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We Will. We Will Sue You 2725295 9th April 2003

The hit musical based on songs by rock band QUEEN WE WILL ROCK YOU has been served with a lawsuit.

The musical director of the show, CHRISTOPHER RENSHAW, has launched a legal battle for compensation claiming he has been denied royalties. Production company QUEEN THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS allege Renshaw is in breach of contract.

Renshaw says he has not been paid royalties from the show since 5 October 2002. However, the production company claim that Renshaw broke his contract before the opening night in May 2002.

They say, "Since 23 April 2002, the direction and staging of We Will Rock You has been undertaken by both BEN ELTON and ARLENE PHILLIPS, who have been assisted by the resident director of the show, TONY EDGE."

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