Bollywood actor Ashish Vidyarthi almost drowned when filming a hair-raising scene for an upcoming movie.

Vidyarthi was shooting a scene on Sunday (19Oct14) requiring him to take a dip in the River Shivnath in Chhattisgarh, India, with his onscreen son when the current suddenly swept him away.

A crowd of spectators watching the filming believed the drama was in the script, even though the water was rising above Vidyarthi's head and he was screaming for help.

A local police officer, named as Vikash Singh, was at the location and he jumped in and dragged Vidyarthi out of the river.

The actor's co-star Manoj Bajpai writes on, "My friend Ashish Vidyarthi got saved from drowning in a river by a policeman. Salute to the policeman. Ashish is trying to come to terms with (the incident)."

It is believed Vidyarthi was shooting a scene for a new movie titled Bollywood Diary.