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The Things They Say: 4383658

23rd September 2014

"We don't keep in touch. My daughter asked me, 'Mummy, why didn't you get invited?' But George has got more important friends than me." Actress Alex Kingston won't be among the guests at former E.R....

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Alex Kingston Fears Ivf Brought On Early Menopause

11th August 2014

Actress Alex Kingston fears the intensive in vitro fertilisation (Ivf) treatments she underwent in her 30s brought on early menopause.The former Er star, 51, underwent 13 rounds of Ivf before eventually giving birth to her...

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Alex Kingston Lands Lady Macbeth Role Alongside Kenneth Branagh

By Hayley Avron | 12th April 2013

The actress Alex Kingston has been cast as Lady Macbeth, to star alongside Sir Kenneth Branagh in a new production of the Shakespearian tragedy. The new production of the play will be co-directed with the...

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Alex Kingston To Star Opposite Kenneth Branagh In Macbeth

12th April 2013

Actress Alex Kingston is preparing to tread the boards alongside Kenneth Branagh in a new adaptation of William Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth.The Er star will tackle the role of Lady MACbeth opposite Branagh as the Scottish...

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Alex Kingston Stunned By Tv Show's Ancestry Findings

18th September 2012

Actress Alex Kingston was stunned to learn one of her ancestors ran a brothel in the 1800s, as she researched her roots for a TV show.The ER star made the startling discovery about her family's...

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Alex Kingston Smashes Teeth In Horror Fall

2nd February 2012

Actress Alex Kingston smashed her two front teeth when she collapsed following a head injury.The former E.R. star was taken to hospital for emergency treatment to a horrifying wound after falling over and biting through...

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Rob Lowe Distracted By Raunchy Couple

2nd June 2011

Rob Lowe once saw a couple having sex in the audience when he was on the London stage.The 47-year-old actor was starring in the West End version of 'A Few Good Men' in 2005 when...

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The Things They Say 21787

29th May 2011

"There's this couple who go round the West End and in every single theatre they basically do the F (f**k) word - in the (seating) box! And you are distracted on stage because you hear...

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Alex Kingston's Revenge On Overly-passionate Actor

28th May 2011

British actress Alex Kingston once left an actor in need of medical attention after biting his tongue during an onstage kiss.Kingston was unhappy when the unnamed star used his tongue in their kissing scenes, and...

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Slater Tested Onstage Co-star Kingston

7th February 2011

British actress ALEX KINGSTON struggled to keep a straight face while performing in a production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST alongside CHRISTIAN SLATER - because the actor kept making her giggle.The former E.R....

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Kingston Splits From Husband?

26th October 2010

Former E.R. star ALEX KINGSTON is "devastated" after the collapse of her second marriage, according to reports.The British actress and her husband, German journalist Florian Haertel, are believed to have split after struggling to adopt...

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Kingston Considers More Cosmetic Surgery

14th May 2009

British actress ALEX KINGSTON is seriously considering a cosmetic surgery makeover in an effort to win more roles in Hollywood. The 46-year-old mum, who was once married to Ralph Fiennes, admits she had the bags under...

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E.r. Expires

3rd April 2009

After 15 years, E.R. was taken off life support Thursday night with a two-hour episode that featured former cast members Noah Wyle, Eriq La Salle,Laura Innes, Sherry Stringfield, and Alex Kingston and was written by...

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Kingston's Er Stint Was Racially Charged

19th March 2009

Actress ALEX KINGSTON was given a hard lesson in racial prejudice when she first joined the cast of medical drama ER and learned her white character would be dating an African-American doctor. Kingston's Dr. Elizabeth Corday...

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New Female Ex-cons Drama Set For Bbc

30th June 2008

A new drama about four female ex-cons starring Alex Kingston is set to begin filming this summer before hitting screens next year.Kingston, best known for her roles in Doctor Who, ER and Moll Flanders, will...

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Branagh To Star As War Hero

24th January 2008

Kenneth Branagh is to play war hero Colonel Tim Collins in a new series of BBC dramas, it has been announced.The actor will star in the last episode of 10 Days to War, a series...

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Fiennes Finds Another Older Woman In Barkin?

1st December 2006

British movie star RALPH FIENNES has found new love with actress ELLEN BARKIN, according to US reports. The 43-year-old SCHINDLER'S LIST actor, who famously dumped his wife ALEX KINGSTON for older woman FRANCESCA ANNIS, has...

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Kingston Refuses To Lose Weight

16th June 2006

Former ER star ALEX KINGSTON refuses to lose weight to conform to Hollywood expectations. The English actress is nervous about returning to Tinseltown now she has finished London play ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST,...

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Love Signs Up For Amnesty Exhibition

2nd June 2006

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE has signed up to be part of a new human rights exhibition sponsored by Amnesty International. The exhibition features photos of 100 celebrities posing with placards touting human rights messages. The CELEBRITY...

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Kingston Contemplated Suicide

23rd May 2006

Former ER star ALEX KINGSTON was so devastated by the end of her marriage to actor RALPH FIENNES, she considered taking her own life. The actress was so distraught over the split, she actually got...

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Kingston Slams Skinny Housewives

22nd May 2006

Former ER star ALEX KINGSTON has blasted the stars of hit TV series DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, claiming she was turned down for the role played by FELICITY HUFFMAN because she has too many curves. Kingston claims...

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Kingston's Lamp-post Fears

2nd April 2006

ER actress ALEX KINGSTON went through a London stage performance in a daze last week (ends31MAR06), after whacking her head on the way to the theatre. Kingston, who plays NURSE RATCHED alongside CHRISTIAN SLATER in...

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Er Star Kingston Sick Of Medicine

30th March 2006

Former ER actress ALEX KINGSTON has vowed never to work on a hospital drama again, because she is afraid of being typecasted as a doctor. The British star is currently playing NURSE RATCHET in a...

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Slater To Remake Cuckoo's Nest?

30th March 2006

Hollywood actor CHRISTIAN SLATER refuses to rule out starring in a movie remake of the 1975 multi-Oscar-winning classic ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. Slater is currently appearing, for a second time, as RANDLE MCMURPHY...

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Fiennes Branded Love Rat By Romanian Singer

5th February 2006

British star RALPH FIENNES has been branded a "cheat" by a Romanian singer, who claims the actor has been enjoying a two year affair with her behind the back of his long-term love FRANCESCA ANNIS....

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Kingston's Baby Hell

13th July 2004

ALEX KINGSTON endured seven emotional years of tears and "longing" as she battled to conceive her first child. The ER star finally gave birth to daughter SALOME in March 2001 after undergoing fertility treatment...

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Kingston: Er Script Made Me Realise How Lucky Daughter Is To Be Alive

22nd June 2004

ER star ALEX KINGSTON only appreciated how fortunate she was her baby daughter didn't die during her birth - after a recent episode of the hospital drama highlighted how close things had been. The...

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Kingston Retracts Er Blasting

9th June 2004

Axed ER star ALEX KINGSTON has accused the British press of misinterpreting her sarcastic suggestion she was cut from the medical drama because she's too old. The British actress maintains the hit American series...

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Kingston Too Old For Er

8th June 2004

ALEX KINGSTON has been ditched from hit American TV drama ER after seven years, because she's too old. The 41-year-old British star also says producers have axed her character DR ELIZABETH CORDAY, because on...

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Er Newcomer Seeks Brit Advice

12th January 2004

ER newcomer PARMINDER NAGRA sought advice from fellow Briton ALEX KINGSTON after joining the hit medical series. The 28-year-old star joined the American show last year (03) after TV producers spotted her in her...

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