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Terence Stamp Struggled To Keep Up With Big Drinkers

4th February 2013

British actor Terence Stamp tried to throw himself into the wild partying culture of 1960s London but he couldn't keep up with his peers Albert Finney and Peter O'toole.The Billy Budd star socialised with the...

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Javier Bardem Turned Down James Bond Role

8th November 2012

Javier Bardem turned down an offer to play James Bond.The Spanish actor - who plays villain Raoul Silva in new Bond film 'Skyfall' - felt it was not the right time to take on the...

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Daniel Craig Set To Play James Bond, Twice More

10th September 2012

Daniel Craig has signed on to play James Bond in at least two more films, reports The Press Association. Craig will reincarnate James Bond a minimum of five times, and will become the third most...

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The Full Skyfall Trailer Is Here At Last!

31st July 2012

The first full trailer for the latest James Bond film, SKYFALL, starring Daniel Craig has been put on line today, pleasing just about everybody.In case jumping from a helicopter with Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH at...

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Peter O'toole Retires From Acting: A Look At His Greatest Roles

11th July 2012

The actor Peter Otoole has announced that he is quitting acting, at the age of 79. BBC News reports that the veteran screen star announced that it was time to "chuck in the sponge." He...

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Alec Baldwin Is Returning To Broadway

28th June 2012

Alec Baldwin is returning to Broadway in a new production of 'Orphans'. The '30 Rock' star will star as Harold - a wealthy but shady gentleman, who becomes a father figure to two orphaned brothers...

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Daniel Craig Suggested Sam Mendes For Skyfall Director

18th April 2012

Daniel Craig suggested Sam Mendes should be the director of 'Skyfall'. The 44-year-old actor thought the helmer would be the ideal choice to take charge of forthcoming James Bond movie - which will see Daniel...

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Daniel Craig Wants To Hold On To Bond Role

4th April 2012

Daniel Craig wants to play James Bond for as long as he can.The actor will be reprising his role as the British spy for the third time in new movie 'Skyfall' and says he has...

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Daniel Craig As James Bond - Skyfall Photo Released

1st February 2012

Daniel Craig is set to appear as James Bond in Skyfall later this year (2012) and fans of the movie franchise can now get a glimpse of what to expect, with a shot of Craig...

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First Skyfall Image Released

1st February 2012

The first official picture of Daniel Craig in 'Skyfall' has been released.James Bond producers today (02.02.12) posted an image of the actor in his third outing as the iconic British spy on the official

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Ben Whishaw, 31, Cast As 'Q' In James Bond Skyfall

25th November 2011

Actor Ben Whishaw is set to play gadget-guru Q in the forthcoming James Bond movie 'Skyfall' - the first time the character has been portrayed as someone younger than Bond himself.Whishaw's casting was first confirmed...

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Naomie Harris, Introducing James Bond's New 'Moneypenny'

4th November 2011

London-born actress Naomie Harris will play Miss Moneypenny in the new James Bond movie, making her the first black actress to play the legendary role. The 35-year-old, who plays Tia Dalma in The Pirates of...

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Daniel Craig Wants Double Bond Bed

4th November 2011

Daniel Craig has asked for a double bed in his trailer on the set of the new James Bond movie 'Skyfall'. The 007 actor wants enough room for his new wife Rachel Weisz - whom...

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Next Bond Movie To Be Titled Skyfall

3rd November 2011

With a title that evokes the tradition of James Bond movies like Goldfinger, Thunderball, Moonraker, and GoldenEye -- but not Quantum of Solace -- the long-delayed 23rd 007 movie was officially launched at a London...

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Skyfall Will Have No Connection To Previous Bond Movies

3rd November 2011

'Skyfall' "doesn't connect" with the last two James Bond movies.Director Sam Mendes explained the latest instalment in the action franchise - starring Daniel Craig as 007, Dame Judi Dench and Naomie Harris - will not...

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Daniel Craig Returns For 'Classic James Bond Movie' Skyfall

3rd November 2011

Daniel Craig will return for his third James Bond movie 'Skyfall' next year, complete with an all-star cast and Oscar-winning director. After the flat reception for 'Quantum of Solace', the actor will be hoping his...

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Daniel Craig Set To Star In James Bond 'Skyfall'

3rd November 2011

Daniel Craig is set to star as James Bond in 'Skyfall', the 23rd instalment in the long-running series.The title of the movie - which is also set to star Berenice Marlohe, Naomie Harris and Dame...

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Albert Finney In New Bond Movie?

28th October 2011

Albert Finney is joining the cast of the 23rd James Bond movieSam Mendes, the director of the new Bond film - rumoured to be called 'Skyfall' - revealed the surprise that the 75-year-old star would...

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Scott Glenn Signs Up For Bourne Legacy

12th August 2011

Scott Glenn has signed on for 'The Bourne Legacy'.The 'Sucker Punch' actor has agreed to reprise his role as CIA director Ezra Kramer in the forthcoming spin-off of the action franchise, which will star Jeremy...

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Willow Smith Confirmed For Annie With Jay-z As Producer

27th January 2011

WILLOW SMITH – Willow Smith, the 10-year-old US pop sensation and daughter of WILL SMITH, has been confirmed to star in a remake of the classic musical ‘Annie’, reports Will, his wife JADA PINKETT-SMITH...

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Slave Trade Movie Criticised By Black Leaders

10th February 2007

Upcoming slave trade abolition movie AMAZING GRACE has been criticised for reducing the suffering of Africans to "a mere bit part". The British movie, directed by MICHAEL APTED, focuses on the life of abolitionist WILLIAM...

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O'toole An Early Tip For Oscars Gold

7th September 2006

Movie legend PETER O'TOOLE is being tipped to finally pick up his first Academy Award after joining late RICHARD BURTON as the Oscars' biggest loser. The LAWRENCE OF ARABIA star has been nominated seven times...

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Arctic Monkeys Pay Tribute To Albert Finney

19th January 2006

Hotly-tipped rock newcomers ARCTIC MONKEYS have revealed the inspiration behind the title of their debut album WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY I AM, THAT'S WHAT I'M NOT - veteran British actor ALBERT FINNEY. The band, who...

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Brockovich Lawyer Dies

8th December 2005

EDWARD L MASRY, the lawyer portrayed by ALBERT FINNEY in the 2000 movie ERIN BROCKOVICH, has died of complications from diabetes. He was 73. Masry and ERIN BROCKOVICH, his real-life legal assistant, became populist...

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Actor James Booth Dies

17th August 2005

Veteran British actor JAMES BOOTH died of natural causes last week (11AUG05). He was 77. Booth grabbed international acclaim with his scene-stealing portrayal of rogue soldier Private HENRY HOOK in 1964 historical epic ZULU...

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Depp Set To Get Animated With Burton

29th June 2004

JOHNNY DEPP can't keep away from movie maker pal TIM BURTON - he has agreed to voice a character in the eccentric director's new animated movie. Depp, who starred in Burton's films EDWARD SCISSORHANDS,...

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Bowie Snubbed Royal Honour, Secret List Reveals

21st December 2003

Rocker DAVID BOWIE has been revealed to have snubbed a royal honour, as a list of 300 people who turned down awards has been leaked. According to a secret Whitehall file obtained by British...

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Critics Pick On Ewan's Accent

17th December 2003

Critics in America have hit out at EWAN McGREGOR's performance in his new movie BIG FISH, poking fun at his interpretation of a Deep South accent. The Scottish actor stars alongside fellow Brits ALBERT...

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Finney Refuses Oscar Glory

5th December 2003

ALBERT FINNEY is refusing to go back on his self-imposed OSCAR ceremony boycott - even though he's a hot favourite to receive a nomination next year (04). The British star has been nominated five...

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