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Historical Film Flops Up For Honours

6th March 2005

Film flops TROY, ALEXANDER and THE ALAMO are still up for a little glory in the annual HARRY AWARDS. The critically-mauled movies will join KING ARTHUR and THE AVIATOR in the fight for the...

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Leto Accused Of Sexually Harassing A Journalist

2nd March 2005

An Irish journalist has accused actor JARED LETO of trying to seduce her during an interview - by rubbing his foot up and down her leg. Reporter AMANDA BYRAM insists notorious lothario COLIN FARRELL...

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Foxx And Penn Clash Over Law

28th February 2005

OSCARS host JAMIE FOXX infuriated 2004 winner SEAN PENN at last night's (27FEB05) ACADEMY AWARDS, when he doubted the acting ability of Penn's latest co-star JUDE LAW. The comedian placed Law as a 'second...

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Luhrmann's Alexander To Be Made After All

25th February 2005

BAZ LUHRMANN's scrapped ALEXANDER THE GREAT movie may be made after all - after the disappointing response to OLIVER STONE's take on the life of the Macedonian leader. The two films were due to...

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Halle's Catwoman Lands Five Stinkers

23rd February 2005

HALLE BERRY's superheroine turn as CATWOMAN looks set to be a big winner at this weekend's (26FEB05) GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARDS in Los Angeles, after picking up five Stinkers. The big-budget 2004 Warner Brothers flop...

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Dawson Moves In With Lewis

17th February 2005

Sexy actress ROSARIO DAWSON is so smitten with her beau JASON LEWIS, she's moving in with him. The ALEXANDER beauty will leave her base in San Francisco to move further down the California coastline...

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Connery's Happy He Turned Stone Down Over Alexander

8th February 2005

SIR SEAN CONNERY is relieved he snubbed OLIVER STONE's critically-mauled ALEXANDER after early reservations about the coherence of the movie persuaded him not to appear in the epic. The 74-year-old Scottish actor rejected the...

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Jolie's Aid Work Under Threat

8th February 2005

ANGELINA JOLIE's Cambodian conservation project is under threat from settlers moving into the protected area and clearing forest land for farming. The ALEXANDER actress has donated $1.5 million (GBP800,000) to help conserve Pailin in...

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Farrell's Marriage Fears

24th January 2005

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL fears he will never wed again - because his turbulent four-month marriage to actress AMELIA WARNER has put him off long-term relationships. The ALEXANDER hunk married the MANSFIELD PARK beauty...

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Farrell To Improve Accent After Alexander Mauling

23rd January 2005

COLIN FARRELL wants to improve his elocution after the critical mauling he experienced for his thick Irish brogue in ALEXANDER. The Dublin-born actor, 27, is reportedly furious director OLIVER STONE failed to supply voice...

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Alexander A Success In Europe

17th January 2005

OLIVER STONE's biopic ALEXANDER has opened to strong box office takings in Europe following its disappointing performance in America. The epic movie, which stars COLIN FARRELL as bisexual ALEXANDER THE GREAT, has already more...

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Alexander Footage Lost At Airport

16th January 2005

A crucial scene from ALEXANDER was destroyed when director OLIVER STONE carried the tape through an x-ray machine at airport customs. Stone was forced to call on star COLIN FARRELL to reshoot the pivotal...

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Leto Slams Farrell Kiss Scene Reports

14th January 2005

JARED LETO has slammed reports his on-screen kiss with ALEXANDER co-star COLIN FARRELL was edited out of the biopic - insisting the homosexual act was never part of the script. The blockbuster alludes to...

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Leto Relishes His Own Company

13th January 2005

JARED LETO loved making ALEXANDER in the Moroccan desert, because it gave him the chance to escape the western world. The 33-year-old found the shoot a pleasant respite from the hectic Hollywood lifestyle....

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Stone Escapes America For France

13th January 2005

Director OLIVER STONE is so distraught over the criticism targeted at his last two big screen projects, he's preparing to flee America for France. The JFK movie-maker sparked controversy by meeting Cuban dictator FIDEL...

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Rhys-meyers Visa Embarrassment

10th January 2005

Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS had an embarrassing encounter with a US visa processor recently, after the star was told he wasn't fit to play ELVIS PRESLEY. The BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM heart-throb went to...

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Kilmer Joins United Nations

7th January 2005

Actor VAL KILMER has been named a UNESCO (UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANISATION) ambassador. The HEAT star is delighted with his new role and hopes he can reunite his ALEXANDER castmates ANGELINA...

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Rhys-meyers Arrested For 'Assaulting' Girlfriend

7th January 2005

Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting his teenage girlfriend and possession of cannabis. Police were called to the BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM actor's North London home yesterday (6JAN05) after...

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Stone Blames Alexander Flop On 'Homophobic' America

6th January 2005

Director OLIVER STONE has slammed American audiences as homophobic, and blames this prejudice as the reason why his latest movie ALEXANDER flopped in the US. Stone expects the epic biopic, which stars COLIN FARRELL...

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Jolie And Farrell Attraction Almost Led To Romance

3rd January 2005

ANGELINA JOLIE and COLIN FARRELL were so close to becoming lovers they discussed the possibility of dating - but decided their personalities are too similar. The ALEXANDER co-stars were rumoured to have started dating...

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Farrell Credits Gay Brother For Performance

3rd January 2005

Actor COLIN FARRELL credits his gay brother EAMONN for inspiring his portrayal of ALEXANDER as a bisexual warrior king. The Irish star learned about being strong in the face of adversity from his sibling,...

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Stone Amazed At Neglected Alexander Story

30th December 2004

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE was determined to make his recent movie flop ALEXANDER, because the ancient character has never received the attention Stone feels he deserves. The controversial film-maker is amazed nobody has attempted...

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Jolie's New Love

30th December 2004

Movie beauty ANGELINA JOLIE has found love with a millionaire Italian businessman. The TOMB RAIDER actress has been spotted with 29-year-old playboy yacht broker DANIELE PATINI (corr.) - and source say the single star...

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Jolie's Santa Silence

24th December 2004

Hollywood star ANGELINA JOLIE's young son MADDOX won't be waiting for Santa Claus tonight (24DEC04) - the actress has banned Father Christmas. The ALEXANDER beauty celebrates Yuletide every year, but refuses to join fellow...

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Farrell: 'I'm Paid Too Much'

23rd December 2004

The $15 million (GBP7.9 million) COLIN FARRELL was paid to star in ALEXANDER was far too much, according to the actor himself. The Irish star is staggered by the ridiculous fees leading stars command,...

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Farrell Cried For Son

22nd December 2004

COLIN FARRELL frequently broke down in tears while shooting historic epic ALEXANDER, because he missed his baby son. Farrell missed the September (04) birth of baby JAMES, his son with model ex-lover KIM BORDENAVE,...

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Rhys-meyers To Play Elvis

21st December 2004

Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS has landed his biggest role to date - as legendary rocker ELVIS PRESLEY. The Dublin native, who has appeared in such films as BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM and ALEXANDER, beat...

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Rolling Stone Names Its Heavy Hitters Of 2004

16th December 2004

PARIS HILTON, MICHAEL MOORE, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BOB DYLAN, LINDSAY LOHAN, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, GWEN STEFANI and JAMIE FOXX join politicians, broadcasters and sports stars on the new People of The Year list in rock bible ROLLING...

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Farrell Comforts Lohan Over Love Split

15th December 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL has been comforting LINDSAY LOHAN about her split with WILMER VALDERRAMA. The ALEXANDER actor took the 18-year-old MEAN GIRLS star out clubbing last Saturday (11DEC04), despite reportedly refusing to date...

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Stone To Make Amends With Turks

14th December 2004

Director and screenwriter OLIVER STONE has arrived in Turkey today (13DEC04) to make amends with the European nation, 26 years after he offended them with his controversial movie MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. Turks were furious when...

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