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Charlize Theron Undergoes Neck Surgery

6th October 2013

Actress Charlize Theron has secretly undergone surgery for a spine injury she sustained on the set of 2005 action movie Aeon Flux.The Oscar winner hurt herself while performing her own stunts, but she only recently...

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No More Dangerous Stunt Work For Charlize Theron After Aeon Flux Injury

3rd January 2012

Charlize Theron has vowed never to rush into performing dangerous stunts after an accident on the set of 2004's Aeon Flux almost left her paralysed.The actress was completing a series of backflips for the sci-fi...

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The Things They Say 4990

25th June 2007

"I'd really want to do an action movie. Like an AEON FLUX or MATRIX or UNDERWORLD. I love those movies." Chart-topping R+B star RIHANNA has acting ambitions....

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Fisher Tops 'Nerd Crush' List

28th February 2007

CARRIE FISHER has topped a new internet poll to find the Hottest Nerd Crush of all time. The actress' portrayal of PRINCESS LEIA in STAR WARS beat GILLIAN ANDERSON's X-FILES detective DANA SCULLY in the...

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Aeon Flux Stuntman Dies During Filming

20th July 2006

A stuntman who worked on AEON FLUX and V FOR VENDETTA has died filming a TV movie in Germany. The fatal accident took place yesterday (19JUL06) as the unnamed man plowed a car into a...

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Chicken Little Tops UK Box Office

21st February 2006

Disney film CHICKEN LITTLE remained at the top of the UK box office last weekend (17-19FEB06), fighting off competition from new releases CASANOVA, AEON FLUX and GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK. The animated tale...

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Theron's Speedy Martial Arts Expertise

7th December 2005

Oscar-winner CHARLIZE THERON has been hailed as a martial arts expert after quickly picking up fighting skills while playing an assassin in her new sci-fi movie AEON FLUX. Theron was reportedly 14 kilograms (30...

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Triple Treat For Harry Potter

5th December 2005

HARRY POTTER's still on top of the US box office after another blockbuster week at the cinema. The boy wizard's latest adventure, THE GOBLET OF FIRE, made another $20.4 million (GBP11.3 million) over the...

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Theron Studies Geckos

28th November 2005

Movie star CHARLIZE THERON prepared for her role in new comic book adaptation AEON FLUX by studying tropical lizards. Theron plays a lycra-clad superheroine in the forthcoming movie and, keen to make her movements...

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Fascinating Fact 559

23rd November 2005

The mysterious actor who CHARLIZE THERON "makes out with" in new movie AEON FLUX is the actress' real-life boyfriend STUART TOWNSEND....

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Witherspoon Tops Movie Hair Poll

25th October 2005

REESE WITHERSPOON has topped a new Best Hair poll for her look as a ghost in romantic comedy JUST LIKE HEAVEN. The actress beat ALFIE star NIA LONG's locks in ARE WE THERE YET?...

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Theron Hasn't Read A Script Since Oscar Win

23rd October 2005

CHARLIZE THERON is so concerned about overworking, she hasn't read one movie script since her Oscar win last year (04). The blonde beauty, who picked up the coveted trophy for her efforts in acclaimed...

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Theron's Dog Trouble

7th December 2004

South African beauty CHARLIZE THERON has had to hire some paid help to clean up after her dog. The OSCAR-winner injured her back whilst filming AEON FLUX earlier this year (AUG04), making it hard...

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Doctors Let Theron Finish Movie

1st October 2004

OSCAR-winning actress CHARLIZE THERON is thrilled doctor's have allowed her to continue work on new movie AEON FLUX after she injured her neck performing a stunt for the sci-fi film. Last month (AUG04), the...

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Theron Shows Off Her 'Toned' Body

22nd September 2004

CHARLIZE THERON agreed to appear topless in the upcoming issue of fashion bible VOGUE because she thinks she's in the best shape of her life. Shot just before she injured herself on the set...

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Theron Misses Toronto Premiere

13th September 2004

OSCAR winner CHARLIZE THERON was forced to miss the premiere of her new film at the prestigious TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL in Canada last night (12SEP04), because she was in too much pain to fly....

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Townsend Gets Tough With Daredevil Theron

9th September 2004

CHARLIZE THERON's longtime boyfriend STUART TOWNSEND has urged the OSCAR winner to slow down on film sets after she almost broke her back in a fall while filming in Berlin, Germany. The Irish actor...

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Charlize Returns To Los Angeles For Recovery

2nd September 2004

LATEST: OSCAR-winning actress CHARLIZE THERON has returned to her Los Angeles home after suffering an injury on the German set of her upcoming movie AEON FLUX. While her injury to her neck, which she...

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Charlize Theron Injured On Movie Set

1st September 2004

OSCAR-winning actress CHARLIZE THERON has suffered an injury while shooting stunts for her upcoming movie AEON FLUX in Germany. Filming in Berlin has been halted to allow her to recover, following the Monday (30AUG04)...

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Theron Gets Animated

23rd August 2004

OSCAR winner CHARLIZE THERON is excited at the prospect of starring in a video game spin-off - as she'll be able to play her pixilated self. The MONSTER beauty will become a computer-generated heroine...

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Theron Gets Buff For New Movie

18th June 2004

Stunning actress CHARLIZE THERON will be transforming her body for a movie yet again - but this time she'll be getting buff. The South Africa native, who gained weight for her OSCAR-winning turn in...

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Theron To Jinx Next Movie

23rd March 2004

OSCAR-winning actress CHARLIZE THERON is planning to produce and star in JINX - a new movie based on a graphic novel. The MONSTER star, 28, is keen to bring an adaptation of prolific...

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