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Alan Alda And Norman Lear Honoured At International Emmy Awards

20th November 2012

Veteran actor Alan Alda and Tv producer Norman Lear were honoured at the 40th International Emmy Awards in New York on Monday (19Nov12).M*A*S*H star Alda and Lear each received a Special Founders Award from the...

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Alan Alda And Norman Lear To Be Honoured At International Emmy Awards

12th September 2012

Actor Alan Alda and TV producer Norman Lear are to be honoured with prestigious prizes at the upcoming 2012 International Emmy Awards Gala.M*A*S*H star Alda and All in the Family creator Lear will pick up...

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Alan Alda Nearly Killed On Stage Three Times

24th February 2012

Actor Alan Alda regularly snubs offers to hit Broadway because the theatre is a dangerous place for him - he was almost killed onstage three times.The M*A*S*H veteran starred in a number of theatre productions...

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Regis Philbin Hosts Last Episode Of 'Live With Regis And Kelly'

19th November 2011

Regis Philbin hosted his last episode of 'Live! With Regis and Kelly' yesterday (18 Nov 2011). 80-year-old Regis Philbin said his final goodbyes after a huge number of tributes came in by a variety of...

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Gabourey Sidibe To Star Alongside Ben Stiller In New Comedy

21st October 2010

GABOUREY SIDIBE, the 24-year old Oscar nominated actress, is set to star alongside BEN STILLER in the forthcoming action-comedy movie, 'Tower Heist', reports Entertainment Weekly.The film, which also features ALAN ALDA and EDDIE MURPHY, sees...

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Gabourey Sidibe Lands New Movie Role

20th October 2010

Gabourey Sidibe has landed her first big movie role since 'Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire'.The 25-year-old actress - who has been starring in TV show 'The Big C' since rising to fame...

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Gabourey Sidibe In Tower Heist

20th October 2010

Gabourey Sidibe has signed up to star in new action-comedy movie 'Tower Heist'.The 'Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire' actress and 'Crash' star Michael Pena have joined onto the new film, where they...

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Alda Spotlights Unconventional Childhood In New Documentary

5th April 2010

Actor ALAN ALDA is set to reveal all about his unconventional upbringing as the son of a burlesque dancer in an upcoming documentary.The M*A*S*H star, whose parents were burlesque singer Joan Brown and actor/singer Robert...

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Star-studded Letter Urges "No" To Actor's Strike

16th December 2008

Hollywood royalty including George Clooney and Tom Hanks have urged members of the Screen Actors' Guild (SAG) to vote against a planned actor's strike.The SAG wants its members to strike over what it sees as...

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Alda Auctions Off M*a*s*h Memorabilia For Troops

4th November 2008

Legendary TV star ALAN ALDA is helping the families of wounded U.S. troops, by auctioning off two pieces of military memorabilia from the set of his hit 1970s show M*A*S*H. Alda will give the dog...

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Stars Come Out To Say Farewell To Boyle

19th December 2006

CHEVY CHASE, ALAN ALDA and SOPRANOS stars LORRAINE BRACCO and STEVEN VAN ZANDT were among the 250 mourners who celebrated the life of actor PETER BOYLE at a memorial service in New York yesterday (18DEC06)....

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Frankie Valli To Collect Niaf Lifetime Achievement Award

11th October 2006

Veteran singer FRANKIE VALLI will be presented with the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) Lifetime Achievement Award on 21 October (06). The GREASE star will collect his honour at the NIAF's 31st Anniversary Awards Gala...

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Alda Amazed By Emmy Win

7th September 2006

ALAN ALDA was stunned when he won his sixth Emmy last month (AUG06), because he was so sure he wouldn't that he went on a family holiday to Europe and skipped the ceremony. The actor...

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Hargitay And Sutherland Take Home First Emmy Awards

28th August 2006

LAW + ORDER: SVU star MARISKA HARGITAY and 24's KIEFER SUTHERLAND both took home their first Emmys at Sunday's (27AUG06) Primetime Emmy Award ceremony. Hargitay had been nominated three consecutive times, and Sutherland won his...

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Alda's Marriage Secret

22nd August 2006

Hollywood veteran ALAN ALDA has revealed the secret to his 49-year marriage to photographer ARLENE - playing cards every day. The former M.A.S.H. star, 70, and Arlene, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next March (07)...

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Alda Stunned By West Wing Success

21st August 2006

Veteran actor ALAN ALDA was stunned presidential drama THE WEST WING attracted so many viewers, because he didn't realise how many Americans were quick-witted enough to understand the dialogue. The former M.A.S.H. star, 70, was...

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Clean-cut Alda

21st August 2006

M.A.S.H. legend ALAN ALDA managed to survive the 1960s without touching drugs - despite getting high by passively smoking among his pals. Alda, 70, frequently attended Hollywood parties, but always refused to smoke cigarettes or...

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Alda Explains Emmy 'Tantrum'

21st August 2006

ALAN ALDA has laughed off reports he was jealous when WILLIAM SHATNER beat him to the Best Supporting Actor In A Drama Series gong at last summer's (AUG05) Emmy Awards, insisting he was staging a...

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Alda Regrets Stuffed Dog

3rd August 2006

ALAN ALDA was staggered while mourning the death of his dad's dog - because the cheeky patriarch immediately had it stuffed and mounted as a constant reminder of their beloved pooch. The former MASH star...

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The Things They Say 2148

1st June 2006

"125 million watched the final episode of M*A*S*H. Of course, that would be a flop in China." ALAN ALDA, star of the most watched TV show ever.

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Tv Big Hitters Up For Critics Awards

1st June 2006

THE SOPRANOS, 24, MY NAME IS EARL and THE OFFICE are leading the way at the Television Critics Awards, after scooping the most nominations for the 22nd annual awards ceremony. All four shows landed three...

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Alda Tells Of Childhood With Schizophrenic Mother

16th January 2006

US actor ALAN ALDA was forced to rely on himself from a very young age - because he couldn't trust his schizophrenic mother. Alda, who recounts childhood with a paranoid schizophrenic parent in his...

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Alda Laughs At Botox Gifts

16th January 2006

Veteran actor ALAN ALDA was highly amused when he received a Botox injection gift for his Oscar nomination for THE AVIATOR last year (05). Ageing Alda, who starred opposite LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's HOWARD HUGHES as...

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The West Wing Set To Go Live With Presidential Debate

29th September 2005

Hit political drama THE WEST WING is set to go live in November (05), with a presidential debate between ALAN ALDA and JIMMY SMITS. Smits, who plays Democratic presidential candidate MATT SANTOS on the...

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West Wing Dodges The Axe And Wins New Season

18th March 2005

THE WEST WING will hit US TV screens for a seventh season despite fears network NBC were ditching the show. The West Wing has been a huge hit success since it first aired in...

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Fans, Family + Friends Remember Ossie

14th February 2005

Movie star and black rights activist OSSIE DAVIS brought Harlem, New York, to a virtual standstill on Saturday (12FEB05) when friends, fans and family joined forces to honour the late star. Davis' actress wife...

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Alda Penning Memoir

11th February 2005

THE AVIATOR star ALAN ALDA will give fans an insight into his life with a new book he's currently writing. And the OSCAR-nominated actor, 69, has borrowed the tome's title from a longlasting memory...

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Alda Went Awol

21st December 2004

MASH TV star ALAN ALDA has confessed he used to go absent without leave while in boot camp in the 1950s, so he could visit his wife. The actor was never caught, despite travelling...

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Alda Gets Political On The West Wing

23rd August 2004

Former M*A*S*H star ALAN ALDA is returning to primetime TV in America as political drama THE WEST WING looks to boost its ratings. The actor will play a Republican from California with presidential aspirations...

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