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2nd January 2006

"I was watching ALFIE one day and they said, 'That's you Lee.' They started calling me Alfie after that because his style and they way he's cheeky with the women." Former BLUE singer LEE RYAN...

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Miller To Quit Smoking

29th December 2005

British actress SIENNA MILLER has a list of resolutions for 2006, but is desperate to quit smoking. The ALFIE beauty, 23, has been a smoker since her teenage years and would love to conquer...

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Miller's Mum Ailing

23rd December 2005

JUDE LAW is reportedly returning from his African safari holiday with ex-wife SADIE FROST and their three kids, to care for his on/off girlfriend SIENNA MILLER's ailing mother. Acting teacher JO MILLER is suffering...

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Law Eyes Diaz In New Movie

13th December 2005

JUDE LAW is set to vie CAMERON DIAZ's heart, after signing up to star in the upcoming comedy HOLIDAY. The British actor, who recently reconciled with his ALFIE costar SIENNA MILLER after cheating on...

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Miller Shies Away From The Internet

13th December 2005

ALFIE beauty SIENNA MILLER sometimes finds the internet "scary" because she's shocked at how quickly false gossip about her spreads across the web. The 24-year-old actress has become a tabloid fixture since embarking...

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Miller's Father Threatens To Kill Law

13th December 2005

SIENNA MILLER's father has threatened to kill JUDE LAW if he cheats on the ALFIE actress again. Miller split from Law in July (05) when he confessed to having an affair with his children's...

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Miller's Corset Frustration

9th December 2005

ALFIE beauty SIENNA MILLER found her corset so uncomfortable while shooting new movie CASANOVA, she tried to burn it. The 24-year-old actress stars alongside HEATH LEDGER in the 18th-century period piece, and she admits...

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Miller Sick Of 'Tumultuous Year'

1st December 2005

British actress SIENNA MILLER is relieved to be nearing the end of her worst year (05) - and has blasted the press for making the past few months so "tumultuous". The ALFIE beauty has...

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Miller Plans Another Movie With Law

23rd November 2005

British actress SIENNA MILLER is so thrilled to be reunited with her boyfriend JUDE LAW she's now planning to make another movie with him. The couple's engagement hit rocky ground earlier this year (05),...

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Miller And Law Back Together

14th November 2005

JUDE LAW and SIENNA MILLER are trying to rescue their relationship after agreeing to put their infidelities behind them. The ALFIE co-stars split after Law admitted having an affair with his children's nanny DAISY...

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Maclaine Advises Young Stars To 'Dig A Tunnel'

30th October 2005

Oscar-winner SHIRLEY MacLAINE is so concerned for the sanity of young stars JENNIFER ANISTON and SIENNA MILLER that she advised them to dig escape routes under their homes. MacLaine struck up a friendship with...

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The Things They Say 511

28th October 2005

"They should have called it Charlie or Billy or something... There are no real Alfies anymore. Women haven't allowed it." SIR MICHAEL CAINE on the ALFIE remake, which starred JUDE LAW....

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Miller Driven Out Of The UK

23rd October 2005

Screen beauty SIENNA MILLER is abandoning Britain for America after becoming the target of relentless media attention since her alleged affair with DANIEL CRAIG. The ALFIE actress has been painted as a hypocrite in...

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The Things They Say 403

14th October 2005

"SIENNA MILLER is absolutely beautiful. If I ever had the chance, well then of course. She's gorgeous!" Former BLUE singer LEE RYAN has his eyes on the ALFIE actress following her split from ex-fiance JUDE...

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Miller: 'The Paparazzi Make Me Question My Career'

7th October 2005

SIENNA MILLER has become so terrified of the British paparazzi she is considering turning her back on acting. The ALFIE actress became a prime target for photographers when her partner JUDE LAW's infidelity grabbed...

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David Identifies With Womaniser Alfie

6th October 2005

R+B star CRAIG DAVID finds JUDE LAW's serial seducer role in ALFIE a little too close for comfort - the BORN TO DO IT singer fancies himself as a lothario too. David admits he...

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Law Is Fry's Best Kiss

5th October 2005

Comic actor and director STEPHEN FRY has returned a compliment by British hunk JUDE LAW, declaring the actor to be his best screen kiss. Fry co-starred alongside the ALFIE heart-throb in 1997 movie WILDE,...

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Miller Attends Wedding Without Law

26th September 2005

Actress SIENNA MILLER attended her sister's wedding on Saturday (24SEP05), without her boyfriend JUDE LAW. Despite Miller and Law's recent reconciliation, following his admittance to cheating with his former children's nanny DAISY WRIGHT, the...

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Love In The Air For Law And Miller

9th September 2005

SIENNA MILLER and JUDE LAW are working hard to mend their relationship, and are still very much in love according to the ALFIE actress' step-mother. The troubled screen stars' relationship hit the rocks when...

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Gervais Wowed By Law

8th September 2005

RICKY GERVAIS knew he'd made it big when screen star JUDE LAW waved at him at last year's (04) Emmy Awards. The British funnyman, who was awarded two Golden Globes for his hit TV...

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Law Finally 'Dumped' By Miller

19th August 2005

JUDE LAW and SIENNA MILLER have reportedly split on a permanent basis, after the actor's failed attempt to win back his former fiancee following his recent affair. Law last month (JUL05) admitted having had...

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Law To Attend Miller Wedding

16th August 2005

JUDE LAW's reconciliation with fiancee SIENNA MILLER has stepped up a gear - the British heart-throb will accompany Miller to her sister's wedding next month (24SEP05). The ALFIE actress was left heartbroken by Law's...

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Monaghan And Ferguson Mock Law's Nanny Scandal

26th July 2005

LORD OF THE RINGS star DOMINIC MONAGHAN teamed up with Scottish comedian CRAIG FERGUSON last night (26JUL05) to poke fun at JUDE LAW's affair with his children's former nanny. Last week (ends22JUL05), Law admitted...

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Frost: 'Law Infidelity Was Always On Cards'

21st July 2005

JUDE LAW's ex-wife SADIE FROST insists it was only a matter of time until the ALFIE lothario played away from fiancee SIENNA MILLER - and the fact he was faithful to her was mere "luck"....

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Miller Takes Time Out From Stage Role

20th July 2005

LATEST: Heartbroken actress SIENNA MILLER is taking time out from her run in London's West End, following her fiance JUDE LAW's confessed to cheated on her with his children's nanny. The ALFIE beauty courageously...

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Miller Leaves Engagement Ring At Home

19th July 2005

LATEST: Screen beauty SIENNA MILLER is so furious with fiance JUDE LAW after he yesterday (18JUL05) admitted enjoying a month-long fling with his children's former nanny DAISY WRIGHT, she has stopped wearing her engagement ring....

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Scott: 'Sadie And I Can Move On At Last'

3rd July 2005

LATEST: JACKSON SCOTT is thrilled his fiancee SADIE FROST has finally reached a lucrative out of court settlement with former husband JUDE LAW - because the loved-up pair can finally move on. The 24-year-old...

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Alfie Stars Team Up For Sleuth Remake

23rd June 2005

The two big screen ALFIEs are set to team up in a remake of cult movie SLEUTH. MICHAEL CAINE is keen to remake his hit 1972 movie and he wants fellow Brit JUDE LAW...

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Miller's Stage Debut Panned By Critics

22nd June 2005

Rising star SIENNA MILLER's theatre debut has been panned by critics, labelling the blonde beauty's performance in AS YOU LIKE IT to school play standard. JUDE LAW's fiancee is eager to prove herself as...

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Caine: 'Law Was No Alfie'

21st June 2005

SIR MICHAEL CAINE has dismissed the 2004 version of ALFIE, as JUDE LAW was too "modern" in his interpretation of the cheeky cockney womaniser. Caine, who played the title role in the original film,...

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