN's former love interest in new movie ALL THE KING'S MEN....

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Law's Controversial Pool Table For Sale

2nd August 2005

Movie hunk JUDE LAW's pool table is being auctioned on the internet for a staggering $2,880 (GBP1,600) - because the seller claims the hunk had sex with his children's nanny on it during his engagement...

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Law's New Nanny Lacking Sex Appeal

21st July 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST has hired a new nanny to replace sacked DAISY WRIGHT - and she has purposefully picked an employee lacking in sex appeal. SADIE FROST dismissed 26-year-old Wright after one...

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Miller Leaves Engagement Ring At Home

19th July 2005

LATEST: Screen beauty SIENNA MILLER is so furious with fiance JUDE LAW after he yesterday (18JUL05) admitted enjoying a month-long fling with his children's former nanny DAISY WRIGHT, she has stopped wearing her engagement ring....

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Law Says Sorry To Miller For Affair

18th July 2005

LATEST: JUDE LAW has admitted he cheated on his fiancee SIENNA MILLER in a public apology to her, following the revelation he had an affair with a nanny. DAISY WRIGHT, 26, recently told a...

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Law Blames Nanny Affair On Miller

18th July 2005

LATEST: JUDE LAW reportedly blamed fiancee SIENNA MILLER for his affair with his children's former nanny. The ALFIE star, who seduced 26-year-old DAISY WRIGHT while he was filming war movie ALL THE KING'S MEN...

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Leblanc's Stunt Double Wins $81,000 Damages

7th July 2005

Actor MATT LeBLANC's stunt double has been awarded a staggering $81,000 (GBP45,000) for the life-threatening injuries he sustained while standing in for the former FRIENDS star, in war movie ALL THE KING'S MEN. ANDY...

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Law And Miller Escape To Africa

24th April 2005

JUDE LAW has whisked his fiancee SIENNA MILLER away on a romantic holiday to Africa, quashing reports of a rift between the couple. The Hollywood star has taken his 23-year-old future wife to a...

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Exhausted Penn To Take Sabbatical

5th April 2005

OSCAR winner SEAN PENN's latest movie ALL THE KING'S MEN has left him with such severe exhaustion, he's retiring from the movie industry for several years to recover. Penn enjoyed playing governor WILLIE STARK...

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Law's Double Oscar Snub

2nd March 2005

JUDE LAW was too busy to attend Sunday's (27FEB05) ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony - so he was unable to counter host CHRIS ROCK's scathing attack branding him a "second choice actor". Despite starring in a...

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Winslet's Oscars Early Night

1st March 2005

OSCAR nominee KATE WINSLET wasn't in the mood for partying after the ACADEMY AWARDS on Sunday (27FEB05), because she had to get up early the next day. The ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND...

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Foxx And Penn Clash Over Law

28th February 2005

OSCARS host JAMIE FOXX infuriated 2004 winner SEAN PENN at last night's (27FEB05) ACADEMY AWARDS, when he doubted the acting ability of Penn's latest co-star JUDE LAW. The comedian placed Law as a 'second...

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Law Stays In London To Stay Close To Belle

21st February 2005

British heart-throb JUDE LAW has signed up to star in a new film shot in London - so he can keep an eye on his party-going fiancee SIENNA MILLER. The pair were rumoured to...

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Law Left Begging For Water After Set Prank

10th February 2005

Movie hunk JUDE LAW raced through the streets of New Orleans, America, last week (ends4FEB05) begging bystanders for water - because crew members on his latest movie played a cruel prank on him....

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Clarkson Receives Louisiana Honour

17th January 2005

Actress PATRICIA CLARKSON received the ultimate gift from her native Louisiana last week (ends14JAN05), when the mayor designated a day in her honour. When Clarkson returned to the state to play a governor's advisor...

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Streep Quits King's Men

17th November 2004

Veteran actress MERYL STREEP has dramatically dropped out of the forthcoming ALL THE KING'S MEN remake. The screen star's sudden decision has left STEVEN ZAILLIAN's film - a modern take on the 1949 Best...

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Streep Joins All The King's Men

29th September 2004

JUDE LAW and SEAN PENN's upcoming movie ALL THE KING'S MEN has just had more star power added to it, with veteran actress MERYL STREEP joining the cast. The KRAMER VS KRAMER star will...

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The Voice Behind The Exorcist's Devil Dies

19th March 2004

MERCEDES McCAMBRIDGE, the possessed voice of LINDA BLAIR in THE EXORCIST, has died, aged 87. The actress, who won a Best Supporting Actress OSCAR for her role in the 1949 movie ALL THE KING'S...

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