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Culture Club Announce First Tour In 15 Years

20th May 2014

Culture Club have announced their first tour in 15 years. The band - fronted by Boy George - will play 11 UK dates and will also head back into the studio to record new material...

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Alison Moyet's Anxiety Battle Prompted By Elvis Costello Conversation

18th May 2014

Singer Alison Moyet is adamant her battle with agoraphobia was kickstarted by a disastrous encounter with her hero Elvis Costello.The former Yazoo star has struggled with severe anxiety issues for years, resulting in her spending...

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Bee Gess Barry Gibb Misses Brothers

28th June 2013

Barry Gibb admitted he missed his late Bee Gee brothers before he accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards today (28.06.13).The 66-year-old musician - who is the last surviving...

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Alison Moyet To Receive Silver Clef Award

10th June 2013

British singer Alison Moyet is to receive a special prize at the upcoming Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards in the U.K. in honour of her career achievements.The former Yazoo star will pick up the...

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Alison Moyet Eager To Gain Weight

30th May 2013

British singer Alison Moyet is doing all she can to pile on the pounds because she is convinced she became too thin after dieting.The former Yazoo star was once a U.K. dress size 22, but...

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Fascinating Fact: 3692905

30th May 2013

British singer Alison Moyet performed at funnywoman Dawn French's wedding in April (13). The Harry Potter star, who split from first husband Lenny Henry in 2009, married Mark Bignell in St. Austell, England.

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Dawn French Marries New Beau Mark Bignell

By Hayley Avron | 22nd April 2013

Dawn French has married her partner Mark Bignell at a lavish eco-hotel, with Alison Moyet providing entertainment for the guests. The comedienne has been dating Bignell for just over a year, following the break-up of...

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Alison Moyet Smashes Up Her Gold Discs

19th April 2013

British singer Alison Moyet has smashed up her gold discs and dumped her old stage costumes in a bid to purge her past.The former Yazoo star recently moved from her longtime home just north of...

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The Things They Say: 3616395

19th April 2013

"When you watch X Factor you can bet your bottom dollar, every single fat singer sounds like me as far as the judges are concerned. Can you imagine if they did that with every black...

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Pete Townshend Rocks Prince's Trust Gala

24th November 2011

Pete Townshend and Boy George topped an impressive bill at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night (23.11.11). The pair were joined by veterans including Chris de Burgh,...

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Depeche Mode Founders Reunite

22nd November 2011

Depeche Mode founders Martin Gore and Vince Clarke have reunited for new project VCMG.The pair were original members of the electronic pop group when they formed in 1980, but Vince left after debut album 'Speak...

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The Things They Say 6177

15th November 2007

"There's something really tragic about being middle-aged and still having to punt your arse about." British singer ALISON MOYET, 46, is concerned about how the ageing process will fare alongside her 'diva' image.

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Moyet: 'My Fear Of Crowds'

23rd October 2007

Crippling agoraphobia left British singer ALISON MOYET a prisoner in her own home. Moyet, 46, believes the debilitating condition was a result of overnight success with 80's pop group Yazoo. She says, "I never went...

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The Things They Say 5925

22nd October 2007

"My preparation is to drink a triple cognac before I go on - It just takes the edge off the stage fright." ALISON MOYET reveals her pre-concert ritual.

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Moyet: 'No More Musicals'

6th April 2006

ALISON MOYET wants to turn her back on her budding acting career and return to her musical roots. The LOVE LETTERS hitmaker found fame on the London stage after a disagreement with her record company,...

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Moyet Wants Smaller Soundtrack

6th April 2006

Eighties pop star ALISON MOYET hopes to release a soundtrack to accompany her current London stage show, SMALLER. The ALL CRIED OUT hitmaker, who stars opposite British comedy legend DAWN FRENCH in the West End...

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Blue Star's Generous Family Night

10th December 2004

Generous BLUE singer ANTONY COSTA turned down the offer of a free box for his family to watch his first solo gig and insisted on paying $1,900 (GBP1,000) for the tickets. The IF YOU...

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