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Stiller Makes Surprise Cameo In Beastie Boys Film

12th April 2006

Actor BEN STILLER made an unexpected cameo in the BEASTIE BOYS new movie, when he was caught on camera dancing around and singing at one of their concerts. The band has released AWESOME: I F**KIN'...

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The Things They Say 1767

1st April 2006

"I think most people know it's a goof." THE BEASTIE BOYS star ADAM YAUCH insists the rap trio were never intended to be taken seriously.

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The Things They Say 1044

17th January 2006

"They were very bad boys - they said f**k all the time onstage (and) the audience always booed them... I thought they were so adorable. I think I made out with ADAM YAUCH once in...

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Beastie Boys Turn Fans Into Cinematographers

5th November 2005

Rap pioneers the BEASTIE BOYS have turned their fans into moviemakers after turning footage shot on digital cameras of a 2004 New York show into a new concert film. The trio gave 50 random...

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The Things They Say 317

29th September 2005

"We say a lot of s**t about each other behind each other's backs." ADAM YAUCH on how the BEASTIE BOYS have managed to stay together for over 20 years....

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Sail 8 Sparks Safety Fears

8th June 2005

LATEST: SIR BOB GELDOF has been attacked by the shipping industry after commanding an armada of small boats to help transport G8 protesters from France to Britain. Geldof wants protestors from across Europe to...

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Crosby Documents Opened To Court

15th February 2005

Business documents belonging to late crooner BING CROSBY's associates can be released in a wrangle over royalties the California Supreme Court ruled yesterday (14FEB05). The court decided the business communications relating to Crosby's recording...

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Beastie Boy Yauch Fears Public Will Ignore Supersize Me

4th January 2005

Campaigning rapper ADAM YAUCH is overjoyed acclaimed weight-gain documentary SUPERSIZE ME proved to be an international hit, but fears it will not alter people's eating habits. The BEASTIE BOY enjoyed director MORGAN SPURLOCK's movie,...

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Beastie Boys Urge Fans To Reject Forced Labour Products

6th July 2004

The BEASTIE BOYS are urging fans to avoid buying goods made in countries where workers are forced into labour. The rap trio - MCA, AD-ROCK and MIKE D - have openly blasted nations like...

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Beastie Boys Give Political Entertainment

29th June 2004

The BEASTIE BOYS have devised an online video game for their fans to play - with a strong political slant. The rap trio have launched a game called TRIPLE TROUBLE on the CAPITOL RECORDS...

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Beastie Boys Label Up For Sale

14th January 2004

THE BEASTIE BOYS have put their troubled record label GRAND ROYAL up for auction on the internet. MIKE D, MCA and KING AD-ROCK's 11-year-old label is up for a minimum bid of $10,000 (GBP5,550)...

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Stephanie Mills Prepares For Return

2nd October 2003

R+B singer STEPHANIE MILLS is excitedly making a return to the music world with a new album, after a much-needed 10-year break. The ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT singer, 46, releases BORN FOR THIS this...

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Beastie Boy Encouraged By Taiwanese Gig

24th April 2003

BEASTIE BOYS rapper ADAM YAUCH is delighted at his band's successful recent pro-Tibet concert in Taiwan - because it means the country supports his own political views. The hip-hop three-piece undertake regular gigs to...

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