Porn star James Deen has two no-nos when it comes to lovemaking - he won't have sex solely for cash and he refuses to get down and dirty with clowns.

The X-rated actor, who co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons, reveals he once got tricked into a paid-for threesome as part of a sleazy executive's Christmas gift to his wife, and he'll never prostitute himself again - and he discovered clowns were a big turn-off while filming a big top sex scene.

He tells Playboy, "I don't have sex with anyone dressed as a clown. They are creepy.

"I've done it only once, and it was terrifying... I freaked out. I was like... 'I will not have sex with a clown.'

"We found a way to do it with her facing away from me - doggy style and reverse cowgirl, stuff like that. She'd get in position and I'd wait outside the room. The director would yell, 'Ok, James, we're ready'. I'd run in and do the scene but could only see the back of her head."