Actress YVETTE NICOLE BROWN risked having a warrant out for her arrest after skipping jury duty to fulfil an appearance on U.S. TV's THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW.
Brown, who stars in America's new sitcom Community, joined the Jerry Maguire star on her daily programme on Wednesday (21Apr10) but admitted she was supposed to be in court instead of in the TV studio.
She said, "I was supposed to be on jury duty, don't tell anybody. There might be a warrant for my arrest now, they might be looking for me now.
"I called in (to check if she was required to attend) and they said, 'Yeah' and I said, 'No, I'm doing Bonnie.' I think they are looking for me, I really do. They're probably looking for juror 909217."
Brown insisted she had no problem giving up her time to serve on a jury - and she planned to make amends for her missed court date.
She added, "I have to call every night so I'm gonna call tonight and first apologise, then see if I'm needed. I'm excited, I think it's good to do your civic duty. But not if you're on the Bonnie Hunt Show!"