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Mark E Smith Attacks Tony Blair

4th January 2006

Outspoken rocker MARK E SMITH has blasted British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for sending teenagers off to die in Iraq. THE FALL frontman is scathing of the politician because he feels he's behaving like...

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Bono And Gates Are Persons Of 2005

19th December 2005

U2 frontman BONO and Microsoft billionaires BILL and MELINDA GATES have been named Persons of the Year (05) by US magazine Time. Gates, the world's richest man, his wife Melinda and BLOODY SUNDAY hitmaker...

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Rammstein: 'We Are Not Nazis'

8th November 2005

Cult German rockers RAMMSTEIN have vowed never to let their home country's fascist past affect their music - insisting they can't be held responsible for the actions of previous generations. The ICH WILL hitmakers...

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Prussian Blue Promote Racism

25th October 2005

American teen twin duo PRUSSIAN BLUE have defended the racial hatred featuring heavily in their songs, insisting they just want "people to stay white". The 13-year-old blondes, LAMB and LYNX, call themselves a "white...

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Ozzy's Nazi Blunder

1st October 2005

Rock wildman OZZY OSBOURNE horrified German record executives by branding them "Nazis" after they invited him for dinner. The BLACK SABBATH star, who was at the height of his substance-abusing hell in the late...

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Jacobi To Play Pinochet

20th September 2005

Veteran actor SIR DEREK JACOBI is set to add another historical character to his filmography as he takes on the role of Chilean dictator GENERAL AUGUSTO PINOCHET. The I, CLAUDIUS star has played a...

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Actor Michael Sheard Dies

1st September 2005

British actor MICHAEL SHEARD has died following a battle with cancer. He was 65. Sheard, who played ADMIRAL OZZEL in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and ADOLF HITLER five times, including in INDIANA JONES AND...

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Jagger Accepts Hitler Crowd Comparison

28th August 2005

THE ROLLING STONES frontman SIR MICK JAGGER has no problem with being compared to Nazi leader ADOLF HITLER, because the German was a great crowd pleaser. The JUMPIN' JACK FLASH star has been accused...

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Cruise Tripped Up By Magazine Over Scientology Claims

13th June 2005

TOM CRUISE's beliefs in Scientology are based on misinformation, according to US showbiz magazine ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - after editors checked facts from a recent interview with the movie star. Just weeks after accusing BROOKE...

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Schwarzenegger's Nazi Inspiration

23rd May 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER chose an unorthodox mentor for his rise to power as California Governor - Nazi despot ADOLF HITLER. Schwarzenegger, who was born in Hitler's native Austria, has used the dead dictator's charisma and...

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Union Recalls Rape For Movie Role

26th April 2005

Screen star GABRIELLE UNION drew on traumatic memories of her rape to develop her sexually abused character in new movie NEO NED. The sexy actress was compelled to sign up for the film -...

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Hitler Film Screened In Israel

15th April 2005

Controversial German film THE DOWNFALL (DER UNTERGANG), which focuses on ADOLF HITLER's "human side", is hitting Israeli screens just weeks after Holocaust Memorial Day (5MAY05). Approximately 280,000 Holocaust survivors live in the...

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Turner Labels Fox 'Propaganda Voice'

28th January 2005

CNN creator TED TURNER has branded American TV channel FOX NEWS a "propaganda voice" for President GEORGE W BUSH and drawn comparisons between its popularity and ADOLF HITLER's rise to power in 30s Germany....

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Comics Poke Fun At Prince Harry's Nazi Blunder

17th January 2005

The cast of US satirical show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE poked fun at Brit royal PRINCE HARRY's Nazi blunder on Saturday night (15JAN05) by presenting a bogus videotape featuring a royal look-a-like kissing with a female...

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Chaplin's Surprising Auction

15th December 2004

Comic legend CHARLIE CHAPLIN's movie props fetched staggering prices yesterday (14DEC04) at a memorabilia sale at London auction house CHRISTIE'S. A pair of false ADOLF HITLER moustaches worn by the late actor in 1940...

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Elizabeth Taylor Sued Over Painting

14th October 2004

Movie legend DAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR is being sued by the family of a victim of Nazi persecution in Germany over ownership of a VAN GOGH painting. The CLEOPATRA actress bought Gogh's View of the...

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Roseanne: Dr Phil Is 'Hitler'

13th October 2004

ROSEANNE hates OPRAH WINFREY's former chat show medic DOCTOR PHIL McGRAW so much, she likens the advice guru to ADOLF HITLER. The TV star tells American magazine STEPPIN' OUT that Doctor Phil tops her...

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Hitler Film Sparks Outrage

24th August 2004

A new movie portraying German Dictator ADOLF HITLER as a compassionate protagonist has sparked outrage at its Berlin premiere. THE DOWNFALL investigates the days leading up to Hitler's suicide and has caused controversy in...

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Black Sabbath Remove Bush Image From War Pigs Video

23rd July 2004

LATEST: BLACK SABBATH have axed footage of PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and ADOLF HITLER from an OZZFEST video montage after upset band drummer BILL WARD expressed his dislike of the skit. The metal group...

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Black Sabbath Parody Bush With Hitler Footage

22nd July 2004

Reunited BLACK SABBATH have joined the ranks of those rockers who oppose PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH, after flashing footage of the American leader morphs into ADOLF HITLER during their OZZFEST shows. The British veterans,...

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Beckham Intruder A 'Nazi Fanatic'

21st July 2004

The man tackled inside the grounds of VICTORIA and DAVID BECKHAM's mansion is a Nazi fanatic whose flat is covered in ADOLF HITLER memorabilia. The unnamed 38-year-old left former SPICE GIRL Victoria terrified on...

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Farrell: I'm Not A 'Bad Boy'

15th July 2004

Hollywood hunk COLIN FARRELL has furiously slammed the Los Angeles media for criticising his "bad language, casual sex" and beer drinking. The PHONE BOOTH star refuses to stop drinking, swearing and fornicating and complains...

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Spacey's Brother Reveals Abusive Past

6th May 2004

Hollywood actor KEVIN SPACEY's older brother RANDALL FOWLER has unveiled a dark harrowing past, where he was sexually abused by their Nazi-obsessed father. Fowler, who earns his money as a ROD STEWART lookalike, is...

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Britney Hit By Janet's Actions

10th February 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS is among a list of singers who have had their videos pushed back to a later airing time on MTV, following the fall-out over JANET JACKSON's on-air breast exposure. Jackson sparked outrage...

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Westlife Would Knock Criticising Cowell Out

27th November 2003

WESTLIFE have slammed their record company boss SIMON COWELL again - claiming they'd knock him out if he ever talked to them like contestants on his POP IDOL TV show. The sharp-tongued music mogul...

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Westlife: 'Cowell's Like Hitler'

24th November 2003

Irish boyband WESTLIFE have hit out at record company boss SIMON COWELL and likened him to NAZI dictator ADOLF HITLER. The chart-topping five-piece have had a number of bust-ups with the hard-talking music mogul...

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Arnie Denies Hitler Remarks

3rd October 2003

Movie muscleman ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has denied he once admired infamous German dictator ADOLF HITLER. The TERMINATOR star - who is running to become the Governor of California - insists he never made the alleged...

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Madonna: Negativity Created Osama + Hitler

14th September 2003

Human negativity has allowed monsters like OSAMA BIN LADEN and ADOLF HITLER to exist - according to Queen of pop MADONNA. And the LIKE A VIRGIN singer credits her interest in KABBALAH - the...

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Gabrielle Union In Neo-nazi Tangle

30th July 2003

Actress GABRIELLE UNION will play a mental patient who believes she's possessed by the spirit of ADOLF HITLER in her next movie. The DELIVER US FROM EVA beauty will play a single mother who...

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Hugh Grant's Cousin Does It All On His Own

8th July 2003

British actor HUGH GRANT will share the screen with his 13-year-old cousin in a new movie - and the youngster got the role based on his own merit. Young THOMAS SANGSTER - who won...

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