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'Too Old' Neeson Swaps President Roles

28th July 2010

LIAM NEESON has dropped out of playing former U.S. President ABRAHAM LINCOLN in a new biopic because he is past his "sell-by date" - but has accepted a role as LYNDON B. JOHNSON instead.The Schindler's...

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Burton To Tackle Vampires

3rd March 2010

TIM BURTON is re-teaming with WANTED director TIMUR BEKMAMBETOV to battle bloodsuckers by bringing new book ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER to the big screen.The newly-released novel was penned by Seth Grahame-Smith, the writer behind upcoming...

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Spielberg's Lincoln Biopic Still On Track

15th September 2009

Director STEVEN SPIELBERG will go head to head with ROBERT REDFORD when they each produce movie biopics about ABRAHAM LINCOLN.Hollywood veteran Redford is working on Lincoln drama The Conspirator and recently revealed James MCAvoy and...

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Redford To Direct Lincoln Assassination Movie

19th August 2009

ROBERT REDFORD is preparing to travel back in time to direct a new movie about the assassination of U.S. President ABRAHAM LINCOLN.The movie icon will take charge of The Conspirator, which chronicles the woman executed...

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The Things They Say 12289

19th May 2009

"I think Lincoln has to be played by a tall man. I'm nowhere near as tall... I'm only 6 feet. Verisimilitude is too important. " TOM HANKS is disappointed he was considered too short to...

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Fascinating Fact 6112

6th October 2008

KEVIN BACON is producing a new TV series about JOHN WILKES BOOTH - the man who assassinated former U.S. President ABRAHAM LINCOLN....

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Mirren To Play Cage's Mother

30th March 2007

Oscar winner DAME HELEN MIRREN is set to play NICOLAS CAGE's mother in the sequel to action adventure NATIONAL TREASURE. THE QUEEN star will join ED HARRIS in the movie, NATIONAL TREASURE: THE BOOK OF...

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Star Trek Actor Bergere Dies

5th February 2007

LEE BERGERE, a veteran television actor who appeared in shows such as STAR TREK and DYNASTY, died on Wednesday (31JAN07) in Fremont, New Hampshire. He was 88. During his 60-year-career he appeared in more than...

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Movie Research Turns Neeson Into A Civil War Buff

25th January 2007

Filming back-to-back US history movies has turned Irishman LIAM NEESON into an American Civil War expert. The ROB ROY star poured himself into research for new period films SERAPHIM FALLS and LINCOLN, in which he...

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Smithsonian Houses Balboa's Gloves

6th December 2006

Movie character ROCKY BALBOA's robe and gloves will share a place with iconic artifacts including US President ABRAHAM LINCOLN's top hat and inventor THOMAS EDISON's light bulb in an American museum. Smithsonian's National Museum of...

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Clooney Welcomes Obama's Presidential Bid

25th October 2006

GEORGE CLOONEY is throwing his weight behind US Senator BARACK OBAMA for a 2008 presidential run before the African-American politician has made his White House dreams official Obama hinted he was thinking about joining...

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Cheeky Kutcher Moons The Monuments

1st October 2006

ASHTON KUTCHER stunned America on Thursday night (28SEP06) by showing off snapshots of his bottom. The PUNK'D star and his wife DEMI MOORE spent recent nights out in Washington DC sightseeing when Kutcher decided to...

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Fascinating Fact 1516

20th May 2006

Oscar-winning actor TOM HANKS is a direct descendant of NANCY HANKS, the mother of US President ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

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Shakur Was Abraham Lincoln's Top General

28th February 2006

Late rapper TUPAC SHAKUR used to be the right-hand man of assassinated US president ABRAHAM LINCOLN, a famous medium claims. World-renowned psychic VICTORIA BULLIS has contacted Shakur from beyond the grave for a piece...

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Spielberg's Lincoln Biopic Canned

8th February 2006

Hollywood movie-maker STEVEN SPIELBERG has delayed plans to film a biopic of late US President ABRAHAM LINCOLN "indefinitely". The MUNICH director had cast Northern Irish actor LIAM NEESON to play the 19th century leader...

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Zorro Rewrites History

29th November 2005

Movie sequel THE LEGEND OF ZORRO has been blasted by film historians in California for rewriting history. Top film buff RICK MITCHELL is ridiculing the ANTONIO BANDERAS movie for including references to historical events...

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Baldwin's Wrestling Honour

5th November 2005

Actor BILLY BALDWIN has been left stunned after discovering he has been inducted into America's National Wrestling Hall of Fame. The BACKDRAFT star features in the Outstanding Americans exhibit, alongside the likes of novelist...

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Ford To Chase Abraham Lincoln's Killer

22nd September 2005

HARRISON FORD is going back in time to play the army colonel who headed up the hunt for US President ABRAHAM LINCOLN's assassin. The ageing star will play Colonel EVERTON CONGER in American Civil...

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Neeson To Play Lincoln

12th August 2005

Hollywood star LIAM NEESON is thrilled STEVEN SPIELBERG has cast him as ABRAHAM LINCOLN in a brand new drama based on the legendary US President. The maverick director had originally considered TOM HANKS for...

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Neeson In Talks To Play Abraham Lincoln

12th January 2005

Northern Ireland native LIAM NEESON is set to take star in another biopic - as celebrated American President ABRAHAM LINCOLN. The actor is currently in talks with director STEVEN SPIELBERG to take on the...

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Hanks Is Lincoln's Descendant

27th October 2004

TOM HANKS is a descendant of former American President and historical hero ABRAHAM LINCOLN. The movie star admits he's very proud of his links to the man Americans call HONEST ABE. He says,...

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Kathy Baker's Concern For Teacher Pay

23rd February 2004

Hollywood actress KATHY BAKER was so distraught when as a child she first learned how low paid American teachers were, she wrote to the President to urge him to increase their salaries. The COLD...

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Hutton Stands Against Anti.smoking Laws

23rd April 2003

OSCAR winner TIMOTHY HUTTON is publicly disobeying New York's new anti-smoking laws for fear of upsetting members of his exclusive gentleman's club. The ORDINARY PEOPLE star is the incoming president of THE PLAYERS' CLUB,...

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