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Alan Moore Urges Comic Book Fans To Boycott Hercules Movie

22nd July 2014

Comic book icon Alan Moore is urging fans to boycott Dwayne Johnson's new Hercules movie - because it's "wretched".Outspoken Moore believes it's shameless for director Brett Ratner to release the film so soon after fellow...

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Dc Comics Announce 'Watchmen' Prequels

1st February 2012

'WATCHMEN' is to be tinkered with by its makers DC Comics, the comic book giants announcing that they'll be reprising the characters for a series of prequels to be released this summer. The original run...

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Gorillaz Writing New Opera

12th November 2009

GORILLAZ founders DAMON ALBARN and JAMIE HEWLETT are teaming up with comic book icon ALAN MOORE to write a new opera.The project will be a follow-up to Albarn and Hewlett's Monkey: Journey to the West,...

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Connery 'Demanded Bigger Explosions'

3rd February 2009

SIR SEAN CONNERY racked up huge bills on the set of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN because he demanded the film feature the biggest explosion of his career, according to writer ALAN MOORE. Moore, who wrote...

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Moore: 'I Want Nothing To Do With Vendetta Film'

20th March 2006

V FOR VENDETTA creator ALAN MOORE is desperate to be disassociated from the screen adaptation of his classic comic strip - and is begging the producers not to credit him for his work. The cartoonist,...

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Purefoy Quits Vendetta Movie

9th May 2005

VANITY FAIR star JAMES PUREFOY has reportedly quit the set of new movie V IS FOR VENDETTA, leaving THE MATRIX villain HUGO WEAVING to take his place. The Australian actor was an easy choice...

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Portman Signs Up For Comic Book Adaptation

5th January 2005

NATALIE PORTMAN is set to become the latest cartoon-movie star after signing up to play vigilante VENDETTA in a big screen version of British graphic artist ALAN MOORE's creation. Moore's story is set in...

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Fox Sued Over Lxg

26th September 2003

SEAN CONNERY's THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN is in legal trouble - a Hollywood producer and screenwriter are suing 20TH CENTURY FOX film studio for stealing their idea to make the movie. The copyright...

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Sean Connery Character To Return From The Grave?

7th July 2003

SEAN CONNERY is hoping to come back from the dead to star in a sequel of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. The movie star's character ALLAN QUARTERMAIN is killed in the film adaptation of...

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