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Cher & Bryan Cranston Join Ed Asner's Autism Charity Campaign

24th September 2013

Pop icon Cher, actor Bryan Cranston and original Batman star Adam West are among the latest crop of celebrities who have offered to record outgoing voicemail messages for fans to raise money for charity.Veteran actor...

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George W. Bush's Truck Sells For A Whopping $300,000

By Michael West | 21st January 2013

George W. Bush's truck - a 2009 Ford F-150 King Ranch SuperCrew - has sold for $300,000 at auction, to raise money for a house charity that benefits U.S. military families. The white pickup truck...

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A Real Champagne Moment: Adam West's Batmobile Auctions At $4.6 Million

By Contributor | 21st January 2013

Even Bruce Wayne would’ve had a battle getting his hands on this at auction; the original Batmobile, produced for the 1960’s ABC Batman TV Series starring Adam West, has gone at auction for an eye-popping...

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Original Batmobile Sells For $4.6 Million

21st January 2013

The original Batmobile featured in Adam West's 1960s superhero Tv show has sold for $4.6 million (£2.9 million) at auction.The iconic black car, customised from a 1955 Lincoln Futura, was purchased by life-long Batman fan...

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Original Batmobile For Sale

30th November 2012

The original Batmobile featured in Adam West's 1960s superhero Tv show is to go under the hammer at auction.The iconic black car from small screen show Batman was customised from a 1955 Lincoln Futura and...

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Holy 60s, Batman! Wb To License Tv Characters

7th June 2012

In the decade of The Dark Knight , the campy Batman television series of the 1960s seems oddly old-fashioned, but Warner Bros. presumably believes there's still life in the old series yet. It announced a...

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Christopher Nolan Makes Dark Knight Rises Trailer Tweaks

3rd January 2012

Christopher Nolan has made audio changes to 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer. Fears had been voiced that people could not understand character Bane - played by Tom Hardy - in the originally-released preview, and although...

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Fascinating Fact 9665

15th July 2010

GLEE star JANE LYNCH, MARK HAMILL and ADAM WEST have joined STAR TREK icon GEORGE TAKEI among the stars of Cartoon Network's The Super Hero Squad Show. Lynch will voice cartoon character Nebula, West Nighthawk...

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Fascinating Fact 8826

11th February 2010

BATMAN stars BURT WARD and ADAM WEST have reteamed for an upcoming episode of cartoon series SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS - to voice animated heroes Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy. The TV partners will voice the younger heroes...

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Fascinating Fact 8276

3rd November 2009

A Texas BATMAN fan has put an exact replica of ADAM WEST's Batmobile up for auction online. Fred Grout fashioned a rear fire-spitting jet and red bat hubcaps on the frame of a 1970 Lincoln...

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Batman West Eyes Dancing Show

13th August 2008

Original BATMAN star ADAM WEST is set for a stint as a contestant on hit U.S. talent show DANCING WITH THE STARS. West, who played the Caped Crusader in the 1960's Batman TV show, is...

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West's Drunken Pope Disaster

15th August 2005

Original BATMAN star ADAM WEST will always remember the time he met POPE PAUL VI in the late 1960s, because he had the hangover from hell. The former party animal was honoured to be...

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West: 'Batman Was Comedy'

15th August 2005

Original BATMAN star ADAM WEST hates big-budget remakes of the comic-inspired series because he thinks modern Batman actors like CHRISTIAN BALE and GEORGE CLOONEY fail to communicate the irony of the caped-crusader's adventures. West...

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Batman Turned Down 007

28th October 2003

The world's most famous BATMAN, ADAM WEST, gave ROGER MOORE the chance to play JAMES BOND when he turned the superspy role down in the 1960s. West was contractually tied to the cult Batman...

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