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Christina Ricci Is Pregnant?

24th May 2014

Christina Ricci is reportedly expecting her first child.The 34-year-old 'Casper' actress, who has yet to comment on rumours she is pregnant, was spotted strolling through Los Angeles International Airport with her husband, James Heerdegen, and...

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Julie Delpy And Chris Rock Spend 'Two Days In New York'

26th January 2012

Nearly five years after the success of Two Days in Paris, Julie Delpy returns to the cinema screen with Two Days in New York. Apart from the obvious change in location, a major difference between...

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Delpy Blasts 'Hateful' Goldberg

18th October 2007

Actress/director JULIE DELPY has slammed her ex-boyfriend and 2 DAYS IN PARIS co-star ADAM GOLDBERG as a "hateful man". Delpy and Goldberg dated for 18 months and when the former lovers met again on the...

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Goldberg Recalls Meeting Ex-girlfriend Delpy's Dad In New Film

29th August 2007

JULIE DELPY and ADAM GOLDBERG borrowed one scene from their past real-life romance for their new film 2 DAYS IN PARIS - when the American met his French girlfriend's parents for the first time. Delpy...

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The Things They Say 5277

30th July 2007

"There's a picture of me that JULIE (DELPY) took. I got drunk one night and attached some helium balloons to my d**k and she took a picture of it." Actor ADAM GOLDBERG reveals actress/director Delpy...

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Ricci Unsure About Marriage

9th May 2007

Actress CHRISTINA RICCI is feeling under pressure to wed actor boyfriend ADAM GOLDBERG by their respective families. The Mermaids star, 27, began dating Goldberg in January 2003 but admits she isn't sure if they will...

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Fascinating Fact 1896

4th August 2006

Actress CHRISTINA RICCI is back in the arms of on-off lover, actor ADAM GOLDBERG, because she's convinced the pair are "meant for each other."

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Timberlake Responsible For Ricci And Goldberg Split?

26th January 2006

Actress CHRISTINA RICCI split with boyfriend ADAM GOLDBERG after filming with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE made her realise she wants a boyfriend who is as successful as the singer. The MONSTER actress filmed BLACK SNAKE MOAN...

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Kutcher To Produce Another Reality Show

5th October 2005

ASHTON KUTCHER is set to make a return to the realm of reality TV, after signing up to produce another series. Kutcher and his producing partner, ADAM GOLDBERG, have inked a deal with America's...

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O'donnell's Legal Show Axed

23rd September 2005

CHRIS O'DONNELL's new TV series has become the first victim of America's new season - it has been axed after just two episodes. Bosses at 20th Century Fox have called a halt on shooting...

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Ricci Stops Boyfriend From Exposing Himself On Tv

27th June 2005

CHRISTINA RICCI begged boyfriend ADAM GOLDBERG not to expose himself when the couple appeared on chat show Dinner For Five recently. Quirky SAVING PRIVATE RYAN star Goldberg made a mess of pitching his new...

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Perez Gives Frankenstein A New Look

26th August 2004

Movie hunk VINCENT PEREZ is set to give FRANKENSTEIN's monster a makeover when he gives MARY SHELLEY's creation a modern new look. The QUEEN OF THE DAMNED star will play the monster in horror...

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Ricci's Burned Herself During Teen Years

2nd July 2004

Hollywood star CHRISTINA RICCI starved and burned herself as a teenager - because she hated her voluptuous body so much. The MONSTER actress used to practice self-mutilation and suffered from anorexia at 14. In...

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Romance Helped Ricci Overcome Anorexia

1st July 2004

Falling in love helped actress CHRISTINA RICCI conquer anorexia. The 24-year-old SLEEPY HOLLOW star has battled the eating disorder since she was 14, with her weight dropping to just 38 kilograms (six stones)....

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Ricci Slams Bush

30th March 2004

Actress CHRISTINA RICCI has slammed American PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH's move to outlaw gay marriage - branding it "offensive and disgusting". Ricci, who played CHARLIZE THERON's lesbian lover in acclaimed movie MONSTER, believes love...

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