The First Full 'Agents of SHIELD' Trailer Promises Action By The Bucket Load

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Anyone else's heart break after Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson died on The Avengers? Well good news if it did because Agent Coulson didn't really die and Gregg's character is taking a staring role in the new ABC series Agents of SHIELD. But wait, there's more good news, because the first full-length trailer for the Marvel movie spin-off series has been released online, and it looks awesome.

Set in the same universe as it's movie brethren, Agents of SHIELD (which stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Department) will follow the not so super agents who work behind the scenes and side by side with their super-powered heroes in a post-Avengers set world. As well as Gregg, the cast also features Chloe Bennett (Nashville), Iain de Caestecker (Adam Barlow on Coronation Street), J. August Richards (Angel) and judging by a clip from the trailer, we might also have Coby Smulders' Agent Maria Hill on board too.

The inclusion of Agent Coulson as a lead in the show may have many people scratching their head right now, however a number of excuses have already been brought up, with the official reason likely to be revealed on the show. One of the popular theories is that the Coulson who 'died' was a Life Model Decoy of Coulson, a human-form robot which in the Marvel comic universe can take on the image of any SHIELD personel. Another popular theory is that Fury basically lied so he could give the Avengers something to avenge, and that the medical team saved Coulson. Either way, there's a Marvel TV series coming out, so stop poking holes in it.

Agents of SHIELD is set to be release on ABC later this year, and with Joss Whedon in charge of the series, there's little room for things to go awry. Currently, there is no set release date, or broadcaster, for the show in the UK, but we assume this is because networks are currently in a bidding war with each other for the series.

Clark Gregg
With Clark Gregg back, we might also get a few surprise appearances from the rest of the Avengers crew


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