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Eva Comes Clean About Romance To Quell Rumours

29th July 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA has gone public about her romance with basketball star TONY PARKER because she's sick of media speculation. Parker is one of many men romantically linked to the sexy Latina...

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Tv Bosses Plan Fresh Desperate Housewives Marketing

28th July 2005

Television bosses at US network ABC are planning to reprise their famous advertising campaign to promote the second series of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, but with a new slogan. To grab attention for the award-winning drama...

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Golden Globes To Dodge Desperate Housewives Competition

26th July 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is proving to be such a huge hit in the US, bosses of the Golden Globes are considering moving next year's (06) ceremony to another day to avoid competition. The comedy, which...

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Knots Landing Slams Copycat Desperate Housewives

21st July 2005

The former stars of KNOTS LANDING have hailed contemporary TV hit DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES as an inferior copy of their 1980s soap opera. At a reunion of the Knots Landing cast on Tuesday (19JUL05), stars...

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Idol Judge Pitches New Reality Show To Abc

13th July 2005

AMERICAN IDOL judge and British TV's X FACTOR creator SIMON COWELL has teamed up with UK millionaire PETER JONES to pitch a new reality show to US network bosses at ABC. The music producer's...

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Gay Group Applauds Tv Bosses For Cancelling Controversial Show

30th June 2005

Officials at America's The Gay + Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) have applauded TV bosses, who have axed a new reality show aimed at promoting diversity, understanding and acceptance. ABC TV chiefs have opted...

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Tv Bosses Scrap 9/11 Miniseries

29th June 2005

TV bosses at NBC/Universal have scrapped plans for a 9/11 miniseries because they fear there's too much competition from rival networks. RON HOWARD and BRIAN GRAZER were to produce the mega-budget harrowing drama about...

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Numan Drives Cars To The Top Of New Wave Poll

28th June 2005

GARY NUMAN's 1980 hit CARS has topped a new US poll of new wave tunes. As the genre makes a comeback with the likes of THE KILLERS, FRANZ FERDINAND and THE BRAVERY, US magazine...

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Networks Snub Jackson Reality Show

16th June 2005

LATEST: Plans by MICHAEL JACKSON's family to air a reality TV show have hit a stumbling block - US networks have rejected it. According to the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, as the jury was still deliberating...

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Hatcher's Bikini Ban

12th June 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER has vowed never to wear a bikini in public. The brunette actress, who plays single mother SUSAN MAYER in the hit ABC show, prefers to cover her stomach up...

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Swank And Lowe Get Parental Practice With Parrots

10th June 2005

HILARY SWANK and her husband CHAD LOWE are getting plenty of parental practice before having a child of their own - by looking after a pair of parrots. The couple, who live in New...

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Hatcher: 'I Cried After Vanity Fair Photo Shoot'

9th June 2005

TERI HATCHER went home and cried after the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' infamous photo shoot for the May (05) issue of VANITY FAIR magazine. In April (05), writer NED ZEMAN claimed there was a disagreement over...

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Culp Bet On Housewives Death

2nd June 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star STEVEN CULP was so convinced his character REX VAN DE KAMP was going to die at the end of the show's first season, he placed bets with his male castmembers. The...

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Dougray Lands Moses Role In Tv Ten Commandments

26th May 2005

LATEST: Scottish actor DOUGRAY SCOTT will recreate CHARLTON HESTON's biblical MOSES in a TV miniseries remake of epic THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. The ABC two-parter will also feature British actor NAVEEN ANDREWS, MIA MAESTRO and...

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Hatcher's Nipples Cost Tv Bosses Thousands

24th May 2005

Actress TERI HATCHER has recently discovered that bosses of her hit TV show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES have spent thousands of dollars editing her protruding nipples out of scenes. Several months ago, the brunette beauty was...

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Longoria In The Dark Over Housewives Storylines

23rd May 2005

Latina beauty EVA LONGORIA is in the dark over the forthcoming storylines for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, because producers censor her scripts. The stunning actress, 30, would love to know if PAUL YOUNG is arrested for...

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Geena Davis Returns To Tv - As President

17th May 2005

THELMA + LOUISE star GEENA DAVIS is heading back to TV in America - to play the US President. The actress, whose eponymous 2000 show lasted just one season, will team up with DONALD...

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Ritter's Swansong Show Axed

17th May 2005

TV bosses at US network ABC have cancelled sitcom 8 SIMPLE RULES two years after the shock death of the show's star JOHN RITTER. Funnyman Ritter, 55, was on the set of the family...

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Longoria Shocked To Eclipse Jolie In Hot 100 List

12th May 2005

Latina beauty EVA LONGORIA is shocked she's beaten ANGELINA JOLIE to top spot on this year's (05) MAXIM annual Hot 100 list. The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star is still reeling from her newfound international fame...

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Liza Sings At Miracle Man's Wedding

10th May 2005

LIZA MINNELLI stunned cancer survivor KYLE GARRETT when she performed at his miracle TV wedding recently. Garrett, whose heart was so damaged by chemotherapy he was told he wouldn't live past Christmas (04),...

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Nick + Jessica Off On Tour

25th April 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY have further rubbished reports their marriage is in trouble by filming a third TV special. The reality TV couple, who have filmed two SONNY + CHER-type specials for American...

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'Pope John Paul: The Musical' On The Horizon

15th April 2005

PLACIDO DOMINGO is championing the concept of an opera based on the late POPE JOHN PAUL II. The legendary Spanish tenor encouraged his composer son to work on the project and he has already...

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Rock's Chances Of 2006 Oscar Return Diminishing

8th April 2005

CHRIS ROCK's fears he won't be asked back to present at next year's (06) ACADEMY AWARDS have been confirmed by one of the ceremony's bosses. The 40-year-old comedian received mixed reviews for his efforts...

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Pitt And Bono Unite For Africa

7th April 2005

BRAD PITT and BONO teamed up in Los Angeles to launch a new fight against AIDS and poverty in Africa yesterday (06APR05). The superstar duo are backing the new ONE campaign, which is...

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Producers: Desperate Housewives Not At War'

6th April 2005

LATEST: The producers of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES are acting fast to play down reports the five stars of the show hate each other after feuding on the set of a VANITY FAIR cover shoot....

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Jennings Has Cancer

5th April 2005

Revered US news broadcaster PETER JENNINGS has revealed he has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The WORLD NEWS TONIGHT anchor, 66, has announced to friends and colleagues at ABC that he is about to...

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Housewives Edited After Pope Death

5th April 2005

Bosses of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES were quickly forced to edit a scene in the hit TV show's Sunday (03APR05) night episode, following news of POPE JOHN PAUL II's death. In the episode, MARCIA CROSS' character...

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Housewives Catfight On Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

5th April 2005

The stars of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES turned into desperate divas on the set of their VANITY FAIR cover shoot when MARCIA CROSS took offence at the star treatment lavished on GOLDEN GLOBE-winner TERI HATCHER....

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Housewives Protect Longoria

1st April 2005

Latina beauty EVA LONGORIA has praised her older DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES co-stars for helping her to cope with overnight fame. The Texan actress, 30, was a relative unknown until she landed the role of bored...

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Latifah Is Still Supporting Jackson

26th March 2005

QUEEN LATIFAH is refusing to give up supporting MICHAEL JACKSON as he fights child molestation charges in Santa Maria, California, because he inspired her to be what she is today. The CHICAGO star refuses...

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