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Noel Gallagher Announces Charity Q And A

30th September 2014

Noel Gallagher is taking part in an intimate Q&A for charity. The Oasis star has teamed up with XFM and Global Radio to raise money for their Make Some Noise charity in the live session...

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Alan Mcgee Has Written His Epitaph

17th July 2014

Former Oasis manager Alan McGee has written his gravestone epitaph after being left petrified of death by several cancer scares.The 53-year-old music mogul - the man who discovered Liam and Noel Gallagher's band - has...

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Alan Mcgee Praises Bob Geldof's Strength At Daughter's Funeral

24th April 2014

Music manager Alan Mcgee has praised his friend Bob Geldof's bravery in the aftermath of his daughter's death earlier this month (Apr14).Socialite and Tv star Peaches Geldof passed away on 7 April (14) aged 25,...

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Bob Geldof's Eulogy For Peaches Was Bravest Thing

24th April 2014

Bob Geldof delivering a eulogy for his daughter Peaches has been described as the ''bravest thing'' by close friend Alan McGee. The Boomtown Rats singer spoke at his daughter's funeral on Monday (21.04.14), after she...

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Oasis To Reform In 2016?

13th January 2014

Former Oasis manager Alan McGee believes the band will reunite in 2016.The record label owner is confident the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers will reform for their 25th anniversary, in two years time, after their split in August...

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The Things They Say: 3890520

4th October 2013

"Oasis will come back at some point... If they get back together it will be for a mega-bucks tour." Former Oasis manager Alan Mcgee is convinced Liam and Noel Gallagher will eventually settle their differences...

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Alan Mcgee Launches New Record Label

13th June 2013

Music mogul Alan Mcgee is back in business with a new independent record label.The talent spotter-turned-executive famously formed Creation Records, which boasted a roster of bands including Oasis and Primal Scream before closing in 1999,...

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Alan Mcgee Planning Creation Rebirth

11th September 2012

Music mogul Alan Mcgee is in talks to recreate the record label that produced Oasis, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine.The talent spotter-turned-executive shut down Creation Records after 16 years in 1999 and formed new...

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Alan Mcgee Considers Return From Retirement

16th May 2012

Retired rock mogul Alan Mcgee is pondering a return to the music industry in a bid to stem the tide of TV talent show stars created by Simon Cowell.MCGee co-founded independent label Creation Records and...

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Alan Mcgee's Son In Rehab

30th April 2012

Creation Records founder Alan Mcgee's rocker son Dan Devine has entered rehab at London's Pentonville prison.MCGee announced the news of Flats frontman Dan Devine's drug problems on his Facebook page, accompanied by a video of...

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Alan Mcgee: 'Britpop Is Back Because Modern Music Is Boring'

24th February 2012

Former music mogul Alan Mcgee is adamant the only reason a resurgence of Britpop bands is proving popular is because "modern music is rubbish".At Tuesday's (21Feb12) Brit Awards, 1990s icons Blur and Noel Gallagher took...

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Alan Mcgee Auctioning Off Music Treasures

22nd February 2012

Former music mogul Alan Mcgee is selling off his collection of rock memorabilia, including an original demo tape by British band Oasis.MCGee, who founded Creation Records and discovered the Wonderwall hitmakers, is selling his prized...

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Alan Mcgee Working On Britpop Musical With Welsh

13th December 2011

Former music mogul Alan Mcgee is hoping to stage a new West End theatre production telling the story of Britpop alongside Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh.The ex-record label boss, who discovered Oasis, has already started working...

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Alan Mcgee Hacked By Tabloid Investigator

7th November 2011

Former music mogul Alan Mcgee has been caught up in the British phone hacking scandal after it emerged he was targeted by a tabloid newspaper.MCGee, who discovered Oasis and signed them to his Creation Records...

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Alan Mcgee Found Sony Warehouse Blaze 'Funny'

7th September 2011

Former music mogul Alan Mcgee has branded a fire that destroyed a Sony record stock warehouse "funny" because it meant a lot of bad music was ruined.The Sony Dadc building in Enfield, north London was...

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Noel Gallagher Loved Creation Days

21st May 2011

Noel Gallagher wishes he was still signed to Creation records. The 43-year-old musician was signed to the iconic indie label with his band Oasis - who went on to become one of the UK's biggest...

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Mcgee Denies Oasis Meeting Was Set Up

18th May 2011

Former music mogul Alan Mcgee has denied his legendary chance discovery of British band Oasis was set up by record industry bosses, insisting the rumour is "rubbish".MCGee was head of independent label Creation Records in...

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The Things They Say 21484

3rd May 2011

"There was this amazing young version of Paul Weller sat there in a light blue Adidas tracksuit. I assumed he was the drug dealer and that Bonehead, the guitarist, was the singer. It was only...

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Record Boss Thought Liam Gallagher Looked Like A Drug Dealer

3rd May 2011

Alan McGee thought Liam Gallagher was a drug dealer when he first met Oasis.The self-proclaimed President of Pop - who signed Oasis and Primal Scream to the Creation record label - had no idea who...

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Alan Mcgee's Drug-hazed Deal For Mcgowan

3rd May 2011

Creation Records boss Alan Mcgee knew his substance abuse problems had spiralled out of control when he flew to America and landed Shane Macgowan a lucrative record deal - without realising the Irish rocker wasn't...

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Alan Mcgee Rues Late Retirement

2nd May 2011

Music mogul Alan Mcgee wishes he'd walked away from the industry after Oasis' triumphant gigs at Britain's Knebworth House, because he became "delusional" with success.MCGee was head of famed independent label Creation Records and became...

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Alan Mcgee: 'Punk Lifestyle To Blame For Untimely Deaths'

28th April 2011

Former music mogul Alan Mcgee has blamed punk stars' "rock and roll lifestyle" for claiming the lives of his heroes before their time.MCGee, who founded independent label Creation Records, is convinced punk rockers suffer untimely...

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Alan Mcgee Turns Down Movie Biopic

22nd April 2011

Former music mogul Alan Mcgee turned down the chance to make a feature film telling the story of his years as boss of Creation Records because the movie would be "a freak show".MCGee rose to...

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Fascinating Fact 10641

13th January 2011

Music mogul ALAN MCGEE is calling on producers to cast Welsh star RHYS IFANS as himself in a new movie about Creation Records, the British label behind OASIS and PRIMAL SCREAM.

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The Things They Say 19676

5th January 2011

"I wish I had signed THE STONE ROSES. I don't know how I missed them. We were on a roll at that point. We get every good one." Former CREATION RECORDS boss ALAN MCGEE regrets...

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Mcgee: 'Gallagher's New Material Is Amazing'

5th January 2011

OASIS' one-time mentor ALAN MCGEE has given NOEL GALLAGHER's new music a big thumbs up, insisting the singer/songwriter has created some of his best material since quitting the band.The former Creation Records boss, who signed...

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The Things They Say 18886

10th November 2010

"I think they will make up. It might be a few years but they will. I'm pretty sure. I mean, they're brothers." Creation Records boss ALAN MCGEE, who signed OASIS to the label, is adamant...

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Beady Eye Prepare To 'Bring The Light'

9th November 2010

Beady Eye will release their debut track 'Bring The Light' as a free download at 10am tomorrow (10.11.10).The song is the first post-Oasis track to be released since the group split last year, and features...

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Alan Mcgee's Lost Year

29th September 2010

Record label boss Alan McGee says the only thing he can remember about 1993 is signing Oasis. The Creation records founder admits he started taking ecstasy in the late 80s, and that by the time...

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Mcgee Worried About Ryder

2nd June 2006

British rock mogul ALAN MCGEE has raised his concerns for the mental health of former HAPPY MONDAYS frontman SHAUN RYDER. The former LIBERTINES manager, who steered the careers of OASIS and PRIMAL SCREAM on his...

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