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Bono Accepts Honorary Knighthood

29th March 2007

U2 frontman BONO has accepted an honorary British knighthood at a ceremony in Dublin. The rocker - real name PAUL HEWSON - was joined at the ceremony by his wife ALI HEWSON and their four...

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U2 Star Clayton Splits With Fiancee

17th March 2007

U2 star ADAM CLAYTON is a single man again after splitting up with his fiancee SUZANNE SMITH, according to Irish reports. The U2 bass player, who was once engaged to supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL, ended his...

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Campbell: 'I'm Afraid Of Marriage'

2nd March 2007

Single supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has never married, because she is terrified it would fail and end in divorce. The catwalk queen has dated ROBERT DE NIRO and U2 rocker ADAM CLAYTON, but never settled on...

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U2 Arrive In Australia To Resume Tour

1st November 2006

Irish supergroup U2 arrived in Australia yesterday (31OCT06) to complete the postponed leg of their VERTIGO tour. BONO, THE EDGE, ADAM CLAYTON and LARRY MULLEN JR flew into Sydney from their Dublin base before...

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U2 And Green Day Recreate Abbey Road

15th September 2006

Rock legends U2 and GREEN DAY delighted onlookers in London yesterday (14SEP06) when they recreated THE BEATLES famous ABBEY ROAD album cover. The two bands were recording a song together for a Hurricane Katrina charity...

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U2 Tower Gets Planning Permission

21st July 2006

Rockers U2 have been granted permission to construct the tallest building in Dublin, Ireland. The ONE band - BONO, ADAM CLAYTON, THE EDGE and LARRY MULLEN - will build the 35-floor skyscraper in the docklands...

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Calmer Campbell After Finding Love

15th June 2006

NAOMI CAMPBELL has fallen for a mystery man who has quelled her legendary bad temper. The supermodel, who has dated ROBERT DE NIRO, U2 rocker ADAM CLAYTON and motor racing boss FLAVIO BRIATORE, is smitten...

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Campbell 'Spat In Guard's Face'

3rd April 2006

Fiery supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has been embroiled in another assault wrangle after allegations she spat in the face of a security guard at a U2 concert in New York late last year (05). The 35-year-old...

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Daltrey Learns From U2'S 'Greed'

10th March 2006

THE WHO frontman ROGER DALTREY was convinced fellow megaband U2 were greedy for touring on such a grand scale, before realising their tactic made sound business sense. The MY GENERATION star, who kicks off a...

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Bono Earns Neruda Award In Chile

27th February 2006

Campaigning rocker BONO has been honoured with the prestigious Neruda Award by Chilean President RICARDO LAGOS. The U2 frontman received the medal during a ceremony at La Moneda, the presidential palace, in the Chilean...

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U2 Stars Awarded Portuguese Humanitarian Honour

15th August 2005

Veteran rockers U2 have been awarded the highest honour Portugal has in recognition of their tireless humanitarian work. The Irish stars - singer BONO, bassist ADAM CLAYTON, guitarist THE EDGE, and drummer LARRY MULLEN...

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U2 To Get Portuguese Award

9th August 2005

The members of Irish rock band U2 are set to be honoured with the country's Order Of Liberty for their humanitarian efforts. President JORGE SAMPAIO will award the stars - frontman BONO, guitarist THE...

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U2 To Donate Millions To Africa

26th June 2005

Irish rockers U2 will donate $6 million (GBP3.3 million) of their own money towards eliminating poverty in Africa. BONO, ADAM CLAYTON, THE EDGE and LARRY MULLAN, who will be performing at the London leg...

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Campbell Leaving Love Up To God

9th March 2005

Supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has given up searching for her soulmate, because she believes God will deliver him to her when the time is right. The British beauty, who was engaged to U2 bassist ADAM...

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Bono: 'I Need Bandmates To Keep Me Together'

26th January 2005

BONO has never considered going solo, because without his U2 bandmates he's just a "lousy musician". The Irish rocker insists he relies on bandmates EDGE, ADAM CLAYTON and LARRY MULLEN to help him make...

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Clayton Explains Lack Of U2 Solo Albums

7th January 2005

The four veteran members of U2 have never been tempted to launch solo side-projects - because the Irish band has always managed to satisfy their creative needs. Bassist ADAM CLAYTON maintains everyone in the...

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U2 Ask Fans To Donate To Tsunami Charities

3rd January 2005

Campaigning rockers U2 are encouraging fans to donate money to various charities to help raise funds for the victims of the Asian tsunami. Bassist ADAM CLAYTON was holidaying in Malaysia when the deadly waves...

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Mullen Refused To Live With Bono

6th October 2004

U2 rockers LARRY MULLEN and ADAM CLAYTON refused to share a villa with BONO during the group's annual holiday in south France, because he did not want to live in the same house as the...

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Naomi Campbell: Getting Engaged Is A Waste Of Time

11th November 2003

Supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL is against the idea of people bothering to get engaged - insisting they should head straight to the altar and get married instead. The 33-year-old British stunner, currently dating Italian fashion...

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